Battle Frenzy
86 Chapter 86 – Girls Can’t Take the Initiative
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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86 Chapter 86 – Girls Can’t Take the Initiative

Chapter 86 – Girls Can’t Take the Initiative

At around three in the afternoon, however, the soldiers at the entrance of the military base stared, dumbfounded, at the two students who had undergone the training.

They were really shocked at the results the two were able to accomplish at such a vast distance and high temperature without using soul power. Returning before the sky darkened was already amazing, but this…

This was a period of time during the day when the sun hung in the sky such that the temperature was so high it was deadly.

Markis and Markos had also walked out as Wang Zhong and Grai had returned even earlier than they’d originally expected. Markis had originally wanted to teach them a lesson on their recklessness, but when he looked at the ‘steaming’ forms of the two, he forcibly swallowed the words back down. It was obvious that even the two brothers weren’t capable of such a feat.

“Cough cough. The two of you performed very well. Head on in and hydrate yourself. You two can use your soul power to restore your bodies since there’s still training tomorrow,” Markis said. He was afraid there may be some internal injuries due to their excessive actions.

Wang Zhong smiled and replied, “Thank you, Instructor, but we aren’t tired. Is it possible for us to take a shower? We smell awful.”

Grai also nodded in agreement. The two brothers glanced at one another before saying, “Let’s go.”

Although Wang Zhong and Grai hadn’t spoken much during their run, the relationship between the two had grown closer.

Markos payed special attention to their breathing, skin tone, and the state of their other basic bodily functions… this was a bit terrifying. Grai seemed to still be in control of himself through some kind of special ability. Although Markos didn’t fully understand the mechanics of it, it seemed to allow him to exercise full control over his body as Grai was perspiring at an amount that was beneath that of normal levels.

As for Wang Zhong… this guy was just a freak. Even though he was drenched with sweat, he still seemed to have an exuberant amount of energy left. He was so energetic that it gave others the impression he could run another round without a problem.

As for the matter of Adams and Terrence ambushing them, the two brothers had seen it as well. While they were instructors, they weren’t required to really care about what happened to the students. So long as it was within acceptable bounds, a little conflict was a good thing.

This would happen not just among these students, also in the army. Whoever wanted to be the biggest would first have to showcase a considerable level of momentum and strength that would gain the respect and approval of the rest. All those years when they had tried to mount a sneak attack on Grace, each attempt only ended up in disaster. It was, without a doubt, horrible memories that should not be remembered.

After bathing, Wang Zhong and Grai went to have their meals. Naturally, it wasn’t anything like the mice they’d previously eaten, but superior quality beef. The training this time was designed with both rewards and punishments in mind. Those who finished later than others would be left with inferior quality food, with the last few having nothing to eat at all.

This meal indeed left Wang Zhong and Grai feeling extremely satisfied. This had been an unexpected surprise for them. As for everyone else, it wouldn’t be as nice.

Reeves was the third to return, followed by those of Saint Judgement. The people from the soldier department weren’t bad at all, but by the time they returned, it was already six in the evening.

At around eight, Scarlet and Hymin brought the majority of the group back to complete the training. During their run, they had mutually motivated one another and ensured that each and every person in the large group was able to persevere until the very end.

Adams and Terrence were the most miserable of the group. One had an injury to his groin while the other’s eye was swollen like a lantern. They ended up at the very end of the group, and had only returned at10pm. They had actually encountered some scavenger mutated beasts and were required to use their soul power. In the end, while they had been able to preserve their lives, they had lost all of their points for today’s special training.

The worst part of it all was that their dinner was also gone.

Today’s training changed everyone’s view of Wang Zhong and Grai. It wasn’t worth mentioning Wang Zhong since his soul power was severely limited, but Grai was different. Not only was he handsome and had a gentleman’s disposition, he also had so much potential. It was said his family background was also very extraordinary. As a typical tall, handsome and rich young man, he became the focal point of the group.

