Battle Frenzy
66 Chapter 66 – Quality of Battle
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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66 Chapter 66 – Quality of Battle

Chapter 66 – Quality of Battle

Within an instant, the OP was in an uproar. Coupled with the officials of the OP promoting it, even those who hadn’t paid much attention managed to watch this match. If it had only been a fight within the elite division, it would not have garnered such a strong reaction. Just based on the introduction that it was a cannon fodder against an elite, however, it was enough to attract the curiosity of people.

How had someone in the cannon fodder division manage to be matched up with an expert from the elite division?

The matchmaking feature prohibited spectators, otherwise the five great financial conglomerates that backed the OP would be ‘out of business’. The few experts that were rather interested in All-Mouthy King wouldn’t personally enter the OP just to watch. For them, even bothering to find out the results of a match was considered not bad. The fact that an expert from the elite division appeared, though, was a very different situation from the last match.

Very quickly, everyone had discovered that All-Mouthy King’s opponent, Lei Bing, was an outstanding person. Currently fifteen years of age, he had only took a year’s worth of time to fight his way into the elite division. Even within the history of OP, he was a well-known figure with a victory rate of 80%. He was one who possessed a violent and fierce growth.

Aurora City was considered a great city within the Northern Region of the Federation and was one of the top ten biggest cities within the Freedom Federation. As the runner-up of the Northern Region last year, its true strength was deep and profound. This young Lei Bing was the newly promoted vanguard of Aurora Heroic Soul Academy’s trump card squadron. Having the ability to reach such a step and become one of the core members of Aurora Heroic Soul Academy despite the fierce competition spoke volumes of his strength and potential.

In a simple comparison, if an Aurora squadron substitute was brought over to Tianjing academy, it was likely that he or she would become the leader of the trump card squadron.

The many great cities of Freedom Federation had varying rates of development. At first, Tianjing was much stronger due to its resources and superiority in techniques. As other’s techniques improved, however, heroic soldiers within other cities also gradually grew stronger. This was an inevitable growth trend in this era of the new humans.

The Northern Region of the Federation placed high hopes on Lei Bing. Last year, he had revealed his outstanding talent; this year, his name had already spread across the Northern Region. The CHF had a minimal requirement that participants were freshmen. Lei Bing had only been a vanguard of the junior department of the Aurora Academy, but this year he was a first year freshman. Although this toed the line of legality, his age indeed met the requirement.

Within the elite division, the younger one was, the greater one’s potential was.

This Lei Bing was also a freak; he did not care about anything apart from combat. Originally, the officials of the OP had planned to give him some publicity, but this was rejected by the Aurora Academy as they wanted Lei Bing to focus on increasing his strength. He had an exceedingly strong third for becoming stronger through combat.

Sharmie had also been dumbstruck when she saw who the opponent of All-Mouthy King was. Naturally, as a member of the elite division, she knew about Lei Bing, but it was only recently that she had truly paid attention to him. That brat had an eleven consecutive victory record. With his ice ability, he had been able to force his way into the elite division. All fire ability users had no choice but to notice him.

Although his physique was neither large nor tall, his position was nevertheless the vanguard. He possessed combat techniques for all ranges, as well as the ice ability. As he was still young, his soul power averaged above 100 grassos. His manipulation of combat techniques, though, was what terrified opponents. On this point, he shared similarities with All-Mouthy King.

The two of them were experts at fighting the strong despite being weak, and their perception of the general situation were accurate and keen.

The number of viewers watching this match at this moment rapidly rose to two thousand. This was already not inferior to a battle between elite division experts.

This match also had an extraordinary significance to Lei Bing. It was his first match since entering the elite division.

The combatants began their preparation for combat and the selection. Both of them had the same arrogance and self-confidence. What was even more interesting was that the both of them actually chose random weapons and random combat battleground.

Lei Bing was currently watching the introduction of his opponent and his combat videos. To him, it did not matter how famous or what division his opponent was. What he paid attention to was strength. Even though he had weak soul power, his combat techniques were strong, making Lei Bing feel slightly disappointed.

Lei Bing did not choose random weapons and random combat battleground because he was pretentious. To him, the purpose of OP was to train. If he were here just purely to pursue his vanity, it would just be stressing the incidental over the fundamental. He did not need the pity of his opponent. If he lost, to him it only meant that he was still insufficient in some areas.

Without any doubt, Lei Bing’s goal was this year’s CHF. Moreover, for ice ability users, weapons were never a problem.

Halfway through her training, Laura was summoned by Arnold Teuton and Anlor. After seeing All-Mouthy King’s opponent, she was shocked as she knew that the difference between elite division and hero division were akin to night and day.

The largest difference between these two divisions was not the soul power, but the comprehensive depth of combat techniques and experience. Even just considering her, regardless if it was close combat, ranged combat, or different special abilities, she had a unique countering style when confronting them. This kind of insight and understanding was only gained through the fusion of time and the accumulation of experience. Furthermore, some level of comprehension was required, which was also the slow and steady accumulation of time and experience.

There was no one who could reach the skies in one step.

Being able to rush into the elite division in such a short time, this Lei Bing had indeed made people gasp in amazement. This was something that was rarely seen even within the Aurora City of the Northern Region.

Dimensional energy was a miraculous thing, but it was also unbalanced Looking from the bigger picture, various continents endured different amounts of energy. This even applied to cities within the Freedom Federation. Some cities seemed to possess greater luck and birth new humans with extraordinary talents every now and then, thus gradually growing stronger. An example of this was Aurora City; originally ranked outside the top fifty, it had now risen to be within the top ten.

Another example would be Flame City, the city blessed with flames. It possessed a larger majority of new humans with fire abilities than other cities. It also had people like Sharmie, people who were baptised by flames.

One’s future success depended on 1% talent and 99% hard work. However, it was that 1% talent that determined one’s success or failure.

This was the match that would truly test All-Mouthy King’s strength as there was no luck or loophole present. Every single combat between elite division experts were the same. Regardless of one’s ranking, it was a necessity for one to possess a combat style to counter any combat position. An obvious flaw would never be present, as if one had a flaw, one would never reach such a level in the first place.

An expert had to constantly probe and counter an opponent, while also countering their counter and probe. This process was the most valuable and was the true essence of OP. After one casted their Heroic Soul, one’s strength would increase by leaps and bounds. This was the key reason why the Freedom Federation had been able to continue maintaining its oppressive and deterrent capabilities.

Unknowingly, a change had occurred in the quality of the spectators. Other than the 90% being from the cannon fodder division, the number of students from the hero division was rising. The most important point was that even experts from the elite division had begun appearing.

Laura and Sharmie were amongst them. Usually, the elite division would not even spare a glance for those within the hero division, let alone the cannon fodder division The elites also only paid attention to Laura and Sharmie due to what seemed to be a rivalry between two flame ability users, otherwise, they wouldn’t even bother paying attention to those of the hero division.

The difference in grades was seen as absolute suppression. Furthermore, a man’s natural instinct was to aim for great heights, and it was more prevalent the more supercilious one is.

It had to be said that there were many aspects in which Laura and Sharmie showed their rivalry. However today, they truly were here due to their interest in All-Mouthy King. Within their hearts, they both wondered, how far and to what step could this person walk to?
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