Battle Frenzy
94 Chapter 94 – Hurricane Eight Blade Stream
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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94 Chapter 94 – Hurricane Eight Blade Stream

Chapter 94 – Hurricane Eight Blade Stream

“Brother King is formidable enough to experience the Six Blade Stream! Even if he lost, there will be glory to it!”

“This is the first time the Knife Set Six Blade Stream appeared in OP. Beating little friend King, everyone come and watch!”

Not only was the audience excited, even the discussion forum blew up into a mess. Those who had fast hands sent out invitations throughout the forum.

Six Blade Stream’s reputation was too big, the number of interested people being numerous. Its ability to rally supporters was stronger than All-Mouthy King. To be able to see it with one’s own eyes was worth the admission fee.

The number of people watching this OP match broke the ten thousand mark.

Following his execution of Six Blade Stream, Brooks’ imposing aura completely suppressed All-Mouthy King. Even though a portion of his soul power had to be used to maintain both his special ability and his blade speed, Brooks’ useable soul power was still higher than that of All-Mouthy King’s. Once he started his ultimate move, his confidence surged to an unsurmountable level.

Not only did his knives speed up, after resorting to the Six Blade Stream the imposing aura Brooks emitted became completely different. His entire being seemed elusive and floated like a trail of smoke, momentarily appearing right before All Mouthy King.

This was the fastest blade, the fastest attack Wang Zhong had ever seen!

When such a quick blade breaks through a critical boundary, it gave off a feeling of not only consisting of one or two slashes…

Instead, what he saw were thousands of blades and tens of thousands of shadows!

Fast, fast, fast! It was too fast! It’s even faster!

It was fast to the point where it was difficult for Wang Zhong to accurately judge which blade was most lethal amongst these thousand blades and ten thousand shadows.

Sheng, sheng, sheng, sheng…

Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang…

The two crossed hands that were covered with the glow of blades, yet this time All-Mouthy King was unable to keep up with that increase in speed. Attacks from six blades was like having the ‘three heads and six arms’ ultimate move. They came at a frequency two broken blades were unable to keep up with.

With just a slip, seven to eight cuts were added to Wang Zhong’s body. One of them had even landed near an artery on his leg, nearly fatal.

Brooks was trying to calm the churning blood and soul power within his body. The consumption used for this kind of attack was very large. This opponent sure is something. He’s actually able to avoid that lethal strike I hid in that complicated flurry of attacks. Every ten attacks Brooks launched toward All-Mouthy King had one attack that aimed at his vitals.

The human body had numerous vital spots, not just the heart, eyes, or other common areas. There were many areas on the body that could endanger one’s life if struck, such as the arteries. These were one of the most vital points for humans.

But All-Mouthy King before him had actually… understood this all!

Wang Zhong was very excited. He was truly excited at having met such an interesting opponent for the very first time. This person actually knew to strike at his arteries! This was too stimulating!

After all this time, the highest amount of stimulation he felt when playing was when he was with Simba, yet this was the first time he found someone else to play with.

Wang Zhong’s current gaze excited Brooks. As a member of an assassin clan, a bloodthirsty, murderous mentality was something to be fostered. Only by possessing such a mentality would one be able to prevail over this thing called Fear. Surmounting fear of blades, fear of blood, fear of death, and fear of the unknown…

Nevertheless, why was his gaze like that…

Brooks didn’t dare to think too much about that and with a turn he promptly started his attacks once more. His opponent’s speed wasn’t equal to his own, and he wasn’t even a match in soul power. With this, he should win with just a spurt of energy!

The two continued to cross hands within the arena as cold light flashed and danced around them. Fresh blood sprayed in all directions.

Six Blade Stream was strong enough to make everyone’s hair stand.

All-Mouthy King’s speed had already reached its limit. While the defence made by those two broken sword was classic—the majority of knife strikes having been blocked by the blade—this still wasn’t enough.

Due to the new wounds continuously appearing on his body, All-Mouthy King’s face already started to pale. His arms lost their original shape as bits and pieces of his skin and flesh trembled violently from his actions. They danced with his movement, fresh blood continuously sprayed from his body like a whirlwind.

The whole ground was covered with All-Mouthy King’s blood. Even a blood bank probably wouldn’t be emptied so quickly.

Yet, he still persevered, regardless of how the overwhelming majority felt this was laughable and stupid.

The audience in the viewing gallery couldn’t bear to watch directly, and the previous clamor and noise shrunk by quite a bit.

To choose random weapons against Brooks was just asking for death. Many had been unhappy by his decision. The number of die-hard Brooks fans was absolutely higher than All-Mouthy King’s and the people who scolded him the fiercest were from this group.

Yet, even this large batch of people couldn’t curse or scold him now.

A person who could persevere to such a level during an OP match was worthy of anyone’s respect. This was the mark of a true soldier. It was a picture equivalent to slapping the faces of those who said he was escaping battle that month in order to avoid meeting stronger opponents.

How could a man with such fighting will and spirit avoid battling with the strong?

“This can’t continue on any longer. All-Mouthy King has to output even more soul power to win this,” Marco said as he accompanied Sharmie to watch the match.

Sharmie looked at All-Mouthy King who was still getting more and more injured and shook her head. “He won’t.”

Although she didn’t know his reason for doing so, All-Mouthy King seemed to have locked his soul power at 50 grassos. Was this a form of self-training?

With the entire viewing gallery silent, the only sounds that could be heard was the unending collisions between blades and swords.

Brooks’ face turned more and more grave. If he could, he wouldn’t have minded using Six Blade Stream to slowly whittle away at his opponent and have him bleed to death. The problem was that he could feel All-Mouthy King’s movements becoming faster and faster!

He was adapting! Adapting to his speed, adapting to his Six Blade Stream!

Every time the two crossed blades, All-Mouthy King’s movement got a sliver faster. In every three exchanges, the number of times Brooks landed a cut was reduced by one.

He could see the desire for victory in All-Mouthy King’s eyes. It was to the extent where he felt this was a form of enjoyment for him! This definitely wasn’t the gaze of someone on death’s door. He was actually enjoying Brooks’ quick knives!

Since the beginning, he had yet to experience a single lethal strike from his opponent. This was unbearable for an assassin. If this continued, his opponent would soon adapt to his speed, making it less possible for him to experience it.

Once this thought appeared, horror and dread erupted from within Brooks’ heart.

This couldn’t continue any longer!


Brooks took the initiative to extend the distance between him and All-Mouthy King.

The viewing gallery was still shrouded in silence as they couldn’t understand why Brooks would give up such an opportunity. In most of their eyes, it was just a matter of time before Brooks won.

Only those experts of the elite division knew All-Mouthy King was mysteriously adapting to his opponent’s speed. This created a huge pressure inside Brooks. After all, if his opponent completely adapted to his speed, he would crumble apart.

An intense light burst from Brooks’ eyes. Clenching his teeth, he patted his waist with his hands once more.

Ei, Eight Blade Stream!?

When they saw this, everyone was shocked. It was said that within the Brooks clan, only those members who had cast their heroic soul would be able to control the Eight Blade Stream.

Those from the elite division were completely dumbfounded. The consumption required for Eight Blade Stream was heaven defying. It required adequate spirit, soul power, physical abilities… it was an all-rounded set of requirements.

Everyone felt this was inconceivable and impossible. His soul power just wasn’t enough to control Eight Blade Stream!

A hurricane arose!

No one forgot Brooks’ status as a special ability user, a hurricane conjurer! But this was like what happened with Laura; people often neglected her bare-handed combat skills due to her Explosive Bear.
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    《Battle Frenzy》