Battle Frenzy
49 Chapter 49 – Dimensional Beasts
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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49 Chapter 49 – Dimensional Beasts

Chapter 49 – Dimensional Beasts


As the deafening impact shook the entire training room, Emily was dragging Ma Dong back by the ear.

Wang Zhong was extremely clear about Ma Dong’s rotten character and said, “Emily, why don’t you just let him be. Maintaining your own combat condition is more important.”

This pair of cousins were too accustomed to fighting and thus, she loved to bully Ma Dong Dong.

“Alright, but Brother Wang Zhong, I was doing it for his benefit! Plus, the five hundred pushups have to be completed!”

“I’ll supervise him,” Wang Zhong said calmly. “I have ways of controlling him.”

Ma Dong immediately wailed bitterly. “Wang Zhong, you’re too much. Five hundred pushups; is there any justice left? Can’t you not give me some time to myself? You’re basically a cold-blooded, merciless demon king instructor! If I continue like this then I’ll get wrecked… Cousin? Cousin, don’t leave. COUSIN! I’d rather have you supervise me. Cousin! Cou—”


“Good brother!”

Ma Dong panted as he high-fived Wang Zhong. Since early morning, he hadn’t been able to take a proper seat until now. Ma Dong felt almost as tired as a dog.

Wang Zhong also laughed. No one but him could understood just how lazy this fellow was. Any form of training was torture to him.

“Bro, would this trick bother anyone? This cousin of mine, only those who meet her will know her. Wang Zhong, don’t disturb me until I get my proper beauty sleep!”

Without waiting for Ma Dong to lie down, the nearby Barran once again created an earth shattering sound that made Ma Dong jump in fright.

When he saw Barran rebound off and fly seven-eight meters away, furthermore spinning 365° before landing on the floor, Ma Dong felt goosebumps rising all over his body.

Was this training? It was just playing with your life!

“Wang Zhong, did you teach him that? That’s too vicious. What kind of deep grudge do you have with him?” Ma Dong wasn’t able to resist his spitting and swearing. “What if he gets wasted by you? Even if we ignore the medical bills, who would dare join our Prodigy Society in the future?”

“Haha. Let’s talk about that after we beat Holy Judgement. If not, then you wouldn’t be able to invite anyone over anyway.”

“Ah?” Ma Dong raised his hand to feel Wang Zhong’s forehead. “Fuck, you’re not crazy as well, right? It’s one matter if that brat’s head went insane, but don’t tell me it’s the same for you?”

Wang Zhong chuckled and said, “Actually, it’s not as if we have no chance. I deduce that so long as Reeves doesn’t personally join, with just our two hidden aces, Emily and Grai, and one more win, we can achieve victory.”

“Brother, you’re really overestimating us. How can Reeves be used for such a battle? They just need to send out any handful of members and we’re finished. Although Emily possesses a bit of strength, she’s still too young. There also doesn’t seem to be any clan behind Grai, and merely possessing potential doesn’t help our victory or defeat,” replied Ma Dong. He was extremely clear toward the facts behind this battle. This was why he was still so calm. Since defeat was inevitable, there wasn’t any need to toss around.

“Perhaps we might have a chance?” Wang Zhong spoke as he laughed.

Ma Dong crossed his hands behind his back as he stared into the distance. “Brother, I’ll support you emotionally. Just don’t expect too much from your president and it’ll be alright!”

Preparations for the battle could only happen after class. Other than Grai, who acted really mysteriously, the students of the Prodigy Society still needed to attend class this week. Compared to the raging emotions present during their battle preparations, these classes were utterly boring and dry. This was something most students agreed with.

Today’s class was biology, and Professor Saul was explaining basic information on various types of unique organisms and dimension beasts with both vigour and zest.

Compared to this old fellow who was explaining about these disgusting mutated organisms, Ma Dong preferred to drown himself in carnal pleasures through his skylink. These beautiful female prodigies with prominent characters were his favourite. Scandals about this girl, gossip about that famous star.

