Battle Frenzy
95 Chapter 95 – The Peak of Assassins
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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95 Chapter 95 – The Peak of Assassins

Chapter 95 – The Peak of Assassins

However, even though the wind special ability was a special ability that was used mostly for auxiliary support, Brooks actually used it to augment his fighting abilities to a whole new level of mastery. With his wind special ability, he could now easily control two additional knives

The two revolving knives dancing around Brook’s form was completely under the control of the wind and could be used for both ranged and close combat. Their attack range was also very large, making them difficult to guard against.

With his Six Blade Stream added to the mix… well, there was not much need to explain how terrifying Brooks had become.

“Hurricane Eight Blade Stream!”

Brooks’ eyes shone at the thought of his impending victory

This technique was the fruit of his year of hard training. He had originally thought of displaying his ability to directly manipulate the Blade Stream when fighting against certain individuals during the CHF to surprise them, thus lowering their guard. Right now, his soul power wasn’t capable of fully manipulating the blades, but he was a special ability user. Wind type special abilities were the most suitable for assassins!

This was his creation, his talent!

An instakill!

Regardless of whether it was those enjoying the atmosphere or those who felt distressed for All-Mouthy King, everyone was feeling sorry that for All-Mouthy King for facing such an opponent.

Eight Blade Stream was considered to be an instakill move. Not taking the Cast Soul stage in consideration, Eight Blade Stream was considered to be too powerful, giving rise to its label as a ‘bug’ that should not have existed in the Heroic Soul stage. Many ranged soldiers and assassins wouldn’t have a chance of escaping against this move.

Emily’s face turned pale white when she finally understood how huge the gap was between them. While she was still struggling over her choices, her clan’s opponent had already taken huge strides forward and was at a level beyond her reach.

Seeing the Eight Blade Stream had shattered Emily’s confidence. She even lost her desire to catch up to him.

Perhaps, the Assassins were truly… unable to compare with the Brooks…

Right at this moment, Brooks, who had been brimming with confidence, saw the faint smirk on that blood covered face. Is this fellow actually smiling in the face of death?

Two cold lights started to coalesce around his hands as All-Mouthy King started his hand technique.

This technique style seemed awfully familiar…

Yet, that wasn’t important as there wasn’t any attack that could match up against his Hurricane Eight Blade Stream!

The winds blew!

An exploding dash was launched!

Brooks’s new technique, Hurricane Eight Blade Stream!

Biting-cold blade shadows blotted the skies and enveloped All-Mouthy King, causing even those elite divisions members to be unable to differentiate between the attacks. There were really too many and they moved far too fast. Combined with the constant reflections of light emanating from the blades, it seemed to that match has already been decided.

Not a single sound could be heard from the viewing gallery. Everyone had held their breath as they were enraptured and frightened by Brooks’ technique.

They could imagine that once Brooks could cast his heroic soul, that famous assassin clan whose name that was already on everyone’s lips would gain a new general.

It was at this moment, however, that a brilliant radiance akin to a beautiful lotus… blossomed!


Everyone’s gaze locked on that light as an innumerable amount of knife and blade clashes could be heard. In that moment it created a shockwave so loud that even the deaf could hear.

As the light dissipated, All-Mouthy King’ form slowly emerged. It appeared that he had not even moved a single inch.

Brooks had rushed past him before standing up straight. During the encounter, the knives in his hand had unknowingly disappeared.

“What a fast blade,” he said with an incredulous expression on his face.

Sheng, sheng, sheng…

In an instant, blood gushed out from Brook’s body at multiple locations like a fountain, before he collapsed to the ground, unmoving.

Victor… All-Mouthy King!

The entire viewing gallery turned so quiet that even a pin dropping could be heard.

Ren Ying Brooks had been cut down? That super genius who managed to master Hurricane Eight Blade Stream before casting his heroic soul actually lost?

What kind of move was that? Why was it unclear?

‘What a fast blade’?

Why did Brooks actually utter such a sentence at the end?

Emily covered her mouth as the edges of her eyes unknowingly started to grow moist. She couldn’t believe what she just saw! Unlike the others who couldn’t see it, she saw everything with extreme clarity!

This wasn’t because her eyesight was better than most in the elite division. Instead, that had been a move she could even remember in her sleep.

That was the Assassin clan’s Flaming Lotus Dance!

But this wasn’t a Flaming Lotus Dance executed by her, but a true Flaming Lotus Dance. It was the most beautiful, fastest one she had ever seen.

Wang Zhong closed his eyes and thoroughly enjoyed the exhilarated feeling coursing through his body. Only with such an opponent could he continuously rouse up his memory and potential. This was truly a delightful match.

Little did Wang Zhong know how pretentious and stimulating his appearance was. It deeply pierced the hearts of young ladies like Laura and Sharmie.

All-Mouthy King left the OP and disappeared. He was like a divine dragon that showed only its head and not its tail.

The viewing gallery and discussion forum were both extremely quiet. It was as if they had already grown accustomed to waiting for an analysis from the higher ups.

Laura and the rest didn’t make a move. This match had already exceeded their realm of understanding. While it wasn’t as though they were too weak to do so, this match had been in a domain different from their own—an assassin’s domain.

Laura couldn’t have imagined that the person who gave their first analysis would actually be All-Mouthy King’s opponent, Brooks!

Obviously, Brooks wasn’t one who had an interest in analyzing battles. What he presented wasn’t the result, but a question.

“Who are you!”

The next instant, the discussion forums exploded as this great technique that defeated Brooks’ Hurricane Eight Blade Stream was actually Flaming Lotus Dance!

No one needed to mention the ongoing rivalry between the two clans. Since they were in the same line of business, it was just like what commonly occurred between other clans; disputes and conflicts became unavoidable.

For the past five years, the Brooks clan reputation had been suppressing that of the Assassin clan’s. As such, no one could have imagined someone mastering Flaming Lotus Dance to such a level.

Brooks had naturally assumed All-Mouthy King to be a member of the Assassin clan.

A slow motion analysis allowed for clear identification of this terrifying Flaming Lotus Dance combat technique.

But Brooks’ final commentary was the most lethal of all.

This hadn’t been just a simple Flaming Lotus Dance, but one that contained the Brooks clan’s Artery Severing Art!

That had been the reason why all of Brooks’ blood vessels ruptured in that final moment. It had caused over ten of his arteries simultaneously sliced apart!

This wasn’t the Assassin clan’s move, but a genuine secret technique of the Brooks clan!

With this analysis, the entire OP instantly exploded!

Those little fellows of the cannon fodder division were all scared shitless.

Assassin clan’s Flaming Lotus Dance and Brooks clan’s Artery Severing Art. These were two inheritance combat techniques from the two great assassin clans! They had actually been combined together!?

Brooks was indeed very impatient to find the true identity of All-Mouthy King. As such, he dissected every piece of information about him apart. When he saw the later comments on the forums, however, as well as the ‘crazed’ discussions of others, Brooks felt they were simply incredulous.

What? Dual gun expert?

What soldier’s Oscillating Fist?

It was simply a joke! This man was definitely an outstanding assassin, the type who stood at the absolute peak!

But when he went and took a look at All-Mouthy King’s previous combat footage, he felt truly dazed. This… definitely wasn’t possible!

Nobody could master so many professions! Humans weren’t gods!

The entire OP discussion forum sank into a deranged and frenzied state as everyone turned completely crazy.

When Emily regained her sanity after visiting the forums, the entire event was pushed uncontrollably toward higher stages.
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