Battle Frenzy
103 Chapter 103 – Wonderful Combination
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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103 Chapter 103 – Wonderful Combination

Chapter 103 – Wonderful Combination

As for Emily, who was bent on undermining him, Ma Dong didn’t have any possible method of dealing with her.

Currently, Reeves was leisurely infusing a pot of oolong tea gifted by the Zhao clan in Saint Judgement’s president’s room.

Tea ceremony was an ancient cultural tradition and oolong was considered a luxury good in this era. The Zhao clan had a monopoly on the local tea trade and tea couldn’t be considered a casual purchase. Tea represented flavour and style. As Reeves infused the tea, he felt a kind of sublime tranquility which made him very comfortable.

By his side, Lu Zhan Tian was like poured beans and kept talking. “We can’t continue to endure like this, president! We have to file a protest to the academy!

“Who is this Barran? A beginner who hasn’t even completed his freshman curriculum! Based on his strength, theoretical knowledge, and qualifications, wasn’t Adams stronger that him by a thousand times? Instead Adams was the first to be eliminated!”

After this first round of training, Adams had been eliminated. This was something Lu Zhan Tian couldn’t bear.

Lu Zhan Tian’s spittle flew freely as he grew more and more worked up. “Teacher Grace is obviously biased toward the Prodigy Society. Biased toward those two pretty boys! In the past, it has always been our Saint Judgement getting first choice before others could get their share! Yet, this time we’ve been stepped on by the Prodigy Society!”

“Our Saint Judgement isn’t a society run by a dictatorship. Teacher had to make an informed decision based on proper considerations. Besides, Adams didn’t put in the effort to succeed,” Reeves said with a faint smile. While soaking the tea leaves, he continued, “The Prodigy Society was also able to openly snatch four quotas from us. It’s not that I’m not worried, just that we have to endure for now. Come and drink a cup.”

Lu Zhan Tian didn’t have the heart to properly sip the tea. Instead, he poured the entire contents into his mouth. After wiping his lips, he said, “Fine. But president, even though you are magnanimous and don’t disregard people of lower status, did you realize that since your month long absence the complaints and cursing inside the society have grown more and more?Everyone is saying that Saint Judgement is heading downhill, that we dare not hit back even after getting stepped on by the Prodigy Society. There have also been a dozen society members who submitted their resignations while saying they wished to join the Prodigy Society. I was lucky enough to keep this under control, else…”

“This is a society, not a jail. Other than the society’s core strength which has been enjoying its resources, everyone else has their right to leave for another society.” Reeves spoke without the slightest fluctuation in his expression, as if he were talking about the matters of other societies. “Let them go. Since their hearts have already left, forcing them to stay will only make them feel more repulsed.”

“But!” Lu Zhan Tian was slightly worried. During the previous Societal Battle he’d been given a slap in the face by Wang Zhong, which caused his prestige within the academy to completely disappear. This made him a laughing stock among the students. He had always been thinking of how he would get revenge against the Prodigy Society and Wang Zhong.

His personal strength was a bit lacking, and now there were less sycophants that listened to his every word. The only way he could have an absolute chance of victory was to incite Reeves. But this time, Reeves, a person who couldn’t tolerate others, was uncharacteristically being so calm and collected?

Reeves sighed faintly and said, “Right now, my primary focus is on group training. You should have heard of the Prodigy Society’s outstanding performance in the first phase of the training. It’s said the next group training will be the following week. Teacher Grace is currently preparing a few special props and locations. If she meets with any problems, then the next group training will be postponed for some time.

“As such, our squad members should adjust themselves and regain both a proper mentality and good condition. The next phase will be even more dangerous; there might even be some risk to one’s life.”

Lu Zhan Tian gawked slightly. Risk to one’s life?

“Therefore, Adams being eliminated in the first round might not be a bad thing for him. Perhaps it may have even saved his life.”

Lu Zhan Tian tried probing and asked, “Is it really that dangerous? What exactly is the location?”

“This is considered a secret of the group training and cannot be divulged to outsiders,” Reeves replied, shaking his head.

“President, I’m not an outsider! I’m just curious!” Lu Zhan Tian’s thoughts had already started to adapt. “Since I didn’t get to attend this group training this time, I felt very miserable. Understanding a bit wouldn’t hurt.”

Reeves laughed bitterly and shook his head. “The number of suitable places in Tianjing City’s vicinity isn’t numerous.”

Lu Zhan Tian gawked and suddenly understood. “President, your tea is simply too delicious. Where did you get it from? Next time, would you mind helping me get some? I’ll head out first and settle some stuff.”

As he watched Lu Zhan Tian’s departing back, Reeves slowly sipped his tea…

President Ma Dong had no interest in the group training, but activities involving friendship was his favourite. All of the skills he learned was for making friends.

When school ended, the most energetic person was Ma Dong. Wang Zhong, Grai, and Barran were all called to attend by Ma Dong. If one wanted to have the poise of a gentleman, one must always arrive slightly before the start of the event.

As for Emily… in all honesty, Ma Dong didn’t want to bring her along. This younger cousin of his wasn’t capable of much, but her skill in destroying the atmosphere was definitely at the peak. Yet, this lass prefered to stick to Wang Zhong and definitely wouldn’t let this opportunity pass by. But of course, exceptions did occur and Emily had been called away by Department Head Moore. For Ma Dong, it was like the heavens had listened to his prayers.

To him, the perfect scenario was having Wang Zhong, Grai, and Barran as his three super supporters. With them, how could he not thoroughly conquer these few beautiful ladies!

When faced with their president’s exhilaration, the only thing the three could do was watch over him. Scarlet had already booked a good location in the music club and everything else had been prepared by Ma Dong. How could this kind of thing be allowed to trouble those beautiful ladies?

“Cough cough. You three should listen up. As your president and senior I can say that you guys are the truest beacons of light. Such a gathering could mean you have a chance to lose your virginity! Music and alcohol can light up one’s passion and youth. Therefore, you guys will have to put down your training and put down the CHF. You are all young and radiate both manliness and charisma! Now go and conquer the girl you like!”

Ma Dong spoke in high spirits, but Wang Zhong just shook his head helplessly. Grai stared blankly and Barran actually started to blush.

When he saw the reactions of his three great generals, Ma Dong showed an expression filled with resentment. “Have you guys not heard of Tianjing’s old era saying? Blossoms worthy of being folded must be folded! Let there be no blossom left for the wind to fold back onto its branch!”

“President, what does that mean? Aren’t flowers not allowed to be broken like that?” Barran asked with a blank expression.

Ma Dong gawked as he now realized what it truly meant when one talked to a brick wall. “Cough cough. What I mean is that at the gathering later, make sure you go all out with your drinking and singing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing, what matters is that you participate!”

Ma Dong’s gaze was quite fraudulent. If this fellow doesn’t sing, how can it contrast with my greatness!?

“You can sing if you want. In my opinion it would be best if you just listen.”

“Vice-president Wang Zhong. Look at how much I’ve supported your work! Now it’s your turn to support me in my work!”

Wang Zhong shrugged his shoulders helplessly. Talking reason with this fellow was absolutely useless since he would always have tens of thousands of reasons waiting in line.

After around a dozen minutes later, Scarlet and the rest finally arrived. As expected, they were beautiful ladies of Black Rose and consisted of Scarlet, Milami, and two young and adorable junior sisters. What was this called? A wonderful combination!
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