Battle Frenzy
69 Chapter 69 – Captain, Let’s Get a Midnight Snack Together
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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69 Chapter 69 – Captain, Let’s Get a Midnight Snack Together

Chapter 69 – Captain, Let’s Get a Midnight Snack Together

The miraculous part was his opponent’s utilisation of soul power. By overlapping his hands to form a two-tiered defense to resist him, All-Mouthy King had actually been able to neutralize almost all of his hundred-plus grasso attacks. This kind of frequency layered defensive technique was simply unheard of before now.

Yet… his chilling frost energy had slowly taken effect.

Lei Bing had already realised this point.

His third round of circling attacks was launched with perfect timing right when his opponent revealed a dead angle. This time, it was not the usual move and slash, but a lethal killing blow!

That ice sword instantly shown with a bright light as soul power flooded into it. In an instant, a soul power level of a hundred grassos enveloped Wang Zhong.

This was Aurora City’s super peak genius!

At this moment, with his mobility affected, Wang Zhong had no way of turning his body around. He simply wouldn’t make it in time. From the looks of it all, All-Mouthy King had seemingly given up as his feet didn’t move in the slightest.

The entire viewing gallery was filled in silence by now. No one was surprised. Although they were slightly disappointed, this was reality. The elite division was still the elite division. This was a wall that couldn’t surpassed ever.


Lei Bing’s well-timed strike had come to a halt stiffly, just ten centimeters away from All-Mouthy King’s head.

Empty Hands Catch A Naked Sword!!

His hands had managed to grab the ice sword in that moment of life or death. Wang Zhong’s body sank down at the same time. By bringing that sword to the place in space in front of him, he simultaneously moved backward in a sudden action, striking at Lei Bing’s ribs with his elbow.

A slight wrinkle appeared on Lei Bing’s brows. In that moment, Wang Zhong had already turned around to face him, sending a hand blade toward his neck.

Everyone watched with gaping mouths as the situation changed too quickly. Who would have thought that All-Mouthy King, who had seemingly turned into a frozen fish, could actually do such a reversal. With his neck about to be chopped, even if it wasn’t fatal, it would at least lead to a serious injury. Yet, Lei Bing actually didn’t move at all.


An ice shield appeared near Lei Bing’s throat. Wang Zhong’s hand blade chopped heavily against the ice shield, but the shield didn’t even move.


Wang Zhong immediately slid back, retreating in order to increase the distance between them.

He adjusted his breath. That freezing effect that accompanied those with the ice ability was of no use against him. The so-called burning and freezing were effects that came as a result of influencing the target’s soul sea through the soul power of a special ability user. Yet, due to those two enormously powerful opposing energies present within his own soul sea, nothing could exist there other than Wang Zhong’s own life energy. All foreign influences weren’t worth mentioning when inside there.

With that situation becoming passive, Wang Zhong deliberately gave his opponent his chance to strike. He never imagined that Lei Bing would actually have a defensive technique like that ice shield.

This was a part of the materialization techniques of an ice ability user.

This was the first time Lei Bing met with such an opponent. He now realized that up until this point, his opponent was completely unaffected by his freezing effect and had instead been waiting for him to attack.

Although his opponent’s use of soul power wasn’t very strong, his technical ability with it was at an even higher level than himself.

This is getting interesting, he thought. This was the first time Lei Bing was forced to reveal his hidden ice shield technique.

The techniques of materialization wasn’t anything difficult for Lei Bing as he possessed this materialization technique naturally. The ability to instantly form an ice shield made it an absolute defense. This ice shield could even defend against attacks of up to one hundred and fifty grassos. Attacks above this level would also be slowed down, thus giving Lei Bing valuable time to dodge.

This had been the only defensive technique taught to him by his teacher, who had specifically come up with it after analyzing the special traits of his special ability. Furthermore, inside an environment like this, his ice shield should be able to withstand attacks of around 160 to 170 grassos.

