Battle Frenzy
59 Chapter 59 – Blazing Passion
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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59 Chapter 59 – Blazing Passion

Chapter 59 – Blazing Passion

“Ma Dong Dong, you actually made preparations? I thought you said we didn’t have any chance at victory?” Emily questioned. She felt very curious about all this.

Ma Dong sniffed happily and said, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m your elder cousin! Furthermore, would you understand Wang Zhong better than me? This fellow is very ghastly with his actions. When he does something, he would have at least a 70% success rate.”

Barran didn’t care one bit about all of this and continued to stand on the arena and showcase his body and muscles. His respect for his two seniors was enough for him to prostrate at their feet.

As a member of the soldier department, he had a deep understanding of what kind of status Holy Judgement represented. Yet, his two seniors had actually and truly won this match. Regardless of whether it was Wang Zhong’s calm anchoring their team, or Senior Ma Dong’s decisive strategies, he’d felt that being able to follow them was truly the best thing to happen in his life.

Barran tried his best to expand his muscles while making various poses with them tensed. This made the ‘prodigy’ word on his chest jiggle nonstop…

Anyone who saw this scene might never forget it in their lifetime.

At this time, Scarlet solemnly picked up the broken pieces of the rune shield. Initially, Scarlet assumed Lu Zhan Tian hadn’t cared about blocking Wang Zhong’s attack. In reality, however, Wang Zhong’s arrows had directly shattered the rune shield and broke Lu Zhan Tian’s soul power. This was the reason why he’d fainted.

The emergency medical staff had previously declared Lu Zhan Tian to have only fainted. This showed that Wang Zhong exhibited just the right amount of power into that attack.

Suddenly, her grandfather’s face popped into Scarlet’s mind. Previously, she’d run to the headmaster’s office and tried to discuss with her grandfather in order to salvage this situation. She’d used up half an hour and was prepared to give Wang Zhong a quota, but it seemed her grandfather wasn’t surprised at all!

That smile… come to think of it… I’ll have to go and pluck a few of those hairs on his beard! He actually dares to deceive his most beloved granddaughter!

Greene, after completing his work, was currently reading the newspapers, a pastime he enjoyed. Suddenly, he began to sneeze a few times… Who Was talking bad about this dignified head of the academy!?

The Prodigy Society had actually defeated Holy Judgement!?

This wasn’t April Fools Day, right!?

Even if Reeves hadn’t entered the arena, there’d still been three people there that were part of the core strength inside Holy Judgement. Yet, the Prodigy Society had actually managed to beat them!

In a single night, the Prodigy Society surged to instant fame. They had previously been made a laughing stock, but had managed to do a complete reversal.

Naturally, it had to be said that all of this had been warped by President Ma Dong. He was already famous for his regular actions as a ‘playboy’, which caused the name of the Prodigy Society to become quite loud at the start. Everyone had assumed Ma Dong only knew how to cause trouble and court little girls, yet…

“I have always regarded the Prodigy Society quite well since the beginning! They were filled with youthful energy and brimming with fighting spirit. Although their president is a bastard, the other members are quite outstanding!”

“I couldn’t even tell that Wang Zhong hid himself so deeply. I’d heard before that he participated in the second-year remedial test. How can he, the first place theorist of the commander department, actually attend the remedial class? Just based on that continuous arrow firing, how many within the academy’s shooting department can pull that off?”

“Him attending the remedial exams is real. It can also be said that Lu Zhan Tian was unbelievably stupid. That guy often bullies the weak and fears the strong when he is in Holy Judgement. Other than flattering, there wasn’t anything useful about him. I’ve heard no one there respects him!”

“That’s just one point of view. I also heard that Lu Zhan Tian still acted complacent and got shot and blown away by that continuous stream of arrows. Such a lack of vigilance despite being a soldier, it was a well-deserved loss.”

