Battle Frenzy
102 Chapter 102 – All-Mouthy King of the Assassin Clan?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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102 Chapter 102 – All-Mouthy King of the Assassin Clan?

Chapter 102 – All-Mouthy King of the Assassin Clan?

“During the dark era that plagued mankind’s history, a few individuals stood out as absolute geniuses that paved the way to the present we have today, with Laforgue being one of them. This cross wheel was named after him and was called Laforgue Infinite Slash Cross Wheel. Rune weapons during that era weren’t mass produced and were instead made individually. Laforgue was one of the most well known figures with the expertise to craft them.”

Scarlet felt somewhat moved during her explanation. As someone born from an aristocratic clan along with a grandfather that served as the academy’s headmaster, the amount of information she had access to differed from other students. Furthermore, she loved to read up on these kinds of facts since young.

Wang Zhong’s eyes sparkled. “Can you elaborate more on the matter for me? I’m very interested in this.”

“Alright,” Scarlet said as she tied back her hair. It was a pity that such a graceful display of youth and beauty was overlooked by Wang Zhong. All of his attention was focused on the body of the cross wheel.

“Laforgue had been a normal ranged soldier of the Federation during the dark era. He had no special abilities and was in the Heroic Soul stage. There was a time when mutated beasts attacked the city he was in. The city was destroyed, and his wife and daughter were killed by the mutated beasts during the attack. During the aftermath of the chaos and destruction, Laforgue disappeared.

“The next time he reappeared was at Cold Winter City. The city was currently under attack by waves of beasts and were actively recruiting people from all directions to help defend it. It was then that he appeared with his two cross wheels. At that time, he had already halted communications with anyone.

“That battle was described as a legend during the dark era. Mankind had been absolutely placed at a disadvantage. If they had anywhere else to run to, the city would have long since been abandoned. The truth is, humanity actually had no way to defend it.”

Scarlet had a look of yearning on her face. “It was said that the city’s defenses were destroyed one after another, and the fighting were extremely violent. When the city’s defenses had almost crumbled completely, the number of mutated beasts there numbered in the thousands. Just when everyone was able to give in to despair, Laforgue took out his cross wheels and walked toward the beast tide by himself. The next moment, he used the limitlessly revolving and unstoppable cross wheels to slaughter all of the mutated beasts…”

Wang Zhong’s eyes were filled with fascination as he finally understood why such a weapon existed. There wasn’t any need for special abilities. This weapon held the resolve of one who was willing to face down despair and death. Unceasingly and without rest, limitless revolutions were made to bring down the beasts. Indeed, only such a weapon like this would be able to achieve such a feat.

“After the battle at Cold Winter City, Laforgue left to fight in other places before disappearing. Although his tracks could no longer be traced, his legend remained and his cross wheel had been imitated at every location he went to. Yet, there had been no one who could properly operate them. The set you have here should be an early-made replica.”

“They were bought by Ma Dong from a museum,” said Wang Zhong. Having now understood the weapon’s true significance, he began carefully examining the cross wheels.

A weapon that contained limitless possibilities and lethality, the cross wheel. Its inventor, Laforgue, used this weapon to kill off every single mutated beast. In actual fights, however, this kind of weapon placed a huge toll on one’s physical strength and soul power before it can be utilized properly. It wasn’t something any ordinary person could easily control.

This was truly a weapon designed to kill.

Chatting with Scarlet was always an unexpected joy. The two of them had a great understanding of each other and spoke the same language. Only when Ma Dong and Milami returned did the two of them realize their classes were about to start.

On their way to class, Ma Dong relentlessly teased Wang Zhong as this had already become a source of enjoyment for him.

The campus was now filled with people. Since the academy had been opened for such a long time, everyone had already gotten used to this kind of rhythm, but it had actually gotten even more lively.

Almost everyone was talking about the match between All-Mouthy King and Brooks inside the OP.

The match had been simply too breathtaking, and it left the audience with many a question.

Of the fights between peak assassins, this was the match that displayed fighting abilities of the best quality this year. Such a gorgeous Flaming Lotus Dance. And even the legendary Artery Severing Art. There was too much that could be talked about.

For this morning’s theory class, the teacher used this match as the example for his analysis and teachings. Although what was said could only be called superficial, it still managed to stimulate the students’ enthusiasm to a higher level. Recently, teachers loved to use such high standard matches to excite the students and encourage enthusiasm among them…

Even after class, everyone in the academy would be discussing and debating about All-Mouthy King, a situation that has not been heard of. This sort of situation didn’t only happen at Tianjing Academy, but also at other various great academies that had also screened the match.

There were those who were analyzing the true strength of All-Mouthy King, and others who were trying to figure out his true identity. There were even some that tried speculating about his actual age. The most ridiculous of them all were those who were trying to determine All-Mouthy King’s gender.

When he saw the crazy enthusiasm coming from the people around him, Wang Zhong felt a slight headache. There were times when being mysterious led to an even more intense fanaticism.

Yet, within the academy, Wang Zhong was still viewed upon as an outsider, even though he was participating in the group training. On the other hand, Ma Dong and Emily grew extremely popular. Even those who only heard a little about them came over to see the two.

“Emily, are you certain All-Mouthy King isn’t a hidden expert of your Assassin clan?”

“Exactly! I really can’t believe anyone can master a move like Flaming Lotus Dance after only seeing it once. For it to be fused with Artery Severing Art, it would be expected for your clan to research its rival’s techniques!”

“Is this the hidden expert your Assassin clan has prepared for the CHF? As your classmate, I swear I won’t tell anyone else!”

“Ma Dong, it’s time for you to speak truthfully. How many older or younger cousins do you actually have? Which academies do they study at? What are their unique characteristics?”

Emily was questioned until it became too bothersome for her. On the contrary, Ma Dong enjoyed every bit of this newfound attention.

“Cough cough. For this, I can’t confirm it. However, our Assassin clan has indeed put in a certain level of preparation for this CHF. You all should stop asking since even I don’t know about it.”

Ma Dong had started his act. He loved to see the expressions on everyone’s face when their curiosity was piqued. He did all this despite knowing that All-Mouthy King had no connection with his clan. If the Assassin clan had such a young expert backing it up, the clan would have already been more conspicuous and proud about it.

“Just divulge a little bit of it. If you give us a little hint, I swear to publicize that the Prodigy Society is definitely one of the Five Great Societies!” someone shouted immediately.

“If it’s like this…” Ma Dong hesitated for a while before he abruptly deciding that this would serve as an extremely good propaganda. “Alright. I do have this cousin, Kappo, who has a physique that is quite similar to All-Mouthy King’s… naturally, I don’t know whether it is him or not.”

Hearing, this, Emily couldn’t bear it any longer and said, “Don’t listen to his nonsense. Cousin Kappo weighs over two hundred pounds.”

“I knew it! If this wretched Ma Dong says he didn’t know anything then that would really be something. However, if he says he does know something, it is, without a doubt, false.” The large group of people circling Ma Dong immediately walked away.

“What inner quality? Do I have no credibility? No matter what, I, your brother, is still the Prodigy Society’s president!” Ma Dong shouted with his eyes wide open. “Why can’t cousin Kappo lose weight? It’s just two hundred pounds! If one has the perseverance, slimming down into a bolt of lightning wouldn’t a problem! Anyone can do it!”
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    《Battle Frenzy》