Battle Frenzy
93 Chapter 93 – Six Blade Stream
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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93 Chapter 93 – Six Blade Stream

Chapter 93 – Six Blade Stream

How can he be so strong? He looked at the knives twirling around his opponent’s fingertips as though they were a part of his body. When Wang Zhong thought about his own mastery of daggers, he knew this wasn’t a difference in talent but in the effort put into it.

Wang Zhong smiled as he cleaned off the blood on his face. He originally wanted to wait until his body got used to his opponent’s speed, but it seemed his opponent was slightly impatient.

Wang Zhong raised his rune sword. Condensing his soul power, he formed a hand blade and suddenly chopped down on the rune sword.


The rune sword broke with a single sound…

Everyone watching turned silent, and the originally impatient eyes of Brooks turned serious.

That hand blade hadn’t been a single strike, but rather, his opponent’s palm had cut down on a single spot many times in an instant. This was a high-frequency attack.

Wang Zhong pinched and held onto the broken blade with the fingertips of his left hand while his right hand grasped the handle of the rune sword. The size of both parts of the blade was more or less equal.

Everyone stared at All-Mouthy King with eyes wide open. His anti-fans in the cannon fodder division also instantly surged up.

What was Brother King doing?

Destroying his own weapon, was this just acting shamelessly and making an unreasonable scene like a three-year-old after they lost? Was he throwing a tantrum? Admitting defeat?

“Hahaha. Brother King is angry, this will definitely be on the headlines!”

“I, your father, has seen those who cry after being beaten, but I truly haven’t seen anyone who acts so shamelessly he would destroy his own weapon.”

“What’s going on inside Brother King’s brain is indeed something us ordinary guys can’t get!

“Being a loyal fan, brother’s performance is painful!”

“A tune about throwing a tantrum, he broke his knife and fled the world!”

“That’s a good poem! That’s a good poem!”

Roars of laughter filled the viewing gallery. Even those die-hard fans were unable to find any way of getting back their morale. Brother King is really too bitchy, he even has such a temper when losing!

Yet, people like Emily and Laura knew this was All-Mouthy King’s only method. The rune sword was too long, and in close combat it wouldn’t be able to match up against the speed of the knife set. This was the most deadly point for him. Perhaps, with this method… but was this really the method?

There was no doubt that Brooks was a leading figure amongst the new generation assassins. His Knife Set Four Blade Streams had already reached perfection. When faced with the majority of people in the academies, it was indeed an insurmountable tall mountain.

Only a small minority of people watching the match knew the true fight was just starting.

The arena’s atmosphere turned serious all of a sudden. Intense killing qi began to unknowingly permeate the air.

When Brooks saw the excited fighting intent in his opponent’s eyes, he felt it was a bit strange. This kind of excitement, however, had begun to rub off on him.

This time, it was Wang Zhong who moved first. Since the beginning of the match he had been the one who was taking a beating. It was time for his counterattack.

A broken sword was lighter and shorter. It instantly allowed Wang Zhong to increase his nimbleness by more than a fold. In addition, his left hand was actually gripping the other section of the broken blade. Was he mimicking Brooks!?


He suddenly dashed forward. Was All-Mouthy King really going to attack Brooks with that broken blade!?

Was this a dream?

The problem was his speed. While he wasn’t as fast as Brooks, he wasn’t slow due to that explosive dash.

Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang…

Those two broken blades surrounded Brooks with berserk slashes. They actually turned into blade shades that covered the sky…

Brooks naturally didn’t defend, but attacked!

Four blades received the oncoming strikes. The two fighters made various evasive maneuvers with twists and turns. Their six weapons continuously collided with each other. As their soul power rumbled out, countless sparks were emitted from their exchange.

Sheng, sheng, sheng…

Little splashes of red flew out as the two pulled apart simultaneously.

There were five more gashes on All-Mouthy King’s body, but… there was actually a wound on Brooks’ face… no, two wounds. There was another cut along his wrist…

Wang Zhong’s broken sword blade were constantly dancing and twisting around the fingers of his left hand. He was performing similar actions to what Brooks had been previously doing. This bastard…

What the hell was this?

The blades of the knife set were crafted meticulously by a master and the ergonomics behind it allowed for this kind of action to be done. Yet, a broken sword could actually be used for the same kind of action!?

What exactly was All-Mouthy King’s main occupation?

Offensive soldier? Ranged soldier? Assassin?

The entire viewing gallery turned silent once more. Those anti-fans instantly shut their mouths. They celebrated too early and forgot about All-Mouthy King’s constant trait.

Titled the fastest blade in the elite division and the pride of the Brooks clan, this leading figure of the new generation assassins had actually had his face cut by someone during an exchange between short ranged weapons!

Brooks cleaned away the blood on his face. While his gaze was still as calm as a zombie’s, a tinge of excitement began to blossom within his eyes.


That’s right, he’s actually mimicking me! Looks like this guy is a member of an assassin clan. This is too interesting!

“This fellow seems to be getting faster and faster,” mumbled Arnold Teuton. He felt his brain had become useless. He had seen people with a talent in soul power, those with talents in special abilities, but he had never seen anyone with such heaven-defying techniques.

Any other soldier would have to spend a few years to over a century in order to master any occupational skill or technique. How could there be such a person like this!?

“His strength has increased. I feel I won’t be able to last even a minute if I were to cross hands with him now,” Anlor said with his mouth wide open. These were techniques he simply couldn’t block.

Laura’s eyes sparkled with joy. This was my man. Injuries are a man’s achievement. Just look at those eyes and burning gaze. He’s too sexy!

Anlor and Arnold glanced at one another and saw sorrow in the other’s gaze. No, no! We can’t submit to fate!

“Brooks, kill him for the glory of assassins!”

“Everything can be endured, but this absolutely cannot be endured!”

“Yes, he is just a dabbler! Those who dare to compete with your blade speed is asking for death!”

Laura didn’t bother with Arnold and Anlor since she believed All-Mouthy King definitely had a plan.

The knife set used by members of the Brooks clan always carried ten blades. This didn’t mean they would all be used, however. More weapons didn’t equate to being better as it required ability in order to use them to dominate the opponent. If one lacked the ability, then it would only be a burden.

Right now, an extra blade appeared in both of Brooks’ hands.

“Six Blade Stream! Fuck, he wants to use Six Blade Stream!” When they saw his actions, the audience was immediately roused and fired up.

Any ordinary person who could control two of these dangerous weapons would already be considered pretty good. Above dual blades was the use of four blades when launching a simultaneous strike. This was named Four Blade Stream. Above that was the Six Blade Stream, Eight Blade Stream, and the legendary Knife Set Ten Blade Stream. This, however, was something no one in the younger generation ever heard of before.

For the vast majority of the younger generation, including those of the Brooks clan, it was already very outstanding if they were to master Four Blade Stream before casting their heroic soul. Yet, if it were Six Blade Stream… this should be the result of the improvements made through Brooks’ training.

The number of youths stimulated by this year’s CHF Great Competition really wasn’t just one or two. Any soldier with goals or arrogance would never let go of this chance to attain glory and be recorded down in mankind’s grand history.

“You’re the first opponent to face my Six Blade Stream,” Brooks said in a very soft voice. He stared at the knives in his hand like they were his lover.

Six cold flashes danced around Brooks’ fingers as the revolving blades looked like six resplendent white lotuses blossoming on his hands. They twinkled with an eye-dazzling, soul-stirring light.

Everyone in the audience erupted with excitement.

“Six Blade Stream! Six Blade Stream! Six Blade Stream!”
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    《Battle Frenzy》