Battle Frenzy
74 Chapter 74 – For the Academy’s Honor!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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74 Chapter 74 – For the Academy’s Honor!

Chapter 74 – For the Academy’s Honor!

Even Terrence came to join in on the fun. “Know it off and just take a look at your brutish body. It’s totally not up to sister Hymin’s taste. Even if Grai wasn’t here, you wouldn’t get your share!”

“I’m brutish? Please, you’re even rougher than I am,” the man said as he shot a look at Terrence. “You talk like you’re fair and delicate. It seems you don’t understand where you got your nickname from, Black Bear!”

When they heard his rebuttal, everyone began to laugh. Although the group training this time around would definitely be strict, everyone was quite relaxed as they were filled more with excitement than nervousness.

This was the CHF Great Competition, something that was different from other regional competitions as it happened only once every four years. Because of this, it became an opportunity that appeared only once for all students. They would become the representative for their academy, which was an unsurpassed glory.

Some of them knew they would miss the ten quotas issued for the competition, but even so, most were here for the experience and spirit of participation.

“What is so much fun to talk about?”

Dressed in a Federation Army uniform and a pair of pointed black-leather tall boots, Grace had appeared out of nowhere.

She walked over to the group with a faint smile. Other than dressing up a bit, she appeared no different from when she visited the academy.

“Teacher Grace!”

“Ha. Teacher, I want to report that Terrence was talking about inappropriate things!”

“Scram! Stop painting a black picture of me. It was you who spoke about it!”

“Teacher, where exactly are we going? What’s with the secrecy?”


Everyone began to speak excitedly.

Grace walked calmly before everyone. The iron heels of her high-cut leather boots knocked lightly against the floor, producing clear pa pa sounds.

As she stood in front of them all and smiled faintly as she said, “It seems you are all very relaxed.”

… teacher, the tone you’re using doesn’t sound like praise…

Everyone calmed themselves and the noise was immediately reduced.

After waiting until only silence filled the space, Grace slowly began to speak. “Our Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy had been established during the dark ages after the ancient era and was one of the first heroic soul soldier training organisations within the Federation. Although no great history changing figures have come from here, ever since its establishment until now it has had 16,000 soldiers that were able to cast their heroic souls. It has had over 5,000 elite talents from all sorts of domains, including the area of rune and bioscience.

“The academy experienced, every single week, all of the transformations the Federation has gone through since its establishment. For this, the academy has produced numerous talent and lifeblood, producing remarkable contributions!”

Speaking up to here, Grace paused and watched the group before her. It was obvious that everyone was familiar with this topic. This history and glory was required to boost the participant’s morale.

“This place had once been the site of the academy exchange centers within the entire Federation. It is one of the holiest of grounds for all youths of the Federation. When we had been representing the academy during one of the highest forms of competition, the CHF, we were the victors of many battles, a historic team that managed to fight hundreds of academies to secure a position in the top eight!” Grace’s smiled widely as she was filled with melancholy.

“However… for three consecutive times, our school ranking during the CHF Great Competition dropped out of the top thirty rankings. In the last CHF, we ended up with a tragic 89th place. It is said that we have dropped to the status of a third class academy after that last regional competition!”

As soon as those words left Grace’s mouth, the bit of glory on everyone’s face was spontaneously erased. They all knew that Teacher Grace wasn’t here to praise them. None of that glory had been theirs.

“Does anyone know what the discussion forums and magazines has assessed us as for this CHF?

‘This academy has already dropped off its godly podium.’

‘It is only relying on its past reputation.’

‘An easy and comfortable life has turned all of the students into sheep.’

‘Other than knowing how to play house, they’ve already forgotten what a true fight is.’

‘Their last regional competition had them placed as a measly rank 12th. This year’s CHF will become their breaking point. From now on, they will become a third class academy!’”

After she spoke, Grace smiled slightly and looked at those before her before saying, “Third. Class. Academy.”

Terrence couldn’t help it anymore as he snarled, shouting in a deep voice, “Fucking bullshit!”

“Those third class talk are all jokes! Your father will tear their mouths to pieces during the CHF competition!”

“They’re the true third class, all of them are third class!”

Everyone started to get somewhat riled up. Not only did they not hear of these discussions about the CHF, they’d voluntarily ignored them. Yet, the moment Grace mentioned them, everyone became enraged. After all, they all felt they were the elite of the Federation, ones who would shake the heavens in the future.

“You’re not convinced?” Grace’s voice suddenly tightened, her smile vanishing as she continued, “Wrong. You guys are not third class. You can’t even be considered third class, just a pack of wastes that haven’t even reached a class!”

Grace’s voice was like a hammer that struck everyone dumbfounded. A few lowered their heads, but there were some who weren’t convinced.

“You guys managed to only achieve 12th place in the regional competition. 12th place. For a mere regional competition. Do you guys understand what you’re facing? The CHF motherfucking Great Competition. Do you know how many experts will be participating? Yet you guys actually laugh about it! Where is this self-confidence coming from? That tiny bit of martial arts? You guys will only make Tianjing Academy be forever pinned as a historic pillar of shame!”

Everyone’s faces turned red as they lowered their heads. Grace’s words were like a thunderbolt that pierce everything, causing the shame they’d block to suddenly flood them. There was no use in deceiving themselves. All of this was undeniable. They’d never once considered achieving results and had only been here to participate.

Only to participate, so laughable!

If that speech had been spoken by anyone else, then it would have probably sparked a fight. Yet, this was Grace, Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy’s hero and idol. She had been the only reason why Tianjing Academy could still keep its qualifications and join the CHF!

The entire area was extremely quiet as they all felt as though they were suffocating, their breaths locked in their chests.

“Is this truth so ear-piercing and unbearable?“ Grace asked as she watched them calmly. “I also feel it’s difficult to bear!

“Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy isn’t only my alma mater, but my faith, my glory! I am an orphan, and the academy adopted me. She fed me, clothed me, gave me a place to live. She gave me dreams, gave me glory and allowed me to achieve my dream of becoming a heroic soul solder! I don’t what the academy means to you, but this is my home! The academy is my mother! Whoever dares insult her will become my enemy. I will kill them!”

Grace was no longer the gentle teacher by this time. She was now a war goddess, one who could shake the heavens!

The students clenched their fists firmly. Any depression and nervousness they felt for the upcoming training had now vanished. Even Wang Zhong’s eyes were sparkling with fighting intent. With regards for her words, he was completely supportive. Only after this speech did he feel that his ideal group training session had truly begun.

“I don’t care where you guys are from, or which clan you are in. I don’t care what background or status you have! As long as you are standing here, you are one of my soldiers, and a student of Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy! You must fight to protect the glory of our academy!”

Teacher Grace’s eyes moved to Reeves, Scarlet, Emily, and even Grai and the others. Her gaze swept past them all, one by one.
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