Battle Frenzy
53 Chapter 53 – The Heart of an Assassin
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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53 Chapter 53 – The Heart of an Assassin

Chapter 53 – The Heart of an Assassin

Once she was enraged, however, she was like a well-developed leopard, one that was brimming with savagery and aggressiveness.

Everyone felt surprised. She was a freshman, and one that hadn’t yet gone through puberty. Even if she had the backing of a clan, was it possible to have such solid foundations?

The chatter from the audience was drastically lowered, and the striking sounds of blades colliding echoed in all directions, nearly creating a single constant note!

Wang Zhong secretly nodded. Emily had improved her intricate control over her strength and speed ever since that last performance within the OP system. After changing to daggers, that brat had straightened herself out, allowing for great improvements. Compared to Colby, however, her foundations still seemed a bit shaky.

At that moment, the two people within the arena separated from each other.

Yet, without giving the audience a chance to catch their breaths, the two once again faced each other. Like two shooting stars, they instantly clashed with one another once more!


Missed the body? Try again!

The match hadn’t begun very long ago, yet the fight had already exploded on such a high note!

Without any prior arrangements, the two assassins had chosen to fight with the most straightforward method!

Without using the various assassin concealing skills, they relied on only their speed!

Faster! Faster! FASTER! EVEN FASTER!

It was too fast, too powerful!

Every single person in the audience was dumbfounded and couldn’t catch their breaths. The entire arena had turned eerily silent, and the only sounds came from the footsteps and clashing weapons of the two participants!

Everyone had assumed it would end in a slaughter, but she was unexpectedly persistent!

No one could’ve imagined that the cute loli possessed such a hot-blooded combat style!

“Use your special ability! Your special ability!” shouted Ma Dong as he jumped up and down. “Roast that little bastard to death!”


A loud sound rang out, and the two of them separated once more after that clash!

Although they seemed evenly matched, Colby was still calm and collected. It was as if he hadn’t exhausted much of his physical strength during that violent exchange. Instead, Emily was the one who was heaving, her small chest fluctuating.

Wang Zhong clearly saw that Colby was the stronger of the two in terms of physical strength, experience, soul power, and skill foundations. Emily’s spirit, however, wasn’t something Colby had. She had a chance of victory, and it all depended on how she made up for her shortcomings.

“Use your special ability, that Flaming Lotus Dance,” Colby said casually. “Let me see the true might of a successor of the Assassin clan!”

“I don’t need to rely on that to beat you!”

Emily clenched her teeth before brandishing her daggers, dashing forward once more.

“That’s really regrettable,” Colby replied. He suddenly contracted his body. In an instant, his soul power instantly congealed and he said, “I was hoping to see the Assassin clan’s Flaming Lotus Dance, but it looks like I won’t have the chance!”

He didn’t want to remain here for too long. Only a person like Lu Zhan Tian would be interested in such a perverse hobby of bullying weaklings. From the beginning, he’d only wanted to experience the skills of an Assassin. As a third-year, oppressing a freshman wasn’t something he wanted to be widely known for.

A flash suddenly erupted from Colby’s body. Following that flash, four incomplete shadows split from his body.

“Four Shadows Prison Killing Array!”

Hearing his shout, the arena instantly erupted with surprise!

This was the famed final technique of Colby and was also the origin of his Shadow Blade nickname. Four incomplete shadows that were akin to four body clones instantly surrounded Emily from four sides.

“Fuck!” shouted Ma Dong. He was grabbing onto Barran’s neck in panic. This was a combat technique that combines speed, strength, and soul power into one. That brat Emily was sure disobedient. Why didn’t she use her special ability? The one who took action first would be at an advantage!

Emily could feel numerous daggers lunging at her from all directions.

Too fast!

Colby’s speed had originally been a notch higher than hers, but now it had increased by a total of four times!

This kind of speed far surpassed her limit. It wasn’t a simple type of eruption!

The daggers in her hand created afterimages in the air that looked similar to the incomplete shadows. She tried her best to defend against them, but it was still unavoidable!

As the four incomplete shadows converged into one, Emily was thrown back explosively. She lost all of her balance as she flew out. Just as she was about to fall to the ground, she slid her feet back and instead kneeled. Her ragged breathing was loud as she gasped for air.

Numerous slashes could be seen along her arms. Blood flowed down and dripped from her fingertips.

If she were changed to any other girl, then she would have started tearing from such injuries. Even some of the male fighters would have surrendered at this moment. This was a match on the level of academy fights!

Despite her injuries, Emily didn’t even blink her eyes. It was as though the blood flowing from her didn’t belong to her.

Scarlet couldn’t bear it and looked at Wang Zhong who stood at the bottom of the arena. She gave him a questioning look.

Ma Dong was already prepared to surrender, but he was stopped by Wang Zhong, who then shook his head lightly at Scarlet. The person who knew Emily’s thoughts best was Wang Zhong.

To Emily, this wasn’t just a group match between the societies, but a place to defend her honor of being an assassin!

As such, she didn’t plan to use her special abilities. Since she was an assassin, she’d use the methods of one.

To the side, Grai showed a shallow smile. It was unknown what he was thinking.

“Believe in her!” Wang Zhong said as he held Ma Dong back. “She knows her limits.”

Emily stood up steadily within the arena. Her small tongue licked at the wounds at the back of her hand, and her small eyes shone with a fiery fighting spirit.

Due to Emily’s actions, an unusual glint flashed past Colby’s eyes.

Colby placed his rune sickle before his chest. This weapon was very suitable for rapid slices. He thought, This brat really isn’t that bad.

As such, let’s give her a respectable defeat!

Colby’s pupils suddenly shrank, and the aura around his body expanded outward once more.

“Four Shadows Prison Killing Array!”

“He actually used Four Shadows Prison Killing Array twice in one match!”

Surprised shouts came from all directions as Colby’s four incomplete shadows once again surrounded Emily in the blink of an eye.

This time they were much faster and much more vicious!


Everyone’s actions inside the arena slowed to a halt. A surprised Colby stood silently as his four incomplete shadows dissipated. His hands were raised, maintaining an attack position, but the edge of an ice-cold dagger was already resting against his throat.

“Never repeat a move before an assassin!” exclaimed Emily. Her face showed faint signs of happiness and strong self-confidence.

Not a sound could be heard within the entire arena.

Colby gawked for a short second before he surprisingly laughed.

I actually got beaten and taught a lesson by this freshman…

This move of his had a flaw. That flaw was the instant before the four incomplete shadows split from his body. During this slight moment, it looked as though he did many things, but it actually left his body in a defenseless condition.

Yet, she’d managed to see this after witnessing the move once. She’d truly discovered and seized this flaw, which wasn’t something many people could achieve.

This girl was definitely born to be an assassin. Only, she was still quite soft. If she were allowed to grow for a few more years, then there was a high possibility that he’d have to look up to her!

Colby directly surrendered as he’d lost with great satisfaction. Emily wasn’t rampant, however, and bowed toward Colby, saying, “Thank you, senior, for your guidance.”

Although Colby was expressionless, there was a light of appreciation in his eyes. After all, if he were to take lethal action from the start, then Emily wouldn’t have been simply scratched during that exchange.
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