Battle Frenzy
55 Chapter 55 – Don’t Be a Guy Like Ma Dong
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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55 Chapter 55 – Don’t Be a Guy Like Ma Dong

Chapter 55 – Don’t Be a Guy Like Ma Dong

Black Bear still held a lingering fear as he looked to the side and at the Prodigy Society. The people around him thought he’d achieved complete victory and crushed Barran, tossing him away.

Instead, he knew in his heart that the explosion of power had been instantaneously unleashed by the other party and was extremely astonishing. He was just lacking in applying its technique…

Holy Judgement achieved complete victory in the second match and destroyed their opponent within a split second. This led the supporters of Holy Judgement to cheer loudly.

Lu Zhan Tian now felt extremely self-satisfied. Colby was in the first team under Reeves, which was also the core team of Holy Judgement. Black Bear was in the second team, led by himself. Chances to show off couldn’t be given so easily the first time. Since a member of the first team had lost, this made Lu Zhan Tian’s mood become excellent.

After two matches, both parties had both a victory and a loss. The deciding third round was about to begin. Whichever side won this would be in the lead.

The current grounds were filled with a buzz as the people spoke and discussed. Barran’s lost hadn’t been made anyone surprised, and there were negligible comments about it. The current focus of the discussions was still on the match between Emily and Colby.

“I knew that brat Barran would lose,” Ma Dong complained heart-wrenchingly. “Wang Zhong, do we let Grai up next match? Will our vice-president assume the rearguard? What do you think, Grai?”

“I will follow the arrangements of you seniors,” Grai said steadily.

This fellow frequently disappeared mysteriously, but his performance upon his return made Ma Dong very satisfied. He was another obedient child like Barran!

Just as Ma Dong was about to speak, a great beauty walked past Lu Zhan Tian and toward the central arena. She was weaponless.

This great beauty had a head full of elegantly flowing, golden hair. The twin mountains on her chest looked grand and imposing. She was one of the five great beauties of the academy, Lily the heavy soldier of Holy Judgement’s core line-up.

Many squeals and cheers resounded across the entire arena grounds.

“Lily! Lily! Lily!”

Lily was the vanguard of Holy Judgement’s first squad and a part of their core line-up. She was able to fill in for many roles and had exquisite control over her offensive and defensive techniques along with calm judgement capabilities. She was an expert second only to Reeves within Holy Judgement.

While she was originally slated for vice-president, she held no interest in the management of the society or the interpersonal relationships and was instead immersed in her training. As such, the position went to Lu Zhan Tian. She was of a style similar to Grace, and nicknamed ‘Little Grace’. The academy held great expectations of her.

It had to be explained that mankind had undergone quite the evolutionary change due to the influence of the dimension energy. Although it was insufficient for society to revert to a matriarchal society, the energy did allow women to grow stronger. This held a certain level of truth among the proportion of ability users, as a good 70% of the females could overwhelm and crush the males.

Yet… none of this was important.

What was important, was that this was a beauty!

Ma Dong’s eyes instantly focused.

“A murderous aura!” Ma Dong said with a serious voice. “I can feel a terrifying aura emanating from the body of that lady. This girl is very dangerous!”

“Therefore?” Wang Zhong asked while laughing. He understood Ma Dong all too well.

“Therefore, this match will be fought by me!” Ma Dong spoke with an awe-inspiring tone. “Such a fearsome opponent, she has already ignited the little universe within me!”

Barran had a face filled with worship. “This is our president! When facing such dangers, he courageously walked at the forefront and shields his teammates with his firm chest!”

Emily suddenly felt as though she’d been accusing Ma Dong wrongly in the past. She felt now that her elder cousin had only been acting haughtily on the surface. He still possessed some courage and bravery. He was no doubt a junior of the Assassin clan!

“Alright, you can go up,” Wang Zhong said as he understood his meaning.

When she saw Ma Dong walk up onto the arena, Lily frowned slightly and asked, “How can it be you?”

