Battle Frenzy
89 Chapter 89 – Tyranny of the Bear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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89 Chapter 89 – Tyranny of the Bear

Chapter 89 – Tyranny of the Bear

Why should I go and look at Anlor and Arnold’s expressions, those two blockheads? Doing so will just lower myself to their standards!

Currently, Laura seemed to have exhausted all of her abilities and was forced into a corner.

Barton’s eyes flashed with a fierce light.

Is there a problem with her soul beast?

That wasn’t important!

As a heavy soldier with an abundance of experience, he would never underestimate his opponent. In fact, even if Laura were to summon her soul beast, it wouldn’t be of any use. He had his own methods of dealing with it; after all, it wasn’t even as agile as a soldier. Barton only needed to restrict its movements and he didn’t need to destroy it. So long as he defeated Laura, the soul beast would dissipate.

Honestly, he had never believed a soul beast could be relied upon!

After blocking Laura’s Flame Void Fist, Barton suddenly thrust his incredibly heavy shield forward. The ferocious impact caused Laura to directly fly back, separating the two.

Risking one’s life to fight a heavy soldier was the stupidest thing to do!

An incomparably brilliant golden glow sudden encapsulated Bounel Barton’s body!

Austin Corps Charge!

Bounel Barton’s body seemed to have turned into a guided missile as he shot forward. Everyone who saw this held their breaths. They knew that if they were struck by this move, it would be no different from colliding with a high-speed train!

This was just a single attack of a heavy soldier. It was the most simple and direct attack, and yet extremely fatal.

As she was knocked away, Laura didn’t have the strength to counter attack. Yet, at this instant, she showed a faint smile.

It seems that my Flame Void Fist isn’t mature enough…

But who obtains victory was another matter.


The heavens fell, the earth shattered!

Soul rending roars and explosions filled everyone’s senses, leaving behind a sense of deja vu.

The tyrannical Shield of Austin that could make anyone sigh with admiration was blasted away like a piece of paper with his shield.

A four to five meter tall Explosive Flame Bear bared its fangs and waved its claws around before beating its chest. It looked in all directions to locate its enemy, but its foe had already fallen.

In that moment, Laura gently descended to the floor and beckoned with a hand. The imposing and tyrannical Explosive Bear immediately acted like a little dog without any shame as it bowed its head and crawled toward Laura’s feet.

Laura gently rubbed the Explosive Bear’s head. It closed its eyes in pleasure as it enjoyed the gesture a lot, rubbing its nose against her pants.

The entire viewing gallery turned completely silent. What was that move?

Such a terrifying heavy soldier had actually been defeated in a split second?

Was this Laura’s lethal hidden card?

The thing that tore apart Barton hadn’t been the Explosive Bear as it didn’t take action. What tore him apart was the energy that exploded forth when she summoned the Explosive Bear from the hyperdimension to this world, along with the force from the impact of the bear’s instant appearance.

As long as it hit, it would be an insta-kill!

It could be said to be a godlike skill!

The entire viewing gallery was instantly fired up! This was a goddess’ strength. She was attractive, had talent, was hardworking, and her most terrifying skill was her perception! She simply didn’t give her opponent a way out!

How did she manage to think up such a bold and imaginative combat technique!?

While everyone was focused on the soul beast itself, Laura thought of things from a different angle and had utilized the explosive energy produced the instant the Explosive Flame Bear arrived from the hyperdimension.

Fuck, so long as she possesses this kind of move, any close combatant would have to take a detour to avoid her.

“Oh god, please let me become that bear!

“So it seems the one who is most lucky in the world is that a bear!”

“Goddess, do you need a human shaped dog!”

Yet, even when faced with such a peak level combat technique, the discussions quickly became corrupt.

This battle of attrition only made Laura appear more sexy and alluring. The beautiful lady and her wild beast standing together in the arena gave off an otherworldly feeling of unruliness.

Arnold and Anlor’s expression didn’t melt into happiness. This was a terrifying technique developed from their blood and tears. What was more frightening was that the captain had came up with many ideas, with a new one springing up every few days. Just thinking about this was enough to scare people.

For a bear to beat them in tasting the goods, who could have known this? Ahhh…

Wang Zhong and the rest had assumed Grace would teach them some actual combat techniques and impart some experiences. Instead, all they had underwent was an entire month of physical training. Every day they would face Big Crazy and Second Crazy while Grace didn’t show her face even once.

After half a month of intense training, everyone had adapted to such repetitive physical workouts. Even Emily became able to complete these tasks with ease. Yet, what everyone really wished for was for Grace to personally teach them combat techniques. It was a pity that the both brothers, Markis and Markos, didn’t take any action. They seemed intent on continuing the dry and dull training till the end.

Those of the soldier department were beginning to falter. They loved to fight and hated this kind of tedious and dreary training the most. Contrary to them, Barran found pleasure in all this. He really needed this kind of atmosphere in order to strengthen his control over his body. Other than the group training, so long as he had strength left, he would continue smashing against the wall. This deepened everyone’s impression of him.

No one could have imagined that the group training would halt after a month as the demoness had given them all a day off. In fact, their first response was to see if this was a ploy. There was definitely a plot involved.

Only after they had boarded the vehicle and reached the academy did they feel that the nightmare had stopped temporarily.

Grace left them with one message: The first month is the easiest. What follows after would be the group training, so everyone should think carefully about that.

The four members of the Prodigy Society didn’t think about this too much. Wang Zhong and Barran treated this group training as another opportunity for them to metamorphosize. Emily was a person who was easily fueled by motivation and naturally wasn’t one to lag behind. This lass’ ego burst into full effect. Since everyone else could do it, she would definitely work harder to achieve it!

For Grai, he didn’t seem to care as he followed the group and did whatever Wang Zhong and the rest did. With his strength, this level of training couldn’t be considered a challenge. While he was a freshman, strength was the strongest justification and everyone knew Grai being chosen was a foregone conclusion.

Only a person who had experienced the outside would understand how beautiful and nice it was within the city.

Ma Dong stared dumbfounded at the four before him. “How long has it been since you all last ate a full meal? Emily, slow down and chew your food properly!”

The four devoured their food ravenously, with Grai being slightly more graceful. As for the other three, they had completely did not care for their appearance.

“Elder cousin, you should really come and participate in it for a bit. It will be of extraordinary influence to your later attitude in life,” Emily said in a vague and unclear manner.

Ma Dong examined the four in front of him. There were scars running across Emily’s body. To girls who loved looking beautiful, having scars would be akin to losing their lives, but it was clear that Emily didn’t care for such small things. Wang Zhong and Grai still looked decent enough. On the other hand, Barran… maybe there hadn’t been any changes—separated as they were for a month, Ma Dong was not completely certain—but Barran looked like a refugee.

Ma Dong couldn’t suppress his curiosity as he wanted to know how they had lived for the past month. When they started to recount their experiences, Ma Dong simply put down his chopsticks. This… he couldn’t fucking eat anymore.

The heavens have truly blessed him. He felt that his cleverness knows no bounds, as. he had long knew that Grace was no benevolent person. As a soldier of the frontlines, headmaster Green had went through extreme lengths to call Grace back from the battlefield. It was plain to see that Grace is not here to fool around. Yet, he still couldn’t have imagined that this demoness would be so savage.
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