Battle Frenzy
92 Chapter 92 – Unable to Persist for More Than Ten Seconds
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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92 Chapter 92 – Unable to Persist for More Than Ten Seconds

Chapter 92 – Unable to Persist for More Than Ten Seconds

Two blades appeared between Brooks’ fingers. Thing as a cicada’s wings, the hiltless blade twirled nimbly around his fingers, instantly dazzling the eyes of a large portion of viewers.

Knife set blades were the absolute most difficult daggers in the world to play with and were classified as creations of the Brooks clan. A few people would try to learn how to use this weapon, but after trying it out they ended up with various kinds of injuries and self-mutilations. Some even ended up with their fingers cut off.

The Brooks clan had a set of training methods secretly passed on that taught one how to use the knife set. This was obviously the clan’s absolute secret and wasn’t transmitted to outsiders.

Emily also didn’t imagine she’d be able to see All-Mouthy King’s battle the first week they paused their training. She was the most ‘senior’ of All-Mouthy King fans.

The combat styles of the two great assassin aristocratic clans were different. Ever since their establishment till today, they had yet to properly distinguish the ranking between them. Yet, in the most recent couple of years, the reputation of young Ying Ren was very large and completely suppressed that of the Assassin clan’s younger generation.

People like Emily and Ma Dong were often encouraged and spurred on by the family leader who used Ying Ren as an example. For the current Assassin clan young generation, they felt a terrible headache whenever his name appeared.

To a layman, the knife flashing around Brooks’ fingers only looked fancy in order to capture people’s attentions. Emily, however, clearly saw that it wasn’t just his fingers controlling the sharp edges of the two knives, but also a faint and indistinct wisp of soul power that enveloped them, allowing them to dance between the gaps of his appendages. He didn’t even seem to be deliberately controlling them, as if this dance of blades were a kind of natural instinct for him.

Only a truly outstanding assassin understood the talent and focus associated with playing with these handleless knives to the point where controlling them with soul power became a natural habit. These knives truly became a part of the body.

Whoosh… with a light ring, the two blades flew through the air.

Two knives versus a rune sword!

Ding, ding, ding…

A series of resounding rings rang out as Brooks’ blades moved so fast they couldn’t be seen while All-Mouthy King’s rune sword danced around, creating a complete ring of defence.

With a crash, the two staggered back from each other. Brooks wrinkled his brow faintly. He thought he’d run into a monster, but didn’t expect the guy to think himself infallible.


A few wounds appeared on All-Mouthy King’s face and wrists. Brooks had only been testing his opponent’s strength. While his opponent seem slightly insightful at close-range, the rune sword was too long which resulted in a slowly speed. This simply wasn’t enough to completely block his knife set.

Perhaps his opponent had some kind of special ability.

He didn’t stop. After a pause, he turned and launched his attacks once more. The cold glint of those sharp blades flashed through the air at angles impossible to predict. With a complex body technique, his hands gently patted his waist. When they were once again raised in All-Mouthy King’s direction, the two cold, sharp glints became four.

These blades were like elites as they left Brooks’ fingers. Four cold edges flipped through the air with dazzling arcs. Each chilling blade had its own trajectory as they made a combined assault at All-Mouthy King.

It gave others a feeling as though four, not one, person was moving those blades!

It had already been a headache dealing with two of them, and suddenly there were four. This was like blotting out the sky with the shade of these blades. One’s eye would be dazzled just looking at them, nevermind finding out a way to defend against them.

Wang Zhong instantly felt the pressure double. He was able to read his opponent’s attack path, this wasn’t a problem. The big problem, however, was that the speed of the blades he faced was simply too fast. Adding in the unique traits of the weapons, and it could be said that Brooks was able to display this flowing chained attack to its pinnacle.

No matter how fast the rune sword was, it would never reach the speed of Wang Zhong’s opponent. He could only retreat constantly and hope to create some distance, yet this was all just a vain attempt.

Sheng, sheng, sheng… Fresh blood splattered everywhere.

The whole viewing gallery was extremely quiet as the bubble containing their hopes burst. They’d all assumed All-Mouthy King would be as strong as usual and demonstrate his mysterious and entrancing strength. Yet it was very clear that All-Mouthy King wasn’t able to keep up with Brooks’ rhythm. Regardless of movement or attack speed, Brooks was on a completely different level to his opponent.

Ding, ding, ding, ding…

In the blink of an eye, the two had crossed blades a number of times. In each exchange, the chilling flash of those bared blades left a wound on All-Mouthy King’s body. It was only due to his pretty good ability of keeping his distance and tight control over his body that All-Mouthy King managed to avoid a critical injury. But how long could he persevere in this situation?

Laura felt somewhat nervous. She could clearly see the general situation and knew that All-Mouthy King’s judgement was extremely accurate and spot on. The dazzling flash of his rune sword’s blade was able to grasp the path of the knife set, but it wasn’t able to keep up with their speed. Brooks was a wind ability user, so his attack speed was at a level ordinary people couldn’t reach. Even in his elite division matches, anyone who met Brooks definitely wouldn’t let him get close.

After crossing blades for a period of time, a dozen more wounds appeared on All-Mouthy King’s body. It made him a ghastly sight to behold.

Brooks began to feel his opponent was indeed slightly interesting since he was able to avoid critical injuries time after time. He was even able to judge and anticipate potentially fatal attacks and use the fewest actions to evade it. Yet, these meagre actions simply wasn’t good enough for Brooks. He was currently waiting for his opponent’s killing move. Since he was able to match up against him in the elite division, he definitely had some skill.

To experts of his level, combat wasn’t solely for the sake of victory. They also used combat to absorb knowledge and experience from their opponents.

Brooks’ speed grew faster and faster, and the air began to form streams of wind that coiled around his body. This was his special ability, and when it was assimilated into his combat technique, his opponent wouldn’t be able to keep up with him at all. In the entire elite division, the number of people who could keep up with his speed could be counted on one hand.

Speed was the lifeline of an assassin.


Brooks suddenly dashed forward and rushed straight at All-Mouthy King. When he reached him, the two knives in his left hand suddenly dissipated into shadows… a feint!

In an instant, his right hand moved and two blades were swung out at All-Mouthy King’s head, the entire arm becoming a blur.

Wang Zhong leaned back instantly. As that ray of light flashed past, another gash opened up along his lower jaw.


Brooks took a step forward as All-Mouthy King staggered back in retreat.

Not giving chase, Brooks looked toward All-Mouthy King. “How are you qualified to match up against me? I will give you one final opportunity.”

It seemed his opponent wanted to keep trying to absorb his skills and techniques. This All-Mouthy King really is indulging in fantasies. If I didn’t want to experience his killing move, then he would have died countless times already.

Complete suppression without the slightest leeway given. Even with all the martial arts beneath the heavens, only speed could never be broken!

Regardless of whether it were those in the viewing gallery or those watching on their skylink, they could all clearly see that Brooks’ actions weren’t numerous. It seems All-Mouthy King was playing with something too big now.

Emily was already slick with cold sweat. She could see with extreme clarity how fast Brooks’ blade speed was when compared to hers. It was faster by more than a fold. What was extremely frightening was that he was a wind ability user. Coupled with the knife set, an already rapid offensive weapon, and he was simply unbeatable.

She felt she probably wouldn’t even be able to persist for more than ten seconds if she were in All-Mouthy King’s shoes.
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