Battle Frenzy
91 Chapter 91 – Assassin Clans
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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91 Chapter 91 – Assassin Clans

Chapter 91 – Assassin Clans

Laura and Sharmie didn’t have any communications between them and weren’t considered friends. They weren’t even that familiar with each other. Deep down, the two were intelligent women and came to a tacit understanding with the other; they would each be their counterpart’s whetting stone. Competing like this would allow them both to constantly improve, and both sides were clear that neither would give way to the other and break this tenuous connection. In fact, this competition had given both of them their current achievements.

All-Mouthy King was the only odd point of the understanding between them, but because of his short disappearance they were able to slightly adapt around it. They both naturally felt curiosity over him, especially for Laura. Although the scandal surrounding them had died down, she herself clearly understood her own heart. The current urge she felt was real.

It was still slightly difficult to find an opponent for All-Mouthy King. One point could be confirmed, however, and it was that with his consecutive victories, it wouldn’t be hard for his opponent to come from the elite division.

Finally, his opponent appeared.

This was a name that silence everyone in the viewing gallery.

Brooks—Musical Soul Academy.

This special academy name originated from the formerly famous city of music, Bierlia. This romantic city managed to preserve its optimism and artistic culture throughout the Great Catastrophe, resulting in its heroic soul academy being named Musical Soul Academy.

Yet, what made Bierlia famous wasn’t its music. After all, entertainment wasn’t something that was directly related to combat. No, Bierlia was also a famous power in the western region with an astonishing combat record. From a certain angle, it could be said that the heavens showed much care for this city. It had an artistic culture that could stimulate the spirits of humans, and this led to a fusion with astonishing lethality in combat..

Brooks was the most famous assassin clan in the western region. It was said they were in constant struggle against the Assassin clan. Number one in culture and number two in martial aspects, their soldiers were at the very top.

Ying Ren Brooks. He was the main assassin of Musical Soul Academy, a second year, and had already achieved fame during a match at the regional competitions. Brooks had used the OP system for five years already. Clan children usually had relatively early access to the OP system and were full of fighting experience. The most terrible were the assassin type soldiers.

Musical Soul Academy had been ambitiously preparing to make a great killing during this CHF. For this, they had prepared quite the sizable strength.

With the appearance of such an opponent, the students in the viewing gallery were instantly whipped up into a frenzy.

The previous match had been against Lei Bing, who was just a newly promoted elite… It was said Lei Bing fought another match afterward and consequently lost, resulting in him dropping to the hero division. He vanished after that, reportedly having gone into isolated training.

This kind of indeterminate behaviour definitely wouldn’t appear on Ying Ren.

This would be the first time All-Mouthy King truly faced a test from someone at the top. He would be going up against a soldier with an abundance of experience in all angles, a true expert of the elite division. Who All-Mouthy King was exactly would be shown in this upcoming match.

An expert going up against a lower stage rookie would open up a lot of choices. Usually there wouldn’t be much of a difference between using ranged combat or close combat as the main focus was on the aspects of soul power and techniques. When entering the elite division, however, if one doesn’t come with proper combat techniques from their true occupation, then, to be frank, they would hanged alive.

This was common knowledge for all. As such, All-Mouthy King’s actual occupation would be disclosed in this match!

“Ca ca ca. It’s finally starting! Why am I, your father, shivering?”

“What’s the use of being anxious? Brother King is tru, truly a great g, god an, and you waiting retards will never understand the king’s heart!”

“Fuck, can’t you not stutter when speaking? Composure, composure!”

The majority of All-Mouthy King’s supporters were from the cannon fodder division and were getting both excited and nervous. Shadow Edge was a genuine and famous expert. Couple with the fact that All-Mouthy King had been gone for so long, would he be able to handle this match?

An exploding trend had begun within the discussion forums before the match had even started.

Deciphering—Reasons behind All-Mouthy King’s One Month Disappearance.

According to match regulations used by the OP, it would take the results from the most recent month as the deciding factor behind its matchmaking, while the other older results were used as an auxiliary. All-Mouthy King’s little scheme had already been seen through; he assumed he would get matched against a slightly weaker opponent.

Without mentioning the other various explanations that were thought of in the past, this point of view quickly garnered support from many people. Unknowingly, the people watching this match increased. The number of viewers had already broke 8,000 as there were quite a few who came with a curious heart. They wanted to watch this farce crumble apart.

Other than those watching from the viewing gallery, the number of people observing through their skylinks increased even more.

Wang Zhong didn’t care about this point. Both sides started to choose their weapons.

Ying Ren Brooks was expressionless as he chose his weapons, a knife set. The Brooks clan were experts in the use of rune daggers, but the daggers used by their clan was unique. They were sharper and slender and handleless and came in sets of ten. Within the OP system, such a thing was classified as a knife set. This was the weapon used only by members of the Brutus clan. Although many others tried to use them, on the whole it would already be good if they didn’t hack one themselves to death.

There were various aspects associated with the assassin occupation. Speed, being nimble, and knowing when to take risks. The type of weapon used was also an aspect of the occupation. To be honest, the Brooks clan looked down quite a bit on the Assassin clan. To them, the traditional kind of assassin wasn’t really ‘stimulating’ enough, making them unworthy of the nickname Blade Dancers.

Ten special daggers hung on a distinctive belt wrapped around his waist. Everyone’s gaze then crowded on All-Mouthy King’s side.

Yet… All-Mouthy King once again silenced every single one of the over eight thousand viewing gallery watchers and ten thousand skylink broadcast watchers.

He had… actually stuck to random weapons!

This made those various discussions before the match look foolish and lacking. Wasn’t it agreed he was using a loophole in the rules and regulations. Wasn’t it agreed he had already exhausted all of his limited abilities? Wasn’t it agreed he would be beaten back to his original place?

This was the ‘Elite Division’!

Throughout the entire elite division, there was no second!

Could he truly be a mysterious expert?

“This is just finding an excuse for losing!”

“A hundred out of a hundred, this is his last match!”

In but a few seconds, a group of people reacted as if they had found some sort of explanation, which made them get even more worked up.

Brooks still maintained his expressionless face. He had never heard of this opponent of his, nor did he care about fantasies or fluttery ideals. Yet, this was still the first time he saw someone select random weapons, which made his eyes turn somber and desolate.

Any infringement on the honour of the Brooks clan could not be tolerated

Wang Zhong simply didn’t put much thought into this. His weapon turned out to be the most basic rune sword. The battlefield was the most ordinary arena, and both soldiers stepped onto it.

As the two looked at one another, Wang Zhong felt something different from his opponent’s initial glance… killing intent.

This wasn’t a gaze ordinary soldiers at the academy possessed. It was a look that was both calm and resolute, something only possessed by those who had killed before.

In the Federation, there were a few clans who would choose a few cruel practice methods from the dark times in order to teach their members. To them, only those who survived a tempering of fire and blood were deemed worthy of being called soldiers.

Brooks’ gaze swept across Wang Zhong, seemingly taking everything in at once. He had experienced enough people to know something from their appearance and eyes. This wasn’t him thinking himself infallible. Once a person had gone through countless experiences, they would be able to understand an opponent’s thoughts and ideas with just a look. This kind of control and understanding placed one on the suppressing side.

This All-Mouthy King before him, however, didn’t seem very stable. He looked… very soft and tender, but there was also some insight into his true disposition, which gave off a feeling of being sly and condoling.
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