Although it looked as though heroic soldiers were very famous, the ones who truly grasped all that power were the clans with huge influence and financial power. If he could only become the head of the Assassin clan, then that’ll be very nice. No, how could the Assassin clan fulfill his desires? He wanted to become the head of a financial group!

On the other hand, Wang Zhong was absorbing all of this information with vigour. Although the combat standard of Tianjing Academy was considered subpar, when taking into account their theoretical knowledge, then whether it was on rune technology or other aspects, they could be ranked within the Federation’s Top Ten.

For example, take Professor Saul. He had quite the prestige within the field of biology. Other than being an academy lecturer, he was also the vice group head of the Federation’s research team on dimension organisms and possessed deep knowledge on mutated and dimension organisms. As one listens to Professor Saul, one would occasionally hear snippets of information that differed from those within books. It was a form of enjoyment for Wang Zhong to listen to such a knowledgeable person teach.

“Let us revise what was taught in the previous class on mutated beasts. The Sahara Metal-eating Ant is classified as a type of insectoid mutated beasts. With an average body size similar to a common dog, they are considered small even among other insectoid class mutated beasts. They do, however, possess hard and resilient bodies and an extremely tenacious life force. When paired with a coordination similar to that of military troops, their massive numbers and combat style of eating and chewing their way through everything has led them to become one of the strongest organisms on Earth. They have become one of the few beasts within the horde of mutated beasts that possess organized ranks and intellect…”

Professor Saul explained all of this while pointing to a dissection diagram. For him, mutated and dimension beasts were all considered artwork. He had an addiction toward researching them, which could also pass as a form of artwork appreciation.

For soldiers, it was extremely important for them to understand the anatomy and characteristics of various unique organisms.

Professor Saul continued to explain as he wrote, but by this point in time most of the student didn’t have much interest in this sort of stuff.

Sahara Metal-eating Ants possessed very few weaknesses. Their entire body was covered with a resilient exoskeleton. Even the softer joints that looked weak were, in fact, extremely tough. They were most afraid of the cold, and soldiers with frost generating abilities fared extremely well against them. The issue was that the number of mutated organism of this type was far too immense. This was coupled with the fact that humans weren’t able to produce a sufficient number of soldiers with such abilities. Therefore, unless it were a life and death situation, humans would usually detour around them when meeting such a community.

“Although mutated beasts are huge and powerful, the stronger mutated beasts always possess weaknesses and could be constrained by either utilizing rune weaponry or some special abilities. Moreover, they are easy to track and we can predict their movements and motives, thus allowing us to employ various combat strategies and techniques to keep them under control.”

Professor Saul explained all of this while pushing his glasses up his nose. “However, there is a kind of ‘wild beast’ that seems to possess no weaknesses. Every time it appears within densely populated areas, a catastrophic disaster occurs. This will be today’s content!”

He continued to speak while writing with the projection’s pen. In front of him appeared two large and elegants words that glowed: DIMENSIONAL BEASTS.

“Dimension beasts are unique organisms of unknown origins. Even until now we are unable to identify if they can actually be classified under living organisms. Presently, they have become an important source of connection with the higher dimension. Who here has any understanding toward dimension organisms?” Professor Saul brought his attention toward Ma Dong. He had long identified this student as the rotten apple of the bunch.

“Ma Dong, what are you looking at!?” Professor Saul suddenly said.

“Watching a ball game!” Ma Dong sub-consciously answered. The entire lecture hall instantly burst into laughter, causing Wang Zhong to feel helpless as he hurriedly tugged at Ma Dong’s shirt.

Ma Dong sobered up and, with his expression unchanged, added, “I was just joking, Professor. What I’m actually seeing is dimension beasts, like the bear-shaped soul beast that Laura of Copperfield owns!”

Acting was a skill that came from training. Professor Saul was dumbfounded as he thought that this youngster was actually quite smart… just not in any of the right places.
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