Battle Frenzy
76 Chapter 76 – A Fragmented Community
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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76 Chapter 76 – A Fragmented Community

Chapter 76 – A Fragmented Community

“There’s definitely rotting meat in that little monster’s stomach! I can smell that decomposing stench from even 20 meters away! Who dares to bet with me? A hundred credits!” Adams shouted suddenly.

It was fortunate that Teacher Grace stayed in the front-most vehicle, otherwise these fellows wouldn’t have dared to act so unbridled even if they were given heaven-made bravery.

“If you wanna bet, then let’s bet. Yet, how can we just rely on your words?” a few others replied. One couldn’t blame these cruel words as this kind of education was taught to everyone since young. These identity-less creatures living outside the walls couldn’t be considered humans. They only resembled humans, that was all.

Adams smiled and laughed craftily as he took out a large piece of bread from his bag. He then shouted, “Whoever takes that girl’s clothes off so that I can see clearly will get this piece of bread! I’ll give you one minute!”

Quite a few of these refugees were instantly attracted to his words.

A fresh piece of bread was enough to buy the lives of ten people in this kind of place. What was stripping a little girls’ clothes when compared to that?

The next second, however, the little girl herself took off her clothes…

Everyone gawked and Adams couldn’t help spitting out a mouthful of saliva before throwing the bread out. “Fucking disgusting. I forgot these fellows couldn’t be considered humans. Else this would’ve been more exciting.”

A few started to laugh while others like Scarlet just frowned without commenting. Although this kind of laughter held no meaning at all, they wouldn’t say anything. After all, those inside the city and those outside were not of one group.

Barran clenched his fists tightly as he kept quiet. Silent. He could only stay silent. While some nightmares were forgotten, sometimes he would wake up trembling.

Adams took out another piece of bread. Let’s make this a bit more exciting…

“Adams, you should know when to stop!” Wang Zhong shouted suddenly.

Gawking, Adams couldn’t help laughing as he said, “Wang Zhong, you shouldn’t pity these things. Hey, everyone look, We have a saint here!”

Wang Zhong just casually shot him a look. “The one I pity isn’t them, but you, a thing that believes he’s a human.”

Adams, was now angry. He snarkily replied, “Wang Zhong, do you really think you’re something special for getting in here on a fluke? If Scarlet hadn’t been the one protecting you, then I, your father, would’ve already broken your legs!”

Reeves, who hadn’t made a sound till now, suddenly shouted, “Adams, keep quiet. We’re here for training, not for an outing!” Although he was angry, Adams stiffly sat in his corner after Reeves spoke.

Wang Zhong wasn’t in a quarreling mood as he turned toward Barran. “Were you thinking about giving them food?”

Barran lowered his head, answering, “Yes.”

Wang Zhong just shook his head. “Giving them food would be more harmful. You understood this.”

This was the reason why Barran hadn’t thrown anything down to them. If he did so, it might’ve already caused a fierce battle to happen today.

And with that, the small disturbance was quickly suppressed.

No one knew, however, that Grace was currently facing a gigantic skylink screen within the first vehicle. It transmitted everything that happened in the vehicles behind. It had been her orders to slow the vehicles. She had done this to see how the students would react when encountering this situation.

She watched seriously, not allowing anyone’s expression slip her sight.

Scarlet… Grace had originally been hopeful and holding high expectations towards her, but she just wasn’t mature enough and lacked the comprehension a leader should have. While there had been a trace of pity in her eyes, pity was useless as it just meant she was incapable of providing help.

Those fooling around like Adams and those with aloof expressions weren’t any different.

A few reacted the same as Scarlet. For example, Emily felt that those outside were pitiful. Such an attitude was similar to when a person reacted to an injured little cat or dog. It was worthless for this era.

In comparison, Barran was quite angry. This was related to his personal past as he had had experience being a refugee. As the construction of the city required physically strong and fit humans, it became quite the lure for one to become a city resident. This was the reason why he and his parents had been able to survive through this. It was only when Barran ignited his soul that their lives truly improved for the better.

Reeves’ behaviour was something that conformed to societal norms. He held a level of control over the squadron and had enough prestige. The way he handled this matter was mature and he was able to see the larger picture.

Yet, this still wasn’t enough. He was only pretending to be mature as he wished to present himself as having the attitude of a leader.

Grai. This youth was quite interesting. His strength was outstanding, and he held mastery over his inner heart and mind. It was said that he had some background, thus creating little difference between him and a senior.

People like this appeared in various cities. They weren’t willing to provoke anyone, nor cause trouble unless absolutely necessary. These kinds of people were almost always indifferent. For them, the most important thing was strength.

Yet, Grai was too cold and detached. He treated everything happening in his surroundings like as though it was none of his business. This kind of person wouldn’t do.

Wang Zhong… how to say it? He really was an outlier. Seeing him attend the makeup exam had been by chance. While Scarlet’s recommendation was a bit of a surprise, just these few points wasn’t enough enough to attract more of Grace’s attention to him.

However just now, she saw the strangest scene so far, which was the eyes of Wang Zhong. There were no pity, no anger, no indifference, but…sorrow.

Sorrow. This was an attitude humans of the old era held when treating their fellow man.

This was the feeling Grace gained after going on an expedition for ten years. Even now, she was powerless to change things.

Wang Zhong’s level of thinking involving human interaction was higher than everyone in the vehicles by several levels. Such a temperament appearing in the body of a sixteen-year-old boy was too unique.

But contrary to her feeling of helplessness towrads the situation, she didn’t seem to feel any despair coming from Wang Zhong.

Maybe I’m… just thinking too much. He’s just a brat who hasn’t yet fully grown up. After returning to her hometown, she probably felt a bit too sentimental.

“Captain, let me take a look at which fellow caught your eye. Your current expression is quite the rare sight!”

“None of your business! Just drive properly!” she replied as she continued to stare at the screen.

The soldier held a cigarette in his mouth, laughing as he said, “I’m just concerned, just concerned. If it hadn’t been for Tianjing Academy helping captain get a hold of a temporary transfer command, then the few of us would still have been trying to get some good assignment. After staying in the frontlines for so long, returning inland and resting for a few months is simply heaven. Due to this, we are quite concerned for anything happening to our boss’s hometown!”

“Cut the crap. If you’re so concerned, then help me push them properly during this period of time. I called you all out here in order to train them. When the time comes, you better come up with some tricks in order to properly drill them!”

The soldier gave a hearty laugh. “Haha. Relax, boss! I guarantee we’ll drill them until…”

“Yes?” Grace questioned, staring at him with an eye.

He hurriedly covered his mouth. “A mistake, definitely my mistake! Nothing! Captain, we guarantee we’ll fulfill our mission!”

The armoured vehicle travelled through the refugee area for more than an hour before the surroundings gradually turned desolate. From time to time, the vehicles would pick up speed when a few wild animals approached. Some of them might have been mutated creatures, such as Twin-Tailed Wolves, Earthen Scorpions…
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    《Battle Frenzy》