Battle Frenzy
60 Chapter 60 – Long Live The President!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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60 Chapter 60 – Long Live The President!

Chapter 60 – Long Live The President!

“Our Prodigy Society is still very interested in elites. We have plans to conduct a recruitment period for new members in the near future. If one is able to enter the society,” announced Ma Dong as he beamed from ear to ear, “then one can train with the god and goddess on a daily basis. In this case, it wouldn’t be a problem!”

Everyone looked at each other.

After a split second of silence…

Long live the president!

President Ma Dong is too wise!

President, I love you, so please let me enter!

A group of people instantly surrounded Ma Dong so tightly that not even a drop of water could escape. It was obvious that Ma Dong enjoyed this sensation a lot, and was something he’d always dreamt of.

Wang Zhong hurriedly pulled Barran away from the crowd. This matter was Ma Dong’s specialty and something he loved. When Wang Zhong and Barran entered the society grounds, they discovered that Grai and Emily were already inside.

“When did you two arrive?” Wang Zhong asked, surprised.

Grai smiled and said, “Hello senior, we arrived early this morning. When we saw the crowd of people, we slipped in through the back door.”

“Brother Wang Zhong, Grai is very strong! We’d just compared moves and I couldn’t get a single advantage over him. His movements are so elegant!” Emily added.Wang Zhong thought that this brat appeared too excited.

Wang Zhong couldn’t resist rubbing Emily’s head as he said, “Yes, Grai is very strong. You should ask him for more guidance.”

“Senior, you’re too polite. My level isn’t considered anything, and furthermore, I still need more guidance from you,” Grai replied with a faint smile.

Emily and Barran were those with uncomplicated thoughts, so they’d just assumed Grai was being overly polite. In actual fact, after that match yesterday, Grai had risen to become the number one expert within the Prodigy Society. At the same time, he became the future representative of Tianjing Academy. He also had a high possibility of becoming the main choice for being a member of the CHF team.

Emily was well versed with combat. From her observations and Grai’s actions, she had felt that he was even stronger than he had revealed.

Wang Zhong smiled and said, “Learning and studying with friends is very important. Everyone here are siblings of the Prodigy Society family. In the future, we will have to fight together!

Wang Zhong didn’t explain his statement, and Grai had also concealed his abilities. The two of them had their own secrets; it was just that to Wang Zhong, it wasn’t very important. What was most important was that everyone was in harmony with one another. Only then could they rush towards the CHF together fulfill their dreams of becoming a heroic soul soldier.

At the same time, outside…

“Hey! Heyheyhey! Don’t push, don’t grab! Fuck, who’s tugging my pants!? Ah, damnit, my hair! Ahhh!”

Ma Dong finally realized that being too well-received and popular wasn’t always a good thing. Fuck, where’s Wang Zhong at this most critical moment? Barran? Why are these people so heartless, not caring about this president!

Since Ma Dong was hopeless about morning training, he thoroughly sifted through the mountain of applications. Wang Zhong and the others peacefully went through their morning training as they still had to attend classes in the afternoon. If nothing special happened, then Wang Zhong would never skip his classes like Emily, who had an aversion to discussion classes and would often escape from the majority of them unless they were deemed necessary.

Everyone mostly focused their time on training their combat techniques. Although each set looked simple, it was the accumulation of countless days and months of training. Take, for example, the Flaming Lotus Dance. Emily had been training this for at least eight years. It had gone from beginner stances to continuous streams to attacks and finally to a fusion of all components. A lot of time was invested to master this skill.

This was the strong point of a clan. Only by training since young would a person build a stable foundation. When combined with their soul power later in life, one would be able to unleash a large amount of power.

On the other hand, most people would only start their training after entering the academy. This gap was still quite large.

The class on the history of the world was one of the most boring classes. If it wasn’t for the sake of getting that class credit, then the majority of the people here now likely wouldn’t be present. Those here were just doing their own stuff. Simply being able to stay awake was considered not bad.

The current Earth’s tectonic plates shifted frequently while the geomagnetic field was completely disordered, changing the North and South Poles to be utterly indistinguishable from one another. These effects cascaded, causing the geography to transform in strange and violent ways. Some areas would have constant sunlight, whilst others was filled with pure permafrost. Furthermore, while the overall geography was constant, various small areas were very unstable. Although established human cities were safe, the outside world was filled with many uncertain dangers.

Rune cities of the Freedom Federation were the crystallization of human wisdom. It was a safe and secure living environment for both normal and new humans to live in. It protected the culmination of intellectual achievements by mankind.

Of course, every city had experienced baptism from the flames of war, thus they looked completely different from the original cities. Yet, due to humanity’s spirit, a few of the old architectures were preserved. Some people who loved to adventure would also go exploring through the wilderness and discover other old architectures from the past.

As for the youths, understanding the past and comparing it with the present didn’t help with their combat. Yet, this was still an extremely important part of current society’s culture.

With a full head of white hair, Professor Wilson was currently drawing a map of the world. He wasn’t an evolved human, which may have been the reason why he took up this historical heritage.

For the Federation, regardless of whether you were a normal or evolved human, protecting the peace and harmony of either side was very important. The only exception were mutants. These were where the Federation could relieve their stress.

“Of the seven initial continents, Antarctica has become completely inaccessible to humans. Satellite imagery has revealed that the entire area is covered by a dense fog. As the human population there wasn’t large, their possibility of survival is extremely small.

“While Oceania has fragmented into a chain of islands, there will always be surveillance teams observing from a distance. Yet, due to the rough and terrible conditions of the seas, I’m afraid that this has also turned into a place unsuitable for human habitation. It has also been heavily influenced by dimensional energy, causing the mutation rate there to be quite high, and was hence branded as a forbidden zone for humans.”

Professor Wilson explained all of this in a soft, gentle voice. His voice had always been like this, and his temperament was the best among all of the teachers.

“Black holes continue to influence Earth, and these black holes were not formed naturally. The influence of dimensional energy has converted them into an energy source that we are still unable to understand. Not only does it provide energy, it has also caused all the tectonic plates on Earth to move and gather toward our new continent.

“According to extremely valuable research data obtained before the great disaster, Earth originally only had one large continent. The shattered Oceania plate is considered to have formed after all of the other plates, and although the other plates still exist, they suffered from extensive fragmentation. From our calculations, however, the plates are slowly and steadily moving toward their initial positions.

“Of course, there have been reasons given as to why this phenomenon occurred. However, we are still unable to properly explain it. The only thing we can say is that nature is great, or that there is an irresistible form of energy that exists within the universe.

Professor Wilson continued to explain incessantly while his eyes were filled with adoration. For a scientist, a disaster might be a path they can tread to solve the mysteries within. As they had at least seen the miracle that people from the olden era would never ever imagine.

As for what exactly dimensional energy was, it was found from across the other end of the black hole. This was one of the greatest mysteries in the hearts of countless people, yet due to the lack of resources from the old era, it became something more wonderful than their understanding permitted. Humans were most unafraid of exploring.

Large changes had occurred to the Eurasia plate. The hundred cities of the Freedom Federation weren’t clustered all together, but separated into four great divisions; North, South, East, and West. They were also categorized by their geographical and financial conditions. The closer the cities were, the safer the transportation route. The further the distance away they were, the higher the risk associated. As such, financial groups of the Freedom Federation that were capable of participating in the transportation industry were those with deep backgrounds and high capabilities.
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    《Battle Frenzy》