Battle Frenzy
65 Chapter 65 – Cannon Fodder Versus Elite
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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65 Chapter 65 – Cannon Fodder Versus Elite

Chapter 65 – Cannon Fodder Versus Elite

The captain was the leader of a squadron and the determining factor of the entire group. Under Sharmie’s leadership, the soul and spirit of the Flame Artillery Squadron would definitely receive a great difference.

Sharmie stared at the name in grey and fell silent. Looks like he isn’t appearing today. Just when she was preparing to train for a while before sleep, the grey-coloured name lit up.

All Mouthy King has came online.

Wang Zhong hadn’t returned to his dormitory as it was still quite early. Furthermore, the issue of the quota had already been settled on Scarlet’s side. Wang Zhong, Grai, Emily, and Barran Gestalt had all been awarded the qualifications to participate in the group exercise, and also gain the opportunity to receive Teacher Grace’s personal guidance. Barran was especially happy beyond belief upon receiving the news.

In fact, when Scarlet had promised the Prodigy Society the quotas, she had even offered a suggestion on how to use it. It was true that Barran’s strength was still too weak, his foundations quite poor, which made him rather unsuited for the group exercise. Instead, the Prodigy Society could use it to recruit experts to join them.

But this proposal was rejected by Wang Zhong. He had prepared the extra quota especially for Barran after all. This wasn’t due to the fact that Barran was a member of the Prodigy Society, but because he felt Barran possessed a great deal of untapped potential. Furthermore, a poor foundation could be supplemented through training. As such, this opportunity was very important for Barran.

Currently, the academy’s OP area was very lively. In fact, the liveliness of the cannon fodder division was the highest as they held the least burden. People in the heroic division and elite division could be bluntly considered honoured and popular figures. They held the greatest possibility of having individuals who were well regarded by their academies. As such, while the people there were quite accepting of random matches, they couldn’t casually take on fights.

If the people there wanted to be matched with a challenge, then they have to either avoid fighting at peak hours, or even restrict the option of having an audience watch. A few experts who were friends could also use the OP system as a way to compare notes frequently, especially when considering those who lived in different geographical locations. For these fights, they wouldn’t care much about victory or defeat and would instead focus on mutually promoting their strengths.

Wang Zhong found a corner room to use. Every room had ample separation from one another. Furthermore, it was equipped with protection from foreign intervention as the soul power of freshmen was quite easy to disturb due to its instability. As a second year student of the commander department, Wang Zhong held the higher priority for obtaining a room.

Upon entering the OP, Wang Zhong opened his mail box. His vision was then instantly blotted out by a seemingly endless number of challenges. Most of these were of the overbearing and domineering sort, stuff by those who felt his attitude to be larger than the skies, or stuff about his father. Naturally, these type of troll mails were from those of the cannon fodder division, people who tried to find something to do due to their boredom.

He thought about trying to sift through and find a strong opponent, but decided it was too much of a waste of time. Due to his recent consecutive victories, coupled with the judging method of the OP system, his next opponent through matchmaking shouldn’t be weak.

Initializing opponent search…

Due to the enormous number of students in the Freedom Federation, the method for matching people for fights was an extremely relaxing process. This was further supplemented by the number of people who’d already graduated. If one hadn’t yet cast their heroic soul, then one was allowed to continue using the OP system. As such, queuing up for fights became a very rare occurrence.

But this time, over five minutes had passed yet he still hadn’t been matched with an opponent.

The main reason for this was that a situation like Wang Zhong’s was slightly extraordinary. Those matches fought in the beginning were like a newb’s, while the matches at the end were full of depth and rather incredulous. They were simply great victories that crossed divisions. Furthermore, the OP system took those recent fighting results seriously, so an opponent was very difficult to find.

The instant All-Mouthy King came online, the entire OP discussion forum became lively. Furthermore, even the officials of the OP group seemingly became interested in him.

OP was under the jurisdiction of the Freedom Federation. It could also be considered the Federation’s strategic combat method, and the confidentiality within was the highest. After all, this involved the younger generation of great clans, those who held a lot of influence. Due to this, the privacy of the users was upheld to the highest standard. In reality, this was a decision made by those in power for their own interests. Only with the approval of the Federation Parliament’s currently standing committee chairs would one be allowed to declassify this privacy. Of course, such a thing had to take into consideration the safety of the Federation.

This was the governmental aspect. On the economic aspect, however, the OP system was the property of the Five Great Clans, and the earnings also belonged to them. Those operating the OP system would definitely wish for the system to become more popular. It was through this that it became able to obtain wealth from the various great academies and their users. All-Mouthy King was definitely an attractive specimen. There was no obvious behind-the-scene supporter for him, and this made it easy for the craze around him to stay and increase. Furthermore, the OP system side wouldn’t lose much if he were to fall in popularity.

Right now, All-Mouthy King had quite a large number of fans. This was especially true within the cannon fodder division as he’d now become an idol for countering the strong. He was the reminder for the cannon fodder members that so long as they persevered, spring would arrive.

But… in reality, most of the brothers of the cannon fodder division were being devastated repeatedly, day after day. After struggling beneath this constant pain of losing, there would always be people who had the OP system create a new name for them in the system. Currently, the Federation only allowed their citizens to have two IDs. As such, IDs that bolstered one’s spirit came into existence. King Among Kings, Arrival Of The Ruler, and other such nicknames. Most of these were examples of IDs that bolstered the spirit.

But as one continues to see one’s self repeatedly fail over and over again, one’s mentality would change and they would then require some sort of support.

This support was All-Mouthy King. All-Mouthy King’s inactivity had caused some depression and longing to appear in the hearts of such people. They’d dreamt that All-Mouthy King would appear and tell them there would be a chance after waiting, that there would always be hope.

“Brother King has finally appeared, my mother!”

“Brother King’s queuing time this time around is slightly long. Could it be that he’ll be matched against an expert?”

“It’s possible. The only thing we don’t know is who it will be. Even I’m feeling a little nervous.”

“It doesn’t matter because Brother King is invincible. Please beat those that looked down on us fellows!”

Unknowingly, everyone was now treating All-Mouthy King as a substitute for themselves. Yet the people of the heroic division weren’t so innocent. More and more soldiers from the higher divisions had begun to pay more attention. The performance of All-Mouthy King had showed his experience, and this was the most important thing to them. As for who he really was, they didn’t care in the slightest.

Under the anticipation of this crowd, All-Mouthy King’s opponent finally appeared; Aurora City’s Lei Bing.

After a short period of silence, the whole audience exploded into a storm of noise. This was because All-Mouthy King had queued up and actually matched up against an elite division expert!

That sparkling ‘Elite’ badge almost blinded everyone!

Although everyone had always been brimming with anticipation toward All-Mouthy King, they were already very satisfied with him being able to fight against those of the heroic division. This time, however, he’d actually queued up and was matched against an expert of the elite division.

If any student within a heroic soul academy were to rise to the elite division through fighting in the OP system, then he or she could immediately create their own squadron. If this happened in any of the cities that were slightly weaker in ranking, then one could be said to have the entire academy in their hands. Even before graduating, one would have already received the invitations of various conglomerates and powers.

If those of the heroic division was considered to have some uncertainty, then the elite division was home to people who would inevitably cast their heroic soul. Such a person would definitely not be considered poorly.

What the elite division represented was talent, coupled with rich combat experience and unique combat techniques and skills. It could be said that this wasn’t luck, but the tip of the pyramid held by the top figures of the new generation.

And this was the first time in the history of OP that the cannon fodder division was matched up with an elite division.
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    《Battle Frenzy》