Battle Frenzy
96 Chapter 96 – Let’s Go on a Date!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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96 Chapter 96 – Let’s Go on a Date!

Chapter 96 – Let’s Go on a Date!

All-Mouthy King isn’t a member of my Assassin clan. He probably comprehended the Flaming Lotus Dance on his own when he crossed blades with me. This is probably the same explanation for Artery Severing Art. He’s able to use any combat technique he sees…”

This single statement thoroughly ignited the fighting spirit of this little fellow!

“As if the Artery Severing Art is easy to imitate. Even if the combat technique was accessible for people to learn, the understanding of arteries and veins within the human body and the need for finesse and accuracy when executing it each requires at least five years of training else it would be impossible!”

“A first time learner who managed to absorb the totality of the Artery Severing Art… I can’t understand this world anymore.”

“Is All-Mouthy King really an Almighty King?”

Just as everyone gasped in admiration of this fusion Artery Severing Art, more discussions and explanations poured in like water through bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

That right hand holding onto the broken sword could be ignored. The key issue was his left hand. Purely using his fingers to wield the broken blade of the sword and, furthermore, clash against a super elite of the elite division… Moreover, he managed to block the majority of attacks without it falling from his hand. How terrifying a grip strength did this require?

Only an assassin or ranged soldier had such a level of skill with their fingers. Could he be an assassin? Or a ranged soldier?

But what about that single strike which contained a soldier’s ability, the one he used to blow away Lei Bing…

Various messy analysis videos flooded the discussion forums as they tried to analyse this and that of the battle. While this happened, more details were being dug up by others.

One of these videos included Sharmie’s, a person who had never posted an analysis video before. Her point of view, however, made everyone dumbfounded after watching.

What she focused on weren’t those brilliantly combined moves, but All-Mouthy King’s body shape!

Perhaps only Sharmie would notice that trait.

Brooks’ knife set had already sliced up All-Mouthy King until he was left broken and in disarray. When a piece of his clothing was sliced off, one could feel muscles filled with youth and power emitting from All-Mouthy King’s body.

This was really how Sharmie phrased her words! In fact, the creation of an analysis video was quite simple. One only needed to play the video back in slow motion while adding their analysis in a pop-up window. This was the basics, and Sharmie had felt it was already enough.

Her point of view was entirely focused on All-Mouthy King. His calmness during the moments when he was being sliced up, that faint glistening when he controlled his pain… there was nothing more handsome or graceful than that!

As for his scar-covered body, it only served to increase the stimulation of female hormones within the young ladies.

While his expression couldn’t be seen, his face similar to a mask, the mysteriousness it gave off added to his sex appeal.

Sharmie’s first video creation exploded mindlessly like so.

Yet, it had unexpectedly received a large number of supporters. Even if this was the era where the strong were revered, the inner regions of the Federation were still, admittedly, as peaceful and ordinary as they could be. During any period of peace, a beautiful girl’s control was irresistible.

And Sharmie’s unexpected conclusion was—All-Mouthy King. Was. Definitely.

A Very Handsome Man!

Such simplicity; such a direct and honest expression!

But while this was just Sharmie’s pure and honest expression, everyone else thought it was equal to Sharmie hinting All-Mouthy King—Invite?

Invite (for a Date)?

To her innumerable number of ball fans, this was like a mine exploding.

“I hate you, All Mouthy King!”

“I and my little fellows are all stunned and have turned from pink to black since then!”

“Is there true love left in this world?” There isn’t anything left to live for!”

“I, your brother, has kept my chastity for eighteen years, but what was it all for?!”

Sharmie wasn’t prepared for such a situation. She had only expressed her personal opinion. How did it end up like this?

Sharmie stared doubtfully at Mario, wishing he would give her an explanation.

Mario gave a few dry coughs before saying, “Boss, you don’t need to mind it so much. It’s just a few guys being butthurt.”

“Since they’re butthurt, why don’t they seek treatment?” she asked, feeling even more puzzled.

When he heard her question, Mario was stunned for a bit. “This… I meant they assumed you invited All-Mouthy King…”

“What do you mean? I invited him to a fight! I was thinking this, so what about it?

“That’s not…” Mario tried to find the words to explain, but he suddenly realized he didn’t have the necessary vocabulary for it. Wasn’t there a slightly more tactful way of saying this?

“Why are you stuttering? This isn’t manly! What about my invite?”

Seeing Sharmie flipping out, Mario shivered before saying, “Invite for a one night stand!”


Three seconds later, Mario was sent flying. Recently, he had been sent flying quite a bit. So much so that at times he felt he was a bird man, or that he somehow evolved and possessed the power of flight…

But after a while, Sharmie suddenly mumbled to herself absentmindedly, “… that doesn’t seem all that bad either…”

It was fortunate that Mario didn’t hear that. Else he would have personally jumped off the highest place in Flame City.

Laura’s response fo Sharmie’s smitten actions—hopelessly stupid!

There were many different ways one could express their favourable opinion. The most vulgar and common was through the flesh. It just so happened that Sharmie accurately found this point.

“Haha. Sharmie is acting like a laughingstock again! She simply isn’t as heavyweight as captain! Look at the discussion forum’s posts. My stomach can’t take the laughter,” Arnold exclaimed excitedly.

“Didn’t you also comment with your nickname?” Laura asked casually.

“Why would I do that? I’m not that kind of person!” Arnold replied with a deadpan expression on his face.

“When looking All-Mouthy King’s physique, how could that chick-like body be comparable to mine!? Look at these muscles, witness that flexibility!” Anlor exclaimed while flexing his biceps.

When she saw his actions, Laura stared up at the ceiling and thought, These two friends of mine have worrying EQs…

In fact, the angle of Sharmie’s video was pretty good. It was quite excellent at getting others excited. What kind of person is All-Mouthy King exactly…

Within the Freedom Federation, not every city had the qualifications necessary to construct a rune transportation array. The expensive materials required was enough to terrify the absolute majority of cities, but it was also used as a symbol of status.

Stuart City was the headquarters of the Stuart clan. It was also a political, military, and economic center within the Federation’s hundred cities. The city was one of the most flourishing Five Great Cities and was directly named after the Stuart clan. This showed the absolute authority the clan held there, and one could see the splendor of the Start clan’s golden cross-shaped snowflake emblem everywhere.

The status of every citizen in Stuart City, even the normal class ones, were envied by the other cities. Moreover, there was no ‘slum dwellings’ located outside the city. This was the unique scene in this city, and anyone who arrived here would unknowingly dream about the old era.

With the finest rune transfer array possible through technology in this new era, coupled with it being an intersection of a dense network of armored trains, Stuart City possessed an incomparable strategic position.

At this time, dressed in a splendid outfit, Carolyn stood inside a large hall. She changed from her usual clothes to a white-coloured one piece dress for today. The delicate flowery lace accentuated her milky-white legs and slender body, while her alluring curves were fully brought out by the dress. Her long dress spilled onto the red carpet like mercury, giving her an extremely natural feel of being in some European palace in the old era.

In reality, the Stuart clan had been transformed from one of the most powerful political forces in the old era.

But as she was a successor and first in line for the Stuart clan, there was quite the pitiful number of distinguished guests who required her personal welcome. Today the status of her guest was extremely unique.
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    《Battle Frenzy》