Battle Frenzy
87 Chapter 87 – A Great Mishap
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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87 Chapter 87 – A Great Mishap

Chapter 87 – A Great Mishap

“You guys don’t understand. Not mentioning whether he is handsome, a person who possesses such eyes definitely has extraordinary masculinity!” said Laura. She held some slight yearning to discover who he was. It could be said that his mysteriousness made him more tempting. It awakened a woman’s curiosity.

“Captain, look at my eyes! There are many stories in them!” Arnold Teuton exclaimed as he widened his eyes. “Take a look at these lashes; see how long and curly they are. Look at my double eyelids, see how deep and distinct they are! These eyes are filled to the brim with stories. Give me a chance and they won’t finish telling their stories even after three days and nights!”

“Please, their grade is too low!” Anlor said. He opened his own eyes until they were as large as a bronze bell. “Look at my gaze, it can even glare a tiger to death! Only I am a true man!”

Laura couldn’t help but laugh. “Therefore, one of you is suited to swindle little girls while the other can only be a butcher. How can you guys compare to my man? Don’t waste your breath.”

Th, this… just then, she had only been interested in him, but now he actually got promoted to becoming ‘her man’!?

The instantaneous injuries they suffered from this were off the charts.

Two clear trails of tears sparkled as they flowed from Arnold Teuton and Anlor.

We have always wholeheartedly devoted our hearts to you and have sacrificed ourselves endlessly for you! Say anymore and we’ll just keep crying!

“Oh? An opponent has appeared, and it’s an old friend.”

Laura smiled faintly as she appeared in the arena in the next second. It was the common arena.

It had been a long time since the OP system was as lively as it was today.

There were absolutely no lack of ball fans when the Ball Queen was present. There was already a huge mass of passionate fans in the viewing gallery, and quite of few of them were drooling.

Between the North and South Great Ball Queens, Sharmie was the more imposing of the two and simple gave off a feeling of drowning others. For Laura, she won in terms of shape, possessing a form that gave a sense of completeness and absolute elasticity!

“Our Ball Goddess has arrived!”

“Those arced balls have reappeared in this world! They will obtain victory to the peak of the elite!

“What do you know about balls? Those are coconut balls, you know!”

“Banana balls!”

“You guys are too filthy and despicable!

The viewing gallery was about to fly off to the skies.

Within the arena, Laura selected ‘empty-handed’. Members of the Potter clan never used any weapons.

This was an ancient tradition.

During the dark age, shortages of weapons and hindrances soul power conduction faced forced most people to use their bare hands to fight. The Potter clan rose to glory during this period by fighting with their bare hands. They utilized powerful limb and body movements as their natural human survival instincts kicked in. Particular attention was paid to higher level integration of a strong mind and body.

Under the circumstances of rejecting the use of weapons, the Potter clan became one of the strongest factions in the world. Although this was now the era where various rune and hot weapons ran amok, they continued their determination to use only bare-handed combat and never once wavered from it.

The development of rune weapons and the birth of various kinds of heroic soul factions made bare-handed combat redundant, such that it no longer possessed the ruling position it held so long ago. Yet, as the top faction of the melee school of combat, the Potter clan has yet to withdraw from the mainstream ranks due to their high degree of unity between mind and body.

This kind of approach to fighting, however, required time and experience. Laura had become famous through her innate soul beast, but it had to be said that one’s bloodline was very important. A strong foundation, coupled with generations of inheritances, gives clan disciples a greater chance of achieving victory and staying at the forefront of their generation.

Laura’s red combat attire gave her a measure of sex appeal as well as a type of freshness and purity. As for the discussions of those ‘ball fans’, Laura chose to ignore them. In fact, she didn’t get sick of them as she knew of the good intentions hidden within. She even got a laugh out of them.

The members of her clan didn’t think her talent was suited for inheriting the clan’s melee skills and techniques. Instead, they were more for an auxiliary role that focused around her soul beast. Laura, however, had her own ideas and thoughts.

When Laura’s opponent appeared, the noise and voices immediately reduced by 80%.

It was actually Bounel Barton, the Shield of Austin!

Bounel was a super heavy soldier that was both brilliant and famous within the elite division. He was also the main heavy solder of Austin Academy, an old enemy of Copperfield Academy.

In the regional competition last year, the Crazy Beast Squadron led by Laura was defeated by Austin Academy, denying them the regional championship. That match had become a reference used as a classical example; while the Crazy Beast Squadron’s tactics, arrangements, execution, and other aspects were flawless, they had still lost in the end. They had lost to Austin’s Sword and Shield. The ‘Shield’ was none other than Bounel Barton, this mature, firm, and stable heavy soldier.

With Barton there, one could just forget about worrying over the defence.

Barton possessed a strong and resilient body, as well as vigorous soul power. He also grasped the most important aspects of combat techniques and defensive patterns, knowing when to advance and retreat. Only through combining all of these aspects would he be able to make his opponent feel despair. With these traits, Barton gave off a feeling of being invulnerable to others.

Bounel entered the arena wearing heavy equipment. His two-plus meter frame, chiseled upper body, bronze skin, and well-developed muscles made his body seem like it had been crafted from steel. The radiant shield in his hand was over two meters tall and one and a half meters wide. Just the weight of his shield was enough to make the other heavy soldiers ‘watch the other side’s dust and have no hope of catching up’.

“Fuck, how can it be him? How will we be able to see balls?”

“What we want to see is a battle between Ball Queens, not a fight between a man and bear!’

While Laura’s close combat standards were pretty good—being from the Potter clan and all—she held no qualifications in that area to compete against Barton. Anyone could see she was simply incapable of breaking through his defense, so much so that she probably wouldn’t dare to approach him. What kind of bullshit big match would this become? Although her soul beast was a rarely seen show, everyone still wished for the Ball Queen to jump around.

“During last year’s regional competition, this fellow was able to hold back Laura’s Explosive Bear. Of course, the main factor had been his squad mates’ presence as they helped share the burden, but that was a team match. It’s hard to say how a duel would turn out!”

Arnold Teuton’s and Anlor’s faces were black as they sat in the viewing gallery. They hadn’t paid any attention to Laura’s opponent as they had yet to completely recover from the hundreds of thousands of pain and shock they’d received.

Both competitors inside the arena were old opponents, so no other nonsense needed to be said. With a mutual nod that could be considered a sort of greeting, they quickly assumed their combat stance.

The atmosphere within the arena began to cool as Laura stood on the tip of her toes. In the next instant, she shot forward as if springs had been installed in her feet.

Match Start!

“Oh? She actually isn’t using her soul beast?”

When they noticed the absence of her soul beast, everyone gawked. It was basic knowledge to summon one’s soul beast at the start of a battle if it was strong. By allowing the soul beast to fight when one’s soul power and physical strength was at its most abundant, it could coordinate with the summoner’s assistance and provide a force equivalent to two attackers on one foe. Yet, Laura…


A stream of air blasted out as Laura and Bounel started to fight in close quarters. Fierce and violent soul power poured from both sides and instantly exploded upon collision. Their battle began amidst a flash of lights and sparks.

Flames wrapped around Laura’s two hands. These kinds of flames were different from Sharmie’s. With a dark-blue colour, the influence of her soul beast was obvious. When she brandished her fists, the resulting streams of fire became true fire snakes that danced through the air.

It was extraordinarily tyrannical. This kind of talented ability user not only had a robust soul power, but also a lethal damage attribute that was very strong.


An unquantifiable amount of flames danced violently across the stage as blow after blow shattered through the air toward Barton.
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    《Battle Frenzy》