Battle Frenzy
77 Chapter 77 – Ridiculous Training
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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77 Chapter 77 – Ridiculous Training

Chapter 77 – Ridiculous Training

During such a time, the connection between cities was done primarily through armoured railway. The immediate vicinities of the railways were considered ‘safe’, but the other places were still dangerous areas. As for the driving one’s self around the world, not even children of clans from the assassin would, such as Emily’s clan, experienced such a thing.

Hundreds of years ago, it was said that those within human society, anyone could travel the world as one pleased and feel its boundless nature. Now, this was too extravagant a proposal for most people.

This was the endlessly wide wilderness. The largest space within the cities were their streets, which were just ten meters wide. When compared with their current area, it was easy to see how much wider their field of view became. As they were exposed to this, their minds suddenly seemed to have broadened.

That previously small disturbance hadn’t affected everyone’s mood by much. Only Adam still had a belly full of fire as he became stuffy and quiet, unwilling to utter a single word. Everyone else was still quite lively.

The armoured vehicle rocked and swayed as it travelled through the wilderness for most of the day. By the time it reached its destination, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon.

This wasn’t the frontlines’ Chloe sentry post, but a logistics camp. While the entire camp couldn’t be considered big, it wasn’t small either. A fence of high voltage electrical currents formed a network around the perimeter, while a single sentry tower stood aloof in the middle of the camp. Standing tall, it wasn’t only used as a security measure, but was also used a landmark for directions in case one was lost.

This camp was also used for armoured railway patrols and was considered a part of Tianjing City’s defensive force. Only when one arrived here would one feel the heavily guarded and cautious chill of the atmosphere. This was the world outside the city.

“It must have been exhausting for everyone since it was a little bumpy, but we’ve arrived.” Teacher Grace’s voice made everyone there feel warmth in their heart. No matter what, Teacher is still good to us. They were all touched to the point of tearing up.

“It wasn’t exhausting,” said Terrence, hurriedly trying to show off. “We still have strength left!”

“Yes, yes. The only thing we had to do was sit in the vehicles. There wasn’t anything exhausting about that.”

“Ha. Based on our current conditions, even fighting against a mutated beast wouldn’t be an issue.”

They were all in high spirits, their shouts shaking the sky. It would be good for them to leave Grace with a good impression. After touching ground, they all remembered their goals.

“Very good. I originally wanted to give you guys a few minutes of rest,” she said, smiling,” but since you all still have some strength remaining, we can begin now.”

Begin what?

The surroundings immediately turned completely silent.

“500 deep squats, 500 pushups, then a run through the entire camp for 100 laps.”

Fuck… Teacher Grace actually used that kind of play!?

They were just being modest…

They all glanced at one another in blank dismay before looking at their desolate and somewhat gloomy environment. We’re really unlucky…

Even Terrence got scared. He felt like vomiting after such a bumpy journey, so he stuttered as he said, “T, Teacher Grace, I was just joking…”

“And I wasn’t,” Grace said while smiling. She glanced at her watch. “If you guys aren’t fast enough, then you might miss your dinner.”


After getting tossed around like that, now we can’t even get good food. How are we supposed to train tomorrow?

“Wang Zhong, it looks like you’re quite fine. How about the two of us take the lead?” Reeves said, smiling faintly. Although Reeves was magnanimous, Wang Zhong was a bit lacking in his ability to tell the good from the bad. Even if they didn’t talk about Lu Zhan Tian, Adams was still one of his men. Wang Zhong talking about Adams that way meant he wasn’t giving him any face. As such, Reeves wanted to appraise Wang Zhong’s strength. Strength was something that could only be judged through one’s eyes.

“Alright,” Wang Zhong replied in an extremely straightforward manner.

With someone taking the lead, the rest were more inclined to join in. Whether they were dizzy or not could be ignored for now; they wouldn’t even be able to cry if they missed their dinner.

Reeves’ actions were fast, and the energy that went into his deep squats was also very large. The dizziness he’d felt after getting off the vehicle only lasted for a while before he recovered from it. What made him disappointed, however, was that Wang Zhong didn’t have any intention of competing with him. He only focused on doing his own actions in a methodical way. He was standard and steady.

Deep squats, push ups, running laps. This wasn’t anything difficult for these fellows in an ordinary situation, but after experiencing a day’s worth of swaying, there were some who couldn’t resist the urge to vomit after a while.

Grace truly wasn’t able to get out of her good mood. These fellows are just flowers in a greenhouse, thinking that just relying on their soul power means they wouldn’t have to do anything. So naive!

It wasn’t any wonder that Greene would expend so much energy to transfer Grace back. If Tianjing Academy were to proceed like this, then it would truly be finished.

The academy’s core strength consisted of students like Reeves, Scarlet, Hymin, and the rest, and of first-years like Emily and Grai. Their talents were quite good. Some of them were from famous clans, and their combat methods weren’t considered bad. Even if the academy wasn’t an elite one like the other top classed academies at the peak, they shouldn’t have ever fallen to such a low point. They were just too uselessly flowery.

Soul power was just one factor for achieving victory. There were many other points and factors that could influence combat, such as physical strength, endurance and tenacity, etc… Even if one were to reach the Heroic Soul stage, these aspects were still very important.

Without a tyrannical enough body, soul power would just become a would be useless.

As for trying to surpass the limits of the physical body… Grace had no way of appraising this was it wasn’t anything popular.

Her brain was currently combing through a few training plans when a man in army uniform arrived at her side. From his appearance he looked over thirty years of age and had a beard covering most of his face, giving him a rough and tough look. “Ha! Boss, long time no see!”

“Aldrich!” Grace felt happy when she could meet her old schoolmates. “It looks like you’re mingling quite well. If it hadn’t been for Teacher telling me about this place, I wouldn’t have thought a brat like you had already become a 2nd Lieutenant and the boss of this place. Not bad. This uniform set makes you look awe-inspiring.”

Aldrich and Grace had been schoolmates of the same year, and had also become squadmates participating in the CHF Great Competition. Regretfully, after graduation there was a slight issue that appeared in his training, which ended up with him unable to cast his heroic soul in the end. After being assigned to the inland army, it had been ten years since they’d last met.

“Boss, instead of giving me encouragement about my one bar promotion after our ten-plus years of friendship, you’re instead mocking me with that two bar status on your shoulders!? So insincere!” Aldrich said. His eyes focused on the heavily armoured off-road vehicles and didn’t move from them. “Those kinds of vehicles… you elites on the front lines sure have a lot of fun playing with them. Yet, I’ve stayed here for ten years and I’ve only seen them twice! Tsk tsk. Look at those streaks, these tires…”

“Stop drooling while looking at my vehicles!” Grace said, feeling funny. “After ten years, this virtue of yours is still the same as always. You’re greedy for anything good that you see.”

Aldrich didn’t even blush and instead grinned while scratching his head. He turned his gaze toward the large group of students doing deep squats and said, “The ones representing the academy this competition are these group of brats?”

“What’s your impression?”

“What can I see in such a short time… boss, you should know that in the past few years, our academy has fallen by quite a bit. Don’t hold any high hopes,” Aldrich replied.
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