Battle Frenzy
62 Chapter 62 – Low IQ, Low EQ, Low Everything
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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62 Chapter 62 – Low IQ, Low EQ, Low Everything

Chapter 62 – Low IQ, Low EQ, Low Everything

“Eight o’clock tonight, Dierson Garden Restaurant.”

“So extravagant? Do you need Milami and I to wear something formal?”

“Anything is fine. Wear whatever you’d look beautiful in.” replied Wang Zhong.

“Haha. See you there!”

Both Scarlet and Milami felt very happy, and Milami said, “This brat is usually quite dim-witted. In critical moments, however, he sure knows how to talk.”

“Don’t say that. Wang Zhong isn’t a pompous guy.”

“Hey, incredible! You’re defending him before you can even get him in your hands!”

“Milami!” Scarlet suddenly smiled. “I’ve already heard that Ma Dong had been sending you flowers all the time! Even the members of the Student Union are talking about this matter!”

“Don’t mention that idiot! Every time I see him I get angry!”

“That can’t be true. If you’re so angry, then why are you dressing up so nicely?”

The two girls were messing around with each other, causing the entire room to be permeated with their fragrance.

After he sent the short message, Wang Zhong discovered that Ma Dong’s close face had changed as he stared at him. With an expression that seemed like he wanted to devour someone, he asked, “You know how to converse? This brother has sweat blood and tears just to reserve that seat at the restaurant. This was all for the sake of seeing Milami’s sex appeal as she wears an evening dress once more. Fellow, don’t yell me you don’t want to see Scarlet…”

“Stop that. This is just a meal between students, don’t be so weird, “Wang Zhong said as he flicked his hands.

“Still acting. Still continuing to act! Men like you are all really dishonest. Only a trustworthy gentleman like me is misunderstood by the people!” Ma Dong exclaimed in a voice filled with remorse.

“And can you not wear that showy white suit?” replied Wang Zhong.

“S, s, showy white…” stuttered Ma Dong as he clutched his face. He shot forward explosively and grabbed Wang Zhong’s collar as he shouted, “I’ll strangle you till you forget about me!”

Tianjing City’s geographical location allowed it to be extremely safe. Various kinds of extravagant and luxurious places could be found everywhere, and Dierson Garden Restaurant could be considered one of them. It might be due to the overly safe location that the combat prowess has declined in the area.

The entire restaurant consisted of a courtyard-designed space filled to the brim with the fragrance of flowers. They’d even used an illusion created through rune techniques that replaced the entire ceiling with a starry night sky, one that could only have been seen a few hundred years ago.

With the stars sparkling above, shining their light down onto a sea of flowers, and a fragrance that drifted from all directions, this gave a reminder of something akin to a fairytale land, and fantastical paradise. Don’t mention eating a meal there, just sitting there was something enjoyable.

The four didn’t order much food as it didn’t really matter. More importantly was for them to enjoy the quiet and tasteful environment present around them.

Yet, whenever that fellow Ma Dong was present, there definitely wouldn’t any quiet regardless of the location.

Milami had showed only an expressionless face toward Ma Dong when she’d arrived, but before five minutes had passed after being seated, she was already amused by Ma Dong.

The atmosphere was very relaxing and everyone deliberately didn’t mention the issues surrounding the meeting area. Saying thank you didn’t just rely on saying those two words, and everyone was quite happy.

Ma Dong’s expression and voice continued to switch constantly while Milami spoke only in short sentences. The two were laughing nonstop and seemed full of topics.

Scarlet was having a conversation with Wang Zhong. “I’ve heard that people in the past were able to travel wherever they wanted. They were even able to travel from one end of the Earth to the other in a few hours. That seems truly too charming…”

“That’s true. If I manage to get such qualifications in the future, then I would wish to carry my bag as I travel the world. It would be even better if I’m able to see the other continents,” Wang Zhong replied with a longing expression.

“Cough cough. The brain of my brother isn’t very good. Rural areas will just give birth to mutants, and then there’s those damned places like the empires. It already wouldn’t be bad if you aren’t chewed up into a skeleton,” said Ma Dong. In the end, he didn’t wear his full suit of white and instead opted to wear a bright yellow one.

“I feel it’s quite nice to have a goal. Perhaps, one day, there might come a time where we can achieve this together!” said Scarlet with a faint smile. Wang Zhong’s impractical thoughts and ideas were very similar to hers.

“My goal is to create a Ma Dong clan and become the number one clan in the Federation!” proclaimed Ma Dong. At this moment, he felt as if he’d instantly grown taller by a few centimeters.

Milami shook her head helplessly. “Hmph. This is why you can’t get a girlfriend!”

“If I can’t find one, then Wang Zhong is even worse off!” snorted Ma Dong. He was naturally unconvinced, especially when faced with Milami.

“Sigh. He has low sexual passion and low resourcefulness. His emotional quotient is too low. He’s doomed to never having a relationship with women!” exclaimed Milami as she purposefully shot a look at Scarlet. Your sister can only help you up till here.

She’d originally thought this was a good way to continue the topic of relationships, but out of nowhere, Wang Zhong started to smile as he said, “I already have a girlfriend.”


The three around him gawked, and the originally good atmosphere became slightly awkward. This was especially true for Ma Dong, who was on the verge of kicking Wang Zhong through the windows. Does this Wang Zhong even know how to converse with others? Heavens!

Luckily, he was also the quickest to react as he said, “Fuck, don’t listen to his nonsense. I’ve been sleeping with this guy for ages I’d even know if he got hemorrhoids on his butt!”

Scarlet subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. Her hands, which had been gripping the corner of her skirt, began to relax. Then she took notice of her abnormal behaviour. It doesn’t matter if Wang Zhong has a girlfriend or not, so why am I getting anxious?

“You really scared me,” exclaimed Milami as she patted her chest. “However, Wang Zhong having an affectionate other? It can’t be that you found some small celebrity somewhere while stalking the skylink, right? From your looks, this doesn’t seem possible…”

Wang Zhong shrugged his shoulders helplessly as he thought about it. His explanation just darkened his side further. “I don’t know her birthday. Heck, I don’t even know her full name.”

Everyone laughed after hearing his reply.

You don’t even know her name, so how could she be considered your girlfriend?

Milami had been planning to probe deeper when Scarlet smiled and said, “Enough is enough, senior sister. Look, Wang Zhong’s face has already turned red. Give him some privacy, alright?”

She then proceeded to raise her wine glass. “To our continuing friendship, cheers!”

“For our friendship, cheers!”

The interior of the African Continent was the complete opposite of the orderly Federation. Drought, hunger, endless deserts and the vast wilderness. All of these were themes of the continent. Although the arrival of the dimension brought along disasters, it had also bestowed new life there, and the surviving humans and living beings there had strength beyond imagination.

At the fringes of this boundless ocean of sand were ten gigantic Violent Sand Scorpions. They were currently lying obediently against the back of a sand dune. A few soldiers with bare upper bodies were controlling them as they lay silently in ambush. These were soldiers of the Tutankhamen empire and capturing mutated organisms was their daily job. These things could be exchanged for resources that were urgently needed, things they lacked and could be obtained from the Freedom Federation.

Captain Jieter was carefully using the binocular function of his new skylink. Only the elites and geniuses of the Tutankhamen Empire had the qualifications necessary to be allocated one. Such luxury products from the Federation were of sky-high prices here.
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    《Battle Frenzy》