“It’s mainly the freshmen within the Prodigy Society that are awesome. They have two special recruits. One of them is the first ranked among the freshmen, the other the successor of the Assassin clan. Being flamboyant would be normal. I’ve also heard that even President Scarlet regards them very highly.”

Ma Dong and Barran were currently hiding in a corner, feeling slightly anxious.

“President, should we report this to the academy?” Barran asked. Although he normally had a lot of guts and was very brave, after seeing the hundred or so people surrounding the entrance, even with his physique he’d still be diced and killed.

“Ma Dong felt a Ma Dong felt a headache. “This is so weird. I don’t think I’ve done anything bad recently, yes? I also never owe others money.”

President Ma Dong’s head hurt slightly. His original thought was that after winning such a great match yesterday, he should prepare a speech in the early morning. He wanted to feel that blast of happiness from doing so, but instead found the Prodigy Society’s entrance blocked by these people. Although he couldn’t clearly hear what they were talking about, he could still feel the excitement of the crowd.

“Why don’t I go and take a look?” asked Barran. He felt he should be more brave. Also, he couldn’t just let his president go in first.

Ma Dong hesitated for a moment as he examined Barran’s physique. He felt Barran wouldn’t be ripped to shreds.

While still feeling apprehensive, his shoulder was suddenly patted by someone. Ma Dong jumped as though his hair had been roasted.

“Why’re you guys hiding here?” asked Wang Zhong with a smile. Why were these two being so secretive?

“Fuck! You scared me to death!” Ma Dong shouted while patting his chest. “People can scare others to death, but please don’t do this. Ack, lower your volume; people are blocking the entrance to our building!”

Yet, the discussion between the three had been discovered. “It’s Barran Gestalt!”

“It’s also President Ma Dong, hurry up!”

Barran’s physique was quite large, so he was the first to be recognized instantly. This caused the group of people to hurriedly rush over.

Ma Dong was stunned as he thought, What the fuck is happening. However, it was already too late for them to run…

“What you doing? What are you doing! It’s still broad daylight, so please be more reasonable. Speak and don’t use your actions!” Ma Dong hurriedly shouted.

“President Ma Dong, where’s your society’s Emily? Does the goddess train here in the morning?”

President Ma Dong, where’s my family’s Grai? Did Gray come to train today?”

“Senior Wang Zhong, how did you pull off that five-arrow continuous shot? I’m a ranged soldier, so can you please train me?”

“Xu…” The disorderly questions poured over them, catching both Ma Dong and Wang Zhong off guard.

Wang Zhong was dumbfounded as he asked, “In the end, what the heck are you guys doing here?”

“I’m here to watch the goddess train!”

“We’re here to watch Grai, our family’s beloved! Aiiiiii!”

“What time will Grai arrive?”

“Senior Ma Dong, if you let me quietly watch Grai train, then I’ll promise to do anything you want.” This junior sister said this shyly, but at the same time, her chest rocked slightly.

“President, we are thinking of joining your Prodigy Society. Are there any conditions?”

“Yes! President, the Prodigy Society has such large training grounds. Furthermore, there are surely not enough members for all this room. Please give us a chance; we’ll definitely work hard!”

Ma Dong’s little eyes began to turn in circles, and his tightly clenched eyebrows began to relax. President… that’s right, I’m President Ma Dong. There was no meaning if only a few people called him by that title. Emily treated him like thin air, and that fellow Grai would disappear every other day. Wang Zhong was simply unreliable. Barran was the only one who treated him like a president. But now, a whole new world suddenly appeared before him.

He cleared his throat and reorganized his hair. “About this… Sorry, but our society won’t allow bystanders in…”

“Fuck! So it didn’t matter if we waited here? Senior Ma Dong, please disclose any bit of information you have. How about giving us Grai’s skylink?

“Excuse me,” said Ma Dong. He was acting more and more modelesque as he continued, “The itinerary of our society members cannot be disclosed to the public. But…”

Everyone’s eyes opened wide as they stared intently at Ma Dong’s throat.
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    《Battle Frenzy》