Battle Frenzy
61 Chapter 61 – Great Success
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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61 Chapter 61 – Great Success

Chapter 61 – Great Success

Regardless of whether it was the topic of the hyperdimensional world or the world of the past, Wang Zhong was highly interested in it. To him, this was like something out of a dream. It was said that the old world had no monsters and that mankind had been the absolute rulers there. Humans had covered the entire Earth and vacationed wherever they wanted. The ocean wasn’t a nightmare, but the most beautiful area. Mankind could sail across the seas and travel wherever they wanted. They could even play in the waters with the dolphins.

… But now, those who dared to enter the seas would be swallowed up, leaving nothing behind.

Due to Simba’s existence, Wang Zhong was accepting of many different kinds of perspectives. Not mentioning their usefulness, there really wasn’t any frame that could bind him and anything was possible, so could humans return to the olden days?

Might it be possible?

From the perspective of time, space, and dimensional energy, it didn’t seem possible. So could this be a dream?

It seemed impossible, but who would know? This was like how ants wouldn’t understand the world of humans.

North America, South America, and Africa hadn’t disappeared in this dark age, instead becoming quite tenacious. The humans within these continents managed to survive past this terrifying period of dark days. These new humans were born possessing unimaginable willpower and strength, but although they had preserved a portion of humanity’s rules, there was still a large difference between them and the Freedom Federation.

During these past few years, borrowing the influence of their city’s open doors, the Kaiser Empire of North America, the Amazon Empire of South America, and the Tutankhamen Empire of Africa transformed their organizational structures. While, in reality, this was due to deliberate effort on the Freedom Federation’s part, it was still an astonishing surprise to them.

The population of new humans in these empires were much higher than that of the Freedom Federation, and they also possessed greater combat prowess. Yet, their control over their power was slightly lacking, and using pure force to conquer areas was impossible. The oceans, for example, were unable to be crossed via normal methods, so the only way to do so was by using rune transmission techniques. These techniques, however, were used resources intensively. The stronger the life force of a living organism, the greater the quality of expenditure. And both sides were clear that as the two sides grew closer, more problems would arise.

Those three empires coveted after the entirety of the Freedom Federation, including their resources and their civilization. At the same time, they hated it. The Freedom Federation didn’t wish to rule the world, however. Instead, the two sides had no choice but to cooperate in an ‘all sides get what they want’ type of transaction. This was the only way those of the new era could become stronger.

Both parties had tried to infiltrate the other, but the situation within each continent wasn’t stable. In this era where the strong ruled, there would always be a continuous flow of people capable of reaching the peak. After walking out of that dark period, the human world was advancing toward a completely new path. In such a sensitive period of time, this became an era where heroes came forth in greater numbers, contending for hegemony amongst themselves.

It was very rare for Professor Wilson to speak so enthusiastically, yet the students seated below were mostly dispirited and restless. On one side, it was a cut and dry speech, and on the other side, everyone had their own opinions and ideas.

What dog-shit empire? They were just barbarians in the countryside. It’s said that cannibalism was a frequent occurrence there, and furthermore, the refugee regions required support and assistance from the Freedom Federation. For what reason did the Freedom Federation have to discuss anything on equal terms? Furthermore, how could these barbarians compare in martial prowess with the standardized talent classification system possessed by the Freedom Federation?

“Class finally finished. That old fellow Wilson really loves to exaggerate. He’ll not rest until he shocks someone.”

“Why are you guys so serious? Just treat it as a storytelling lesson. I felt that it was somewhat interesting.”

“I’m only here to get a mix of school credits; his class is the easiest. Let’s PK a match later. Open your OP?”

“Scram! You want to fish points from me again, then stop dreaming and come to the academy training grounds!”

“Che. It;s not like you can beat me. Let me accompany you in your training. But treat me to three meals first!”

Contrary to the rest, Wang Zhong was fascinated by what Professor Wilson had said. He’d heard some news about the other empires, but what they were only rumours regarding their organisational structure. The deeper the influence of the dimension, the more severe the mutations that would occur. At the same time, their strength would also grow.

While the gap between their survival and combat system and the Freedom Federation’s was large, but strength was still strength while civilization was just a method of gathering that strength.

Wang Zhong felt that this was very reasonable. He’d developed a thorough fascination for this strange and unfamiliar world. It was a pity, however, that in this era, traveling outside the cities was considered a dangerous luxury. If one wanted to travel across continents, then one not only required money, but the approvals and formalities of the different areas. This wasn’t something an ordinary person was able to achieve.

Simply speaking, not everyone could easily choose a foreign place to die.

Just as he tried to leave, he was blocked by Ma Dong. “Brother, come, come. I have something to tell you…”

“From that coquettish expression, this doesn’t seem to be any good matter,” replied Wang Zhong. He knew that this fellow only has bad intentions behind his plans.

“Yea right!” said Ma Dong with a face filled with righteousness. “This is proper business! Who are we? We have such a close relationship that we wore the same pants!”

“Enough. Just speak directly, and don’t ever mention us wearing the same pants.” He had no other choice, thinking, When this fellow wants to do something, there’d be tens of thousands of reasons and excuses behind it. All of them will also be unique. If it’s nothing important, then I’ll just reject.

“Hehe. My men have confirmed the details. The society hall we managed to rent indeed had been taken care of by Scarlet. Adding on Milami’s assistance for the proceedings and smooth formalities, the help we’d received is quite large. We have misunderstood them. As vice-president, don’t you think we ought to show them our gratitude?”

“Of course. You can just go and thank them then,” Wang Zhong said this, feeling that it was right and proper.

“Definitely. I knew you’d be reasonable,” said Ma Dong, joyfully satisfied. “Yet, Scarlet holds you in high regard. Only if you arrange the meeting can we properly express the sincerity of our Prodigy Society. Eight o’clock tonight at the Dierson Garden Restaurant. I’ve already reserved seats for four. Make sure you succeed; I have something to do now, so I’ll leave first!”

After finishing his statement, Ma Dong had already run out the classroom entrance…

This time, Wang Zhong knew he’d been duped by Ma Dong. This fellow always tosses such matters at me. If I were to make an appointment with Scarlet, would she even accept it?

My head hurts… Regardless of anything, he had to try first. She really had left him a method of communication after their dissection class together, but Wang Zhong never imagined that he’d one day put it to use.

“Student Scarlet, do you have some free time tonight?” sent Wang Zhong through his skylink. If she didn’t have time, then he wouldn’t have any ideas left.

If Ma Dong saw the contents of this message, it would be very likely he’d have to urge to strangle Wang Zhong to death! Was this how one asked a girl out, especially a girl like Scarlet? There was no finesse to this at all!

After packing up his stuff, Wang Zhong was about to leave the classroom when his skylink rang.

“I do.”

Wang Zhong felt a little surprised. “For the situation with the meeting area and everything else, Ma Dong and I would like to meet up with you personally and express our gratitude.”

What followed was a funny and cute octopus expression and a single sentence. “Alright, let’s meet up tonight. Just send the address to me in a while.”

Wang Zhong smiled faintly and sent the address to her when, suddenly, a person rushed into the classroom.

Ma Dong appeared like a ghost, exclaiming, “Haha. You have successfully accomplished it! Vice-president Wang Zhong, yes, you did an excellent performance. Hurry up and send the address. Send it!”

Wang Zhong just looked at Ma Dong’s laughing expression and felt completely helpless.. I guess this is just life and ill-fated relationships!
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    《Battle Frenzy》