Battle Frenzy
58 Chapter 58 – Explode!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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58 Chapter 58 – Explode!

Chapter 58 – Explode!

Ma Dong began to curse secretly. He’d felt that he was already quite thick-skinned, but when compared to Lu Zhan Tian, he was as innocent as a holy maiden.

Others had also began to discuss with one another as they’d obviously underestimated the thickness of Lu Zhan Tian’s face.

Wang Zhong smiled and said, “I’m just the vice-president and don’t have the right to take this bet. If you’re battling me, however, then I’m actually willing to try.”

Lu Zhan Tian blanked out for a split second before showing a sneer at the corner of his mouth. Who do you think you are? This father will squash you to the floor until you can’t be flattened anymore!

Just when he was prepared to speak out and make Wang Zhong understand his status, Grai suddenly said, “Senior Wang Zhong, you can represent me.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Some of the eyes of the younger sisters also began to turn moist as they thought, This man is simply an angel. He has such trust for his senior. Oh god, he’s the perfect man!

The girls were illogically horny, which the guys decided to ignore. They did, however, understand that this was a trap. Grai, though, didn’t seem to fear anything. Was he this naive, or did he have a problem with his brain?

“Big Brother Wang Zhong! I believe in you! You’ll definitely win!” cheered Emily as she clenched her fists.

Ma Dong rolled his eyes and thought, You all really disregard this president, right?

“Cough cough. Wang Zhong is the core of our Prodigy Society. He’s able to represent the us. However, Lu Zhan Tian, what will happen if you lose?” Student Ma Dong questioned him as he wasn’t willing to take a complete loss.

Lu Zhan Tian waved him off with a hand. “I won’t lose. But in the spirit of fairness… if Wang Zhong wins, then I’ll give him my quota for the training.”

Ma Dong was about to reject. You bastard, what quota? How can it possible be placed on the same level of the future of our dignified Prodigy Society? You really don’t want your face!

“Fine, I’ll accept this bet. President Scarlet, it’s truly fortunate you’re able to act as our witness,” said Wang Zhong. Everything he’d done up till now was all for the sake of those quotas. Well, if this quota was given to Ma Dong, then he surely wouldn’t go. However, there’s still Barran in the Prodigy Society.

Scarlet stared at Wang Zhong in disbelief. The image she had of him was that of a rational, calm, and collected person, yet what was happening today? Her implied suggestions had already been very clear.

“Wang Zhong, have you thought about this clearly?” asked Scarlet. She stared at Wang Zhong, hoping he could understand from her gaze and make a conscientious decision rather than an impulsive one.

“President Scarlet, you are only the judge; haven’t you said enough already? It can’t be that Wang Zhong didn’t understand what he just said. Enough of this nonsense, let’s start!” Lu Zhan Tian exclaimed impatiently. Wang Zhong, you dumbass. If I don’t trash you till you wet your pants in terror, then my name isn’t Zhan Tian.

Wang Zhong arranged his equipment, taking out a rune bow and arrows… yes, on his back was even a quiver. An arrow quiver… the ten white, sparkling steelhead arrows held in the quiver were quite eye-catching.

After a moment of silence from the entire audience, they couldn’t help but spit their drinks, stunned. They then began to curse. What in the world was this bastard thinking? A quiver wasn’t even something used by first-year ranged soldiers. How much of a noob was he?

“Oh god, he’s actually carrying a quiver. Is this fellow a high school student? No, isn’t he in junior middle school?”

“Oh, it can’t be true. I’ve heard of a second-year within the commander department who required remedial lessons…”

“Don’t tell me…”

Everyone was at a loss for words as they’d assumed Wang Zhong had some form of ability. It turns out he was actually a failure who required remedial lessons. After looking once more at his quiver, everyone looked at the rest of the Prodigy Society with pitiful eyes.

Lu Zhan Tian was having difficulty stopping his smile from poking through the corners of his mouth. Emily and Grai were basically in his grasp. One didn’t fear a godlike opponent, but a pig-brained teammate.

