Battle Frenzy
64 Chapter 64 – Sharmie’s Worries
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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64 Chapter 64 – Sharmie’s Worries

Chapter 64 – Sharmie’s Worries

Wang Zhong and the others happily finished their dinner. In fact, regardless of who it were, being together with a girl like Scarlet would make anyone happy. Her beautiful appearance was just a single aspect of it. The most important thing was character, and she was self-confident without being arrogant.

Furthermore, not everyone could stand Ma Dong’s jokes as he’d do impromptu skits whenever he was satisfied. Yet, both Scarlet and Milami hadn’t gotten angry. Being able to stand jokes was very important. Ma Dong was a very important friend for Wang Zhong. Although he had a few flaws, was there such a thing as a saint? Even Wang Zhong felt that he himself had flaws. The most important thing, however, was to be happy.

Although they’d already interacted with one another a few times, this dinner was the event that truly brought them all together. Goddess Scarlet seemed completely free of arrogance and was now less aloof as well. She had many ideas of her own and some of them were even impractical and risky dreams.

Milami’s differences were the greatest. People who didn’t understand her would think of her as cold and heartless, an old witch who felt everybody was unpleasant. All of this was due to her wish of speaking honestly. Although she was very harsh with her advice, once familiarity was gained, one would discover that she was cold on the outside, but warm on the inside.

Both Scarlet and Milami had also developed a different view of Wang Zhong and Ma Dong. Wang Zhong seemed amiable, but in actual fact he was firm and resolute deep down. Once he decided on something, he wouldn’t change his mind at all. Furthermore, they discovered from the conversation that his understanding of the world and broad vision was quite different from others and made him appear slightly dreamy. This was something most girls loved, especially if the opposite side had true talent.

With Ma Dong, he had similar aspects to Milami. In the eyes of others, Ma Dong was the authoritative one and had many ideas, one of which made him the driving force for creating the Prodigy Society. In actual fact, whenever he was with Wang Zhong, it would be Wang Zhong who made the decisions. Basically, Ma Dong would be the one who accommodated Wang Zhong.

As for the topic of romance, Ma Dong was quite clean and free of dirt. He wouldn’t ever use dirty tricks as this was his life’s outlook. If a girl solemnly refused, then he wouldn’t shamelessly try to struggle for it. And of course, wanting to find a girl who can accept him like such became difficult.

All of this didn’t hinder the group in becoming friends at all. The four had different characters, but when they were together there would be endless laughter. When people met and liked others, it would usually be a coincidence that couldn’t be explained with reasoning or explanations.

When the four separated, Wang Zhong and Scarlet went their own ways while Ma Dong invited Milami and they left together. The process of courtship could be considered true enjoyment for youths, regardless of the result. Milami had been disliked by many, but she was still a girl at heart. Although she’d always insisted on following her own principles, she also wished for a handsome guy to discover her goodness.

Ma Dong hit this soft rib as he was definitely a looker. That aristocratic temperament he’d been taught from young wasn’t bad, and it was simple to learn all of his points. While he acted as if he knew everything and was thick-skinned, in actual fact, his personality was quite easy-going and he didn’t have a bad conscience. Milami also seemed to enjoy the bickering between them.

Although them becoming lovers had yet to be confirmed, there was no issue with them becoming friends.

As they walked, Ma Dong used his superhuman power of exhibiting his charisma and charm. For him, it was a kind of success when a girl managed to acknowledge him.

Milami was seemingly cold and indifferent to his antics, but the corner of her mouth held a faint smile. Just when they were about to reach her dormitories and Milami was about to say her goodbyes to Ma Dong, her skylink began to ring. Milami asked Ma Dong to keep quiet.

“Younger cousin, what’s the call for?” she asked, revealing a bright smile.

The voice of a very warm girl was transmitted. “Elder cousin, do you want to transfer schools and come here? There’s still some time from now to the CHF. As long as you agree to it, I’ll settle all the paperwork for you.”

Ma Dong thought about stretching his head over to take a look, but was forced away due to Milami’s ferocious stare. His heart felt itchy. This voice sounds quite forceful. I’ve never heard about Milami having a younger cousin. I wonder what she looks like. From her tone, she isn’t young…

“I’m doing very well over here. You have to work hard for this upcoming CHF! The family is expecting great results from you!” Milami replied with a smile. When facing those close to her, she had no apprehension and completely opened her inner self to them. This caused the nearby Ma Dong to become stunned. Is this really Milami…?

When a girl was willing to be gentle, it truly could cause a man to melt… but this wasn’t shown toward Ma Dong. If the other party receiving it were a guy, then Ma Dong would definitely hack that guy into mincemeat with his eyes.

“Alright, elder cousin. I won’t force you. If I can scrape together some time, then I’ll go and see you.”

“All I can hope for is that you train well. Our family has placed this generation’s glory on your shoulders. When I have time I’ll go over there and see you.”

“Fine, then that settles it.”

Right when the transmission was about to disappear, Ma Dong took a quick glance. Although he wasn’t able to see her face, that stunning chest really made Ma Dong jump in fright.

What kind of family was this? How could it have this sort of inheritance?

Milami was similar to Ma Dong and was from a branch family. In actual fact, there were many branch families in Tianjing City. This had happened after Tianjing City gained the status of being a financially strategic location.

“Cough cough. Milami, since we’re already so close, your younger cousin can be said to be my younger cousin. Why don’t you introduce us?”

Milami shot a ferocious glare at Ma Dong as she replied, “Stop trying to worm your way in. I’m doing this for your own good. If you try to talk freely with her, then she wouldn’t mind destroying you in a flash.”

“It was just a joke! I’m only able to direct my emotions at you, beautiful senior sister Milami. I have no interest in female tigers.”

Ma Dong promptly tried to clear up his stance… but that voluptuous…he hadn’t been able to look at it clearly.

Sharmie closed her skylink. Due to the recent preparations for combat, her frame of mind was still slightly ‘violent’. Mario and the other brats were hiding far from her, and All-Mouthy King had run off to some unknown place. His appearance frequency was too low.

As soon as she thought about All-Mouthy King, Sharmie felt slightly happy. She’d planned to fight a match against All-Mouthy King. If only she could set up an appointment for a match, but Mario and the rest had stopped her from doing so with their lives. Sigh, why do they always say stuff like, ‘Please pay attention to your status.’ I just want to compare notes once. There isn’t anything else to it but that.

Yet, Sharmie also knew that as a magnificent and famous expert of the elite division, and captain of the Flame Artillery Squadron, taking the initiative to challenge someone from the cannon fodder division was unsuitable. People may say she couldn’t stand another being so popular. Furthermore, the identity of All-Mouthy King was still being debated. ‘Newbie bully’. This nickname definitely wouldn’t be good. Even if she didn’t personally care, she still had to take into consideration the academy and her squadron.

Ever since the previous match Sharmie’s prestige had increased even more. A ultra high output special ability soldier, one that even trained a near range defensive skill. This had let the organisation committee of the CHF to increase their evaluation on the Flame Heroic Soul Academy.

Close combat prowess was very hard to master as a ranged combat soldier. Even with a special ability like Sharmie’s, one would still have to undergo repeated and arduous training. It relied on instantaneous reaction and decision making abilities, coupled with control over one’s actions. Close combat and ranged combat were completely different paths. The word ‘genius’ could only be used by those who were able to successfully train in both paths.

There was still some time before the upcoming CHF. After evolving their combat skills a notch, this Flame Heroic Soul Academy had a high desire to show off their brilliance this time.
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