Grai stayed very modest and expressed he had only followed after the footsteps of his senior, placing Wang Zhong before him.

Regardless of how one phrased it, the Prodigy Society, which had arrive on the last bus, had ruthlessly revealed their faces. Although Barran’s performance wasn’t great, he was the one doing all of the dirty and tiring work without a single complaint during this run. Everyone had seen this with their own eyes.

Unknowingly, the Prodigy Society had already obtained the approval of everyone.

These days, though All-Mouthy King wasn’t present, the OP was still as marvelous as always. Various experts had entered into their intensive training state one after another, and a few had even begun to train their combat techniques through real battle practice. With such a great increase in quality, the number of people spectating the matches had also grown. After all, watching a match between experts could bring a person a great deal of enlightenment.

“Ao Guang has arrived, those interested should hurry up and watch!”

“Thunderbolt Beast King? I haven’t seen him for over a month!”

“What day is it today! Laura is also queuing up for a random!”

“I’m very confused now, should I watch the Ball God or Beast King?”

“Fuck, what is there to be confused about? One should naturally go and watch balls! When you watch, you’ll be able to see the various shapes of the balls from all 365° angles. It’ll be fine if you just slowly watch Beast King’s recording afterward.”

“The one above, thank you for you in depth explanation! Thank you for your guidance!”

Due to the CHF Great Competition’s approaching date, the various academies were all organising group training camps. Those students of the elite division in the OP, however, had to fight a match every month. If not, the system would lower their accumulated score. In this aspect, those academies would naturally cooperate and allow for either matchmaking or challenge matches. These few students were truly a part of the privileged.

Laura was currently waiting for the system to match her up with an opponent. It had been quite a while since All-Mouthy King had shown up, be it to watch a match or fight, which was a bit abnormal. While training in real life was fine and all, simply comparing notes would not allow one to go all out. After all, it was not truly a life or death situation. On this aspect, the OP made up for this lacking point. Thus, having three or four matches a month was necessary.

“Arnold, I previously had you search for All-Mouthy King’s origins. Any results?”

“Captain, that guy used no proper name or surname at all. He also used the system’s default poker face. How can I search!?” Arnold had a bitter smile on his face. “Furthermore, he doesn’t have any friends. There’s not a lead that I can use for my investigation. Unless the Federation intervenes, I simply don’t have the ability to do anything.”

Laura felt that what he said was reasonable and thought for a while before suddenly saying, “Then why don’t you add him as a friend in order to communicate directly with him?”

“Honestly, even if I try to add him, I’d still have to wait for him to accept,” Arnold Teuton grieved. “Other than accepting that challenge from Anlor, this fellow simply ignores everything else. He’s a guy who wouldn’t even give his name even if he saw a ghost.”

“Arnold, don’t pull me into this!” Anlor exclaimed, eyes wide open. “Captain, Little Arnie has been getting more and more lazy. He can’t even be relied upon to complete simple tasks! I don’t know about your temper, but for me, I definitely can’t bear with it!”

“Anlor, are you looking for a fight? Let’s fight then!”

“Go somewhere else and argue,” Laura said as she straightened out her hair. “It’ll be better if I added him myself!”

The two had assumed that they would be able to get away scot-free with their act. However, upon hearing what Laura had said, they immediately stopped their tracks as they hastily said, “There’s no need for that, Captain. Girls can’t take the initiative!

“Captain, why are you personally getting involved in this matter with that shameless person? You must be more reserved!

“Since this fellow hides his identity to such an extent, he’s definitely ugly. Even if he isn’t old, he probably shouldn’t be seen. He most probably have jug ears, a brandy nose, cross eyes, or a mouth like a ferocious beast. Fuck, boss, I feel that it’s better for you to not inquire about it. Retaining his mysteriousness will be much better!”

Arnold Teuton had patiently and systematically guided Laura way from that train of thought. He felt that her interest in All-Mouthy King would only last for a while. After getting through this period of time, she’ll be back to normal.
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    《Battle Frenzy》