Lily had thought she’d be able to test Grai’s power. This was a life and death match for the Prodigy Society, but it wasn’t even worthy to be a practice match for Holy Judgement. As such, both Lily and Colby had wanted to test the standards of specially recruited freshmen.

“Of course it’s me!” Ma Dong proclaimed with a cheeky expression. “Lily, as the second best expert of Holy Judgement, such a status makes you worthy to become this president’s personal opponent.

“It’s actually Ma Dong!?”

“Fuck, this fellow is such an audacious pervert, to actually try and sexually harass Lily?”

“He’s simply courting death!”

Scolds and curses came from all directions. Ma Dong was the absolutely most hated character within the Prodigy Society. This fellow always acted shamelessly. People even doubted whether he truly was a member of the Assassin clan. Just leaving his house meant he would get beat up.

In the arena, Ma Dong was actually beaming and smiling. He held a long and thin sword in his left hand, a small shield with a flower imprinted on it with his right. In a carefree voice, he said, “Li~ Li~~”

Below the arena, Emily was already covering her eyes as she thought, Such a disgraceful elder cousin…

Ma Dong seemed to be about to say something, but before the words could even leave his mouth, Lily had already taken action!

She was simply too lazy to waste her breath on the academy’s number one shameless student.

As one of the three great soldiers within the heroic soul academy, the way Lily fought was unlike the men. When she erupted in combat, she brought with her a sensation of beauty. It was a melding of strength and beauty, valiance and heroism brought to life through her bearing!

Furthermore, there was a faint, refreshing fragrance wafting from her. This scent was akin to that of a beautiful scenery.

This was the so-called beauty being the most enjoyable thing in the world, and Ma Dong was drunk off of it. Yet, while he was two meters away from her, he still felt the wind pressure from her actions. This caused him to quickly regain his senses.

“This president is nicknamed Swift as a Swallow, Outstanding Swordsman of the Merciless Sword! It won’t be easy to catch me!

Ma Dong was actually very lazy and weak. Yet, the nickname ‘Swift as a Swallow’ wasn’t an unearned one.This fellow had inherited the first-rate agility genes of the Assassin clan. Furthermore, his uncouth mouth meant he was chased by many since young, so running soon became his forte.

Lily’s gaze turned cold. Wanting to run wouldn’t be easy. The spaces for actual combat on this arena wasn’t very large.

Yet, three seconds later…

Lily had to forcefully control her soul power in order to brake hard. She stopped right at the edge of the arena!

Ma Dong… had already rushed off in a puff of smoke. He appeared unperturbed as he stood below the arena, even remembering to organize his hairstyle as he said to her, “Lily, this abrupt ending was quite beautiful. Not bad, not bad. Continue to work hard. I favour you!”

Lily didn’t know whether to laugh of cry. She’d actually underestimated Ma Dong’s shamelessness…

“Fuck, he’s too shameless!” Mineral water bottles started to rain down on him from all directions. “No one can defeat such a shameless man!”

“This fellow’s facial skin is truly thick!”

“One cannot be like a Ma Dong!”


“Shameless?” repeated Ma Dong as he snorted. “Shame your mother. This brother will tell you that this is a kind of combat technique. Moreover, a good man doesn’t fight with women. How can such bean mush brains like you all understand the borders of this president?”

When she saw Ma Dong walking over, Emily hurriedly ran away. She didn’t recognize this person. To believe in Ma Dong was like believing that sows could climb trees.

Ma Dong walked over and patted Grai’s shoulders. He announced in an honorable proise, “This president has safely eliminated the strongest member of the opponent. I leave the rest to you guys!”

Grai gave a faint smile as he walked up the arena. Instantly, a flurry of shouts erupted from the left side of the arena!

“Grai! Grai! Grai!”

“Hahaha. My Grai is too handsome! I’m already breathless!”

“Grai~~~~ My beloved!”

“Don’t bother to speak, just kiss me!”

These voices had appeared too suddenly. Moreover, the decibels were too high, shocking the entire arena.
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    《Battle Frenzy》