The bow and arrow was a basic practise weapon for ranged soldiers. It’s main goal was allowing ranged soldiers to get accustomed to condensing their soul power onto a projectile. They would reduce the soul power loss by tightening their control. Only beginners still required arrows.

Generally speaking, within one or two months, one would be able to condense their soul power into the shape of an arrow, which can then be used as a projectile. Of course, the soul power consumption for this was still very large. Therefore, those few newbies with inadequate soul power resorted to using a quiver.

Lu Zhan Tian suppressed his laughter. Truthfully speaking, lofty-minded fellows like Wang Zhong were plentiful. They’d always assumed they were the main character of light novels. Yet, their talents were inverse to to those of the main characters they imagined. Instead, they were simply trash…

But regarding these weaklings, Lu Zhan Tian would never give up an opportunity to clean them up. This was his pleasure.

Lu Zhan Tian was a standard sword and shield soldier. This was the principle soldier in the core line-up within the Tianjing soldier department. He was a midfield commander, the same position as Reeves. In fact, he was Reeves’ substitute in the last CHF. He’d felt that one day, he’d be the core of this world. At that time, his opponent would definitely not be this small trash before him now.

Wang Zhong didn’t care about Lu Zhan Tian and focused on nocking an arrow. The soul power of both the combatants gradually began to radiate out.

At this time, everyone felt their hearts grow cold. Lu Zhan Tian was an all-rounded soldier and his defensive techniques weren’t weak. Furthermore, he could maintain constant soul power output above 100 grassos. This was absolutely a high standard. Moreover, his soul power fluctuations were very stable. Since everyone here was a training heroic soul soldier, just that stable soul power was enough to earn the admiration of the large majority.

Lu Zhan Tian was obviously very satisfied receiving these of gazes. He thoroughly enjoyed it, this feeling of standing high above while receiving the envy of others.

War God Assault—KILL!

Lu Zhan Tian made a startling roar and launched into a sword and shield soldier’s violent advancing assault.

At this time, Wang Zhong took action.

Thump. Thumpthumpthumpthump.

After the first arrow was shot out, he nocked and launched arrow after arrow at a lightning fast rate. It was as if he’d grown three heads and six arms. He went through all his arrows in a single breath!

BANG! Thump, thump…

That explosive soul power within the arena rang out clearly before a loud bang followed…

“Where is he?”

Everyone looked around in shock.

Where was Lu Zhan Tian???

“Over there!” A girl suddenly stood up and shouted loudly.

The originally radiant Lu Zhan Tian was now unexpectedly lying flat on the outskirts of the arena like a dead dog. The round shield in his hand has also been blown into pieces and he… had already fainted.

Scarlet stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Zhong. She was the closest one to either of them, but still hadn’t managed to properly see the instant when Wang Zhong took action. Five continuous shots? No, no ordinary consecutive shots would be able to break through Lu Zhan Tian’s soul power defence!

Even Ma Dong, who was most familiar with Wang Zhong, became totally stunned. Is this really my bunkmate!?

As the judge, Scarlet didn’t forget about her duties as she announced, “The society group battle between the Prodigy Society and Holy Judgement has now been concluded. Victory goes to the Prodigy Society. According to the arrangements, Holy Judgement now has to hand over four quotas to the Prodigy Society!”

Emily was already jumping up and down excitedly as she exclaimed, “Ma Dong Dong, I told you we’d definitely win! I told you that Brother Wang Zhong would definitely win!”

Ma Dong rubbed his nose and chuckled, then shot a look at Barran. When he saw the look, Barran immediately rushed up to the arena and… took off his shirt…

Did he want to play being a hoodlum now?

Across the front of Barran’s bared and broad physique were two large red-coloured words—PRODIGY SOCIETY!

Displayed on his back were another four large words—Dedicated To Our Nation!

Everyone gawked, then laughed. Applause began to mix in with the noise and filled the air. Without a doubt, after this societal battle, the Prodigy Society would become famous.
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    《Battle Frenzy》