Based on his level of control, however, he could at most produce it twice a day. Furthermore, he couldn’t make it in rapid succession. Inside this kind of environment, however, it had become an easy to use technique.

The two’s breathing had turned faint a soft as they adjusted their themselves. That previous round of exchanges left both of them understanding each other’s unique points during offense and defence.

It was obvious that this All-Mouthy King excelled in complex combination techniques. As such, Lei Bing concluded that so long as one didn’t give him enough actual combat time, even if it were 0.1 seconds, he wouldn’t be able to launch an attack capable of harm. This would then turn into an impregnable position for him.

As for defence?

For Lei Bing, the best defence was offense!

After that round of exchanges between the two, the brothers of the cannon fodder division were all fired up. They saw hope and chance, that there wasn’t anything impossible. If that damnable ice shield hadn’t been there, All-Mouthy King might have already won.

There was a chance!

Once again, Lei Bing made preparations for attack. He had completely grasped the initiative for attack as All-Mouthy King only possessed a passive defense. Although his experience and level of adaptability wasn’t bad, his weak soul power and lack of a special ability was a flaw. As a top ranked expert, possessing a special ability was a necessity.


With a resounding roar, Lei Bing launched his attack, his long sword breaking through the air as it pierced forward.

This wasn’t how one attacks. There’s still six to seven meters of distance between them. Even as people thought this, his sword move had already been…


An icicle shot straight at Wang Zhong. Seeing it, everybody jumped in fright. This was simply impossible to guard against… a long-ranged icicle…

Lei Bing couldn’t control his feeling of self-satisfaction. This was a move he had thought of himself. Since he possessed the ability of materialization, why couldn’t he create more techniques for it? Moreover, the reality of his results were obvious!

This icicle had definitely surprised Wang Zhong. During that instant he evaded it, Lei Bing’s sword had already slashed at him, sweeping horizontally. Falling back on his back, Wang Zhong looked as though he was about to successfully evade it when a crisis appeared.


A chilling glow flashed from the center of that ice sword. A trail of blood splashed in midair before being frozen.

Wang Zhong retreated back explosively while everything before his eyes turned into a blur.

Instantly, everyone’s heart had turned cold and clammy. Lei Bing stood erect at this time, his sword in hand as he said, “You are the first to make me use this. This is called Ice Tip Thrust.”

Cast with his soul power meant that the instantaneous conduction of soul power within his ice sword was at a hundred percent. Although there was some level of consumption, an attack like this that could abruptly change its length wasn’t something that could be guarded against properly. Although his opponent’s reaction speed had been fast, his eyes could no longer be opened anymore.

All-Mouthy King didn’t move at all and stood still, his eyes closed shut. The bloodstains at the corners of his eyes had already been frozen. In a fight such as this, this was simply fatal.

Everyone was stupefied by this newly promoted frost soldier. He had such a sturdy foundation along with numerous successive uses of that special ability. Furthermore, they were all impossible to defend against effectively. No wonder he had been able to be promoted to the elite division before the age of sixteen. Currently, he was also the vanguard of the Aurora Battle Squadron.

“Haha. Captain, let’s wait until later for our supper!” Arnold Teuton shouted. He was unable to resist the wild joy in his heart. I’m going on a date with Captain! Dear lord, I’m really going on a date with captain! Furthermore, it’s gentle captain! DEAR LORD! This scene is too beautiful to think about.

Laura watched the battlefield. If she were to put herself in All-Mouthy King’s shoes, then she wouldn’t be able to think of any other method. This Lei Bing had been too crafty and meticulous. The specialties of a fire ability was in its ferocity and output. In contrast, the ice ability allowed for materialization and its multiple variations. Both countered each other. There was no special ability that lacked flaws, but there were some attacks that couldn’t be blocked with just techniques.

“I will give you this opportunity to surrender,” Lei Bing said. This was the very first player he’d approved of since the start of his fights.

Wang Zhong simply gave a faint smile. “I won’t lose.”
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    《Battle Frenzy》