Battle Frenzy
104 Chapter 104 – Date
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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104 Chapter 104 – Date

Chapter 104 – Date

When he heard Scarlet’s invitation, Ma Dong knew she didn’t mean for a meeting between comrade-in-arms. With their positive friendship, he didn’t point this out. Damn, in which life did this brat Wang Zhong get his luck? But the key point for today was that his senior sister Milami really was… too sexy! I have to find a way to conquer her today!

Just then, another person appeared in the doorway. “How can you have such a lively event without me! Right, junior brother Grai?”

It was unexpectedly Hymin of the Special Abilities Society. “We met senior sister Hymin by chance, so I invited her along.”

Although she had said this, it was very obvious that Hymin had taken the initiative to ask for the invitation. Hymin’s interest in Grai wasn’t anything recent after all.

Grai felt his head hurt slightly over this matter. Everyone else could only express their admiration and envy since Hymin really was a great beauty. While she was slightly unconventional with her romantic life, she definitely had a clear understanding of matters and wouldn’t let just anyone enter her sight.

Ma Dong was originally worried that Barran would end up a bit lonely, but who would have thought the other two girls were especially interested in him. There was no use blowing one’s trumpet. After Scarlet and the others’ publicity, Barran became known as a rough, but delicate good man.

“Everyone, everyone! Although this gathering had been initiated by President Scarlet, in such a situation it should be a gentleman like I that has to take over. Today is the first gathering between Black Rose, the Special Abilities Society, and the Prodigy Society. For the sake of friendship, cheers!”

Ma Dong was quite the expert on livening up the mood. It had been a bit awkward at the start, but this was directly smashed apart by him. After a round of cheers and a cup of beer, the atmosphere quickly changed.

“Now, please give me your valued opinion as I offer to everyone here a Freedom war song!” When he was being flirtatious, Ma Dong wasn’t able to control the overwhelming emotions he had and started his performance.

With the skylink, entertainment technology became very convenient. He chose a good setting for the atmosphere, which immediately created dazzling light effects in the room.

This was a part of the Federation’s strength and not just a single example. For the most part, the majority of the hundred cities that constituted the core of the Federation had already regained the glory of the old era in different aspects. The world was still in the hands of the wealthy masters. In fact, the people who made up Ma Dong’s generation hadn’t even experienced a terrifying beast tide.

Ma Dong’s singing really wasn’t bad. Once he finished, everyone sent out their heartfelt applause. He was followed up by Hymin. Both of these starters were of the enthusiastic kind.

What Hymin sang was a hot and spicy romantic song. It was even combined with South American dancing that had been very famous in the old era. This gave everyone a glance at her extremely amorous side. In fact, it was the first time Ma Dong had seen it and he was truly stupefied. No wonder all of her old boyfriends were so infatuated with her. This woman is simply an enchantress.

Appearance and body shape aside, if one wanted to become a goddess then action was also required. Hymin left everyone present dumbfounded.

Hymin grew excited from her singing and pulled Grai over since this kind of dance was supposed to be done with a duo. Although Grai was reserved, he didn’t have stage fright. The most surprising thing was that… he actually knew the dance too!

When the two finished their South American dance, they switched to a crazy latin dance. In this era, everyone knew how to dance a little bit, yet there were not many people who had seen live performances. This show made everyone feel both surprised and lively.

Hymin was shocked as she had only seen this dance during a memoir program about the old era. Afterward, she had gathered information about it and practiced this dance as her secret weapon. When she needed to capture her target, this dance would be used as her final blow. But who could have imagined the nerd-like Grai to have this side of him.

The applause in the room was endless. It was really too high and fiery. Even Ma Dong felt helpless about it. Grai really is my nemesis. But that’s fine, I have my Mimi.

“Mimi, this is a little present I had custom made for you. Hope you like it.”

Regardless of whether she agreed or not, Ma Dong had already grabbed Milami’s hand and tied a beautifully designed Pandora bracelet around her pure-white wrist.

Milami had never before experienced such a fanatical pursuit. If it hadn’t been for the group training, she might have already fallen into his hands by now. She’d assumed she would be able to forget about him after leaving for a period of time. Yet, she now discovered she couldn’t do so.

Ma Dong could feel that Milami’s resistance toward him was low and knew he had conquered her heart.

He held Milami’s hands and didn’t let go. She struggled against them for a little bit, but in the end, he didn’t let go and she gave up on trying. Ma Dong didn’t seem to show any change, so no one noticed the atmosphere around the two.

Wang Zhong and Scarlet were chatting about some interesting incidents. Wang Zhong suddenly realized that Scarlet seemed to understand him very well. The two shared many similar interests and in this environment, the two naturally didn’t talk about anything related to the group training. Scarlet was very interested in Wang Zhong’s family, and he didn’t have anything to hide. He had long been indifferent to his being an orphan and he now had a very warm family.

Scarlet loved to hear Wang Zhong talk about his stories and was a very earnest listener. She also loved his eyes. There seemed to be something special in the depths of those eyes like they held some sort of mystery or went through some special experiences. They were very attractive to her.

Just as the atmosphere hit a peak, the door was kicked open. “You all better lower your traps! You guys are wailing about like ghosts and howling like wolves! You are all courting trouble!”

Everything instantly stopped as they all looked toward the door. The once who had kicked in the door was Adams, and it was very obvious that was drunk.

If it were any other time, his mind would have instantly sobered up upon seeing Scarlet and Hymin. Yet, due to his depression of being eliminated, coupled with the alcohol, he had long since forgotten about such things.

“Oh, so many great beauties. How fun can it be to follow this group of wastes. Come to our side; our President Lu Zhan Tian is the true music god,” Adams said, the alcohol making him belch.

It was very hard for Hymin to find intimate friends, and this was the first time she felt such a wonderful atmosphere. Thus, the thought of blowing up Adams was present inside her heart.

“Adams, open your eyes wide. If you don’t want to die, then scram! Don’t come here and disgrace yourself!” Hymin wasn’t polite with her words. As the president of the Special Abilities Society, her qualifications were placed right next to Reeves’. She didn’t place Adams in her eye, and the only reason she warned him was to give Reeves a bit of face.

“Haha. President Hymin, you’re still a little chilly pepper? Let me tell you that our President is still the best. This pretty boy can’t possibly satisfy you!” said Adams. He wasn’t angry and instead started to sexually harass Hymin.

This time, Hymin was unreservedly angry. There were some things that couldn’t be said, especially not in front of so many people.

She instantly dashed forward and sent a kick toward Adams, sending him flying back.


The members of Saint Judgement in the opposite room immediately stormed out. Their leader was Lu Zhan Tian, and they all had horrible expressions.

“President Hymin, you really have a lot of courage. Who gives you the right to casually hit others?” All twenty-something members of Saint Judgement had ugly looks. As the number one great society, they really didn’t care about others. While the Special Abilities Society was part of the four great societies, their strength was too weak. The Special Abilities Society was a neglected branch within Tianjing.

“Haha. Vice-president Lu… Zhan Tian,” Ma Dong called out with a beaming smile as he walked out. Taking a deep breath, he asked, “President Hymin doesn’t hit people. After all, how could such a cheap bastard count as a person?”
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