Battle Frenzy
101 Chapter 101 – Laforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheel
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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101 Chapter 101 – Laforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheel

Chapter 101 – Laforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheel

The holes weren’t symmetrical, nor did they really help with the control. If that was the case, there wasn’t a need for there to be so many of them. It was strange for that particular portion of the weapon to have such a meticulous design; it had to be custom-made. Why wasn’t the thumb indent more prominent?

In that instance, Wang Zhong discovered a detail of the weapon that he was missing out. There was a depression located on its axis which made it a very suitable position for one’s thumbs.

With a bit of soul power, his thumb pressed down and adhered to the small recess. The crosswheel started to rotate, but this obviously wasn’t how it was supposed to be used since his fingers should be placed inside the holes.

Changing up the method a bit, if the forefinger is placed there, while the thumb spins it…

Middle finger… pinky… when no finger was placed at the centre, the rotatory feeling was different.

The positions of the holes were different each time, leading to a change in the rotational axis. The strength and angle of the crosswheel changes depending on whether the thumb is placed in the groove as well as amount of soul power used. The positioning of the holes would also be altered with these rotational adjustments. This meant that the speed and rotation of the wheel when launched would be different every time.

The person who designed this crosswheel was one hundred percent a lunatic!

This weapon looked simple at first glance, but was in fact highly complex.

This kind of complex weapon was very much suited for a person like Wang Zhong. Beneath the surface, he was a person afraid of loneliness, and yet was capable of enduring that loneliness. A person like this loved to delve into his studies and explorations, deriving pleasure from them.

Wang Zhong held the crosswheel in his right hand and continuously tested it, spinning it around and experimenting with the force it generated with its revolutions. His left hand knocked repeatedly against the soft wall, constantly altering in intensity.

All complex weapons had their own trait. If one could grasp the core of that trait, any peculiarities that were difficult to grasp surrounding the weapon could easily be understood. This was like playing a game of hide-and-seek; you just have to be patient.

Wang Zhong grew more interested and was fully concentrating on the weapon. He walked and continued to knock against the wall, even stabbing out at it from time to time. Most of his thoughts were on the coordinating the amount of strength used with angle of the force being applied, along with his body posture. This weapon felt great!

Yet, this didn’t last long before President Ma Dong walked over with a black face. When he saw Wang Zhong, he became even more speechless. “Big bro, do you have some kind of grudge against the wall?”

Wang Zhong stared back blankly, before coming back to reality. “Eh, why are you here?”

Ma Dong was full of grief and indignation as his tears fell. “Of course I’m here! If I didn’t come, then you’ll soon tear down the president’s office!”

“What’s the point in my tearing down your president’s office? Have you lost it?” Wang Zhong asked with a faint smile.

“I…” President Ma Dong stuttered as he opened and closed his mouth. When he saw the concerned smile on Wang Zhong’s face, he felt as though his heart had been stomped by ten thousand grass-mud horses1 while an old steamboat ran it over.

“Bro, the president’s office is next door. It’s not good if you keep knocking here, which would destroy the golden wallpaper in the next room over. Do you know how expensive that was!?” That was the president’s room, a place used by Ma Dong to show off. That room is the epitome of art!

Wang Zhong slapped his forehead. “Ah, I was too entranced while researching this thing. Nevermind then. Next time I’ll find another place to knock.”

Ma Dong was stunned. This… ah, just kill me already…

“Hehe. What are you two doing here?” Milami asked with a smile as she walked over with Scarlet.

Scarlet laughed and said, “Wang Zhong, are you bullying Ma Dong again?”

Wang Zhong shrugged helplessly and didn’t say a word. Ma Dong, on the other hand, had an immediate change in expression, his face set into a serious look. “President Scarlet, Mimi, you two have come. I had just been discussing with Wang Zhong on the matters of our recent renovations. What are you two here for—”

“What Mimi? Call me senior sister!” Milami exclaimed with disapproval.

“Hehe. But calling you senior sister sounds too estranged. I’m more used to calling you Mimi… our Mimi is so beautiful and cute…”

Even Scarlet felt disgusted so she hurriedly changed the topic with a smile. “Wang Zhong, there will be a gathering at 8:30 pm. A few of the higher tier training comrades will be there. We’ll be sing a song or something, so remember to bring Barran and Grai along. Barran took pretty good care of us during the group training, and a few of our Black Rose members want to sincerely thank him.”

Barran was an honest and good-natured person. Whether it was running or other activities, he would always be at the front of the lagging group. He had pretty good strength and would pave the way for others, bridging the gap in relations. Even if he was extremely tired, he would continue to struggle on and accomplish it. His actions indeed saved the group of girls quite a bit of work. As such, their impression and fondness of him had improved by quite a bit.

“Oh, a gathering?” Ma Dong couldn’t help but cut into their conversation. Patting his chest, he exclaimed, “Leave it to me. I’ll make sure all of our members attend it!”

Heavens, a friendship with Black Rose… My god, such a good thing happening, I must be dreaming!

“Why are you getting so fire up? This is a gathering for our teammates,” said Milami.

“Mimi, the way you say that is too hurtful!” Ma Dong shook his head in grievance. “Isn’t it a time for everyone to have fun together? Would it really be that hard to to add another pair of chopsticks and a cup of wine? It isn’t much. Is there such a need to deny me this tiny request? Besides, I’m doing this with you all in mind.”

“Now, with regards to the singing, Wang Zhong and Barran are the type of people who cannot hold a tune. If they opened their mouths, they will really scare you all to death. At that time, if I’m not there with my voice which is akin to chicken soup for a sick person, then you will all suffer internal injuries and have nightmares. What will you all do then!?”

Both Scarlet and Milami were amused by his words. This fellow is definitely a funny guy.

“President Ma Dong, this gathering is indeed only for those who had participated in the group training. You…” Scarlet said embarrassingly.

Ma Dong blinked his big eyes and made himself look as pitiful as a frog. “Wang Zhong, my handsome brother, can you please bring me along?”

The fine hairs on Wang Zhong’s arms immediately stood up as he said, “Stop being so disgusting. Scarlet is just joking with you. How can our president not participate in Prodigy Society activities?”

Scarlet and Milami both started to laugh. Only then did Ma Dong realize that even he would have a day where he gets bullied.

“Only at crucial moments can brothers be relied upon. You can continue to knock on this wall. Worse comes to worse, I’ll just change it out for a new one. Mimi, since it’s rare for you to come here, let me bring you through the layout of our Prodigy Society. Please give my humble self some of your wise opinions on this matter,” Ma Dong said with unusually gentlemanly flair as he winked at Wang Zhong. This brother of yours is generous enough to create opportunities for you to be alone with Scarlet.

This time, Milami didn’t reject the invitation and gave Scarlet and Wang Zhong some private space.

Scarlet lifted a crosswheel and asked, “Are you researching this?”

“Yes. I’ve recently got quite interested in it. How it works is a little complex. I was so deep in thought about it that I had accidentally ripped apart the wallpaper on the other side of the wall with my experimentations.” Wang Zhong said with wide grin.”

Scarlet was also a ranged soldier and naturally knew of the crosswheel. After spinning it around her finger, she said, “Laforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheel, the legend of all ranged soldiers. Such a pity.”

Wang Zhong’s eyes instantly turned round. “What -crosswheel?”

1. 草泥马 is a way to curse while avoiding censorship
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