Battle Frenzy
83 Chapter 83 – Potential
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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83 Chapter 83 – Potential

Chapter 83 – Potential

Over the next few days, Wang Zhong and the others understood the true meaning of ‘special training’.

Sleep and meals became luxuries, and getting a cold shower in the middle of the night became their bread and butter. They had to assemble within one minute, and those who were slow had ‘added training’. Some couldn’t even eat anything. One wouldn’t feel raw meat was bad to eat now since they would eat anything in times of true hunger.

The past three days were dark and gloomy, sunless. Grace also hadn’t shown herself even once. Since Big Crazy and Second Crazy’s training goals were focused on each individual, everyone felt so tired that they seemed to have forgotten their own last name.

Big Crazy and Second Crazy were the nicknames everyone gave to the siblings, Markis and Markos. It really was a passionate and profound hatred.

On the second day, a member of the Special Abilities Society was eliminated. Two that were recommended by the rune department were eliminated on the third.

In fact, all three of them had their own specialties, but Big Crazy didn’t even give them a chance to argue. Since they couldn’t even finish the most basic of training, how could they challenge the greater difficulties and dangers later on?

Those three had cried as they were sent off, but there wasn’t any other choice since there would only be ten people left after this group training. Grace had said that so long as they were qualified, they would keep as many people here as they could. If it hadn’t been for Grace, after all, Tianjing Academy wouldn’t even have had a chance to participate in this CHF.

If anyone else were to say such words, then people would have assumed this was just to scare them. Grace, however, was the kind of person who did what she said. This special training period was very serious.

Admittedly, after gritting their teeth and enduring for three days, everyone had begun to adapt to the training in the end.

Grace had in fact been constantly observing and monitoring the performance of everyone in the drilling grounds during each session of group training. She was in charge of the details and was required to carefully grade each and every student. Grace found out their advantages in combat effectiveness, personal strong points, character, vision, patterns, and etc.

She faced a great deal of pressure since, this time, she didn’t just need to check out their fighting skills, but also find a leader and create a team that was comparable to those first class academies. Tianjing was currently very vulnerable.

But there was still enough time, and it was up to these few students to show that they had the potential and perseverance.

At night, the remaining 27 students had already sunk into a deep sleep. They all, however, didn’t dare to remove their clothes. If a sudden call for assembly was issued at night, they wouldn’t be able to make it in time without their clothes already on.

What Grace was aiming to train here was their vigilance and their methods for rapidly recovering their energy under difficult conditions. This was a fundamental skill to have.

When he entered, Markos asked, “Captain, should we mess with them tonight?” Over the last few days, Grace hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep as she was constantly examining and looking over the details. She had even allocated the students into a few groups.

“It’s enough for today. These little guys have already entered the right state. Tomorrow, we will commence the official training of their physical capabilities. Remember to tell Markis that he needs to maintain some restraint; different combat occupations can’t be lumped together,” Grace replied.

“Relax, Captain, big brother knows. But would this be of any use? These brats are still too tender, will there be any point in wasting so much time on them?” Markos asked helplessly. Captain still had a bright future on the frontlines, but she sacrificed and invested so much in order to leave the frontlines at this critical period of time. He felt some pity due to this.

Grace smiled faintly and said, “This is my alma mater and my home. If I die one day, my ashes will also be sent back here. I can’t bear to see Tianjing Academy degenerated to such a level.”

Markos grew silent. He knew that there were some people who chose to have it easy and comfortable, but there were others who chose to fight for mankind. The two brothers were willing to risk life and limb to follow Grace. This wasn’t for any splendor or wealth, but for a soldier’s honour.

“Captain, please relax. We’ll squeeze out all of the potential from the bones of this group of brats.”

“Can you also pay special attention to Reeves, Wang Zhong, Scarlet, Grai, Emily, Lily, and Hymin. These few guys should be able to form a good group and battle formation.”

Markos nodded and said, “I should be able to train these few, but that Wang Zhong…”
Grace smiled. “Don’t just use the information provided as it’s quite unreliable. At least, there isn’t enough info on Wang Zhong and Grai. The soul power of this brat Wang Zhong has a bit of a problem, but he’s able to use his over 60 grassos of soul power and fire off a ranged attack of around 180 grassos.

Markos gawked. “How can this be possible…”

“As such, don’t underestimate these little junior brothers and sisters of mine! They have undug potential!”

Grace’s statement sealed the miserable fate of this group of students, especially for Wang Zhong. In fact, Wang Zhong had originally been classified as the type to be taken care of properly. His achievements, in theory, were very good, so the headmaster’s intent was to have him take up the position as the group’s combat analyst. Since he possessed potential, though, how could she not put him to use?

Apprehensive, everyone was actually allowed to sleep until 5 AM the next morning. When they heard the order to assemble, they actually had joyful expressions.

Markis watched the group that looked a bit better and said, “The past three days was just so that you fellow understand why you are here. Let me inform you all of what you are doing today.”

When they saw Markis’ gaze which was similar to that of a starving wolf, every felt a chilly wind blowing past them. “Today’s goal is running. The route is on your skylink, and everyone has to carry 50 kilograms.”

Everyone let out a sigh of relief since 50 kilograms wasn’t really bad for them. Then their faces changed in the next instant.

“You are not allowed to use any soul power,” Markis said. After a short pause, he continued, “And you are only allowed to eat after finishing your run.”

Their black faces turned darker by a few shades. After another pause, Markis smiled as he said, “The route is outside the military base, so it might be a bit dangerous. As such, make sure you run faster.”

If they could take action and, as a result, end all of this, everyone would’ve went up to Markis and stab him in his most sensitive area with a long pole.

Markos gave a smile nearby and said, “Remember not to use your soul power. Anyone who does will score zero for today’s training. Moreover, they won’t be able to eat anything. Alright, everyone should hurry; the route is dangerous and I hope everyone can make it back before dark.”

Everyone’s skylink already received the information. When they looked at the map, they all had the impulse to vomit blood. This is pretty much asking for our lives. Did the two of them think we have wheels for legs?

While the appearance of large-scale mutated beasts around the base was non-existent, there was still the random chance encounter with one. Fuck, if we can’t use soul power, are we supposed to be a monster’s dinner?

But after experiencing the last three days of training, everyone learned to be obedient. Complaining had absolutely no use.

Everyone silently carried their heavy backpacks and set off.

“Today’s weather is really good.”“Yes, I feel like the afternoon will be slightly hot.”

With regards to Big Crazy and Second Crazy’s mocking and ridicule, everyone chose to ignore it. Reeves was very conscious of his leading, and everyone left.

There were times when life was forced upon a person. Since it wasn’t possible to resist, the only thing to do was to learn to enjoy it.

Twenty-seven people set off just like that. There was no speaking as they silently proceeded. With a heavy frame of mind, the pressure became greater and the result was an increase in their strength consumption.

The group automatically split into three teams. Holy Judgement’s core was the first team, the Prodigy Society was the second team, and the largest portion was those led by Scarlet and Hymin. Most agreed that the role of captain and vice-captain would go to either Reeves or Scarlet. Hymin made it clear she wasn’t interested; after all, she and Reeves had some history. After they broke up, it was obvious that there would be some distance, so Hymin chose to follow Scarlet instead.
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    《Battle Frenzy》