Battle Frenzy
105 Chapter 105 – Threats
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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105 Chapter 105 – Threats

Chapter 105 – Threats

“Ma Dong, your tongue is quite nimble. Be careful when you walk back at tonight,” Lu Zhan Tian said coldly.

Ma Dong cupped his ear with his right hand and said, “Ah? Walking back tonight? Oh, you’re threatening me! Ouch, I’m so scared! The thing members of the Assassin clan are least afraid of is walking at night, Vice-president… Lu Zhan Tian!”

Ma Dong gazed at Lu Zhan Tian steadily. This blockhead is actually threatening a member of the Assassin clan. He really doesn’t know what death is.

While Ma Dong wasn’t considered a combative type, as a member of the Assassin clan the channels and resources he had access to wasn’t something a mere Lu Zhan Tian could compare with. He really wasn’t behaving himself. Ma Dong definitely had more methods in hand than Lu Zhan Tian.

Lu Zhan Tian gave a cold snort, his eyes brimming with resentment. This group of bastards had destroyed everything he had. Originally, he should have smoothly inherited the position of president and obtain everything he deserved. Yet, this dream had been thoroughly wrecked by the Prodigy Society.

“Let me experience this Assassin thing!” Terrence was even more vicious and wanted to beat Ma Dong to death rather than talk.

As both sides drew their daggers, Lu Zhan Tian suddenly smiled and stopped Terrence. “We of Saint Judgement never bully the minority. Everyone, it’s a small world so let’s just watch and see.”

Lu Zhan Tian dragged his group away. Having a messy fight here definitely wasn’t possible. Although he had been drinking alcohol, he was still cool-headed. Before they could even talk about fighting, Scarlet had appeared. If they started to take action then the school administration would come as well. If that happened, they would end up as the ones out of luck.

Returning to their room, Lu Zhan Tian stopped drinking and ended the party. He had only Adams and Terrence stay behind. By now, Adams had already sobered up.

“Boss, if we don’t teach them a lesson then we can’t mix around in the future.” Blood flowed from the corner of Adams’ mouth. Getting kicked and flipped around before so many people, how could this innately arrogant guy endure it? In addition to being eliminated, he was getting leered at everywhere he went. He blamed everything on Wang Zhong and Grai and that damnable Prodigy Society.

“Boss, we need to think of a way. If not, we’ll continue to get derided by everyone from now on,” Terrence said in a deep voice.

Lu Zhan Tian remained silent for a while before knocking against the table. “Mock us, do you both think it’ll end with just mockery? If this goes on, we won’t have any place to plant our feet!”

The entire room sank into silence. If we aren’t able to garner enough reputation and status in the academy, then what kind of life will we have after graduation?

Most of this group knew they didn’t have any possibility of casting their heroic soul and needed to rely instead on the resources provided by the Academy. They were currently object of ridicule, so how could they continue to mingle in Tianjing from now on?

“There’s only one path left for us. It will all have to depend on whether or not you two have the courage to take it,” said Lu Zhan Tian.

“Boss, just say it!” Adams replied with a sinister expression. “As long as we can kill them, anything is possible!”

“Hehe. This is why I’m going to bear it today. Not only will we endure what happened now, we’ll also have to give a good performance in the coming days, understand?”

Lu Zhan Tian was originally hesitant about this plan in his heart, but after experiencing today’s incident he had already steeled his heart!

The Prodigy Society’s actions hadn’t broken any boundaries and Ma Dong had always wished to take advantage from a world in chaos. They hadn’t even placed Lu Zhan Tian in their eyes. Very quickly the atmosphere had livened up again.

It had to be said that Ma Dong’s performance gained Milami’s admiration. His actions during critical moments were especially manly and he really wasn’t afraid of what happened. Due to this, she took the initiative to extend her little hand, causing Ma Dong to feel extreme pleasure.

Unlike Lu Zhan Tian, the Prodigy Society spent a beautiful night.

If it hadn’t been for their conflict with Lu Zhan Tian and his group, the relations between everyone wouldn’t have progressed so quickly.

Ma Dong originally planned to send the girls back and conveniently let some things happen along the way, but his intentions were seen through by Hymin which made him deny it all flatly. It was obvious to a veteran like Hymin, so Ma Dong didn’t have a chance.

Ma Dong really had a great harvest today. Milami was a girl who had a very strong initial defense, but once it was broken all of the latter matters was just a question of time.

As everyone disbanded, Ma Dong definitely wouldn’t head back to the dormitory. Wang Zhong also felt quite excited as the alcohol stimulated his mind.

It was already close to midnight and the number of people in the OP could be counted using one’s fingers. There were just a few freshmen there struggling with newborn defeats and were crying out their wish to win a match. Yet, there were times when this was even harder than surmounting the heavens. A loss would lead to greater loss, and when one’s state of mind collapsed there would be flaws in one’s style. This was a naturally occurring psychological process.

One must be able to accept defeat in combat. Everyone knew of this principle, but it was useless until one experienced what was needed.

At the beginning, after losing ten times in a row, the thought of accepting death really did surface in Wang Zhong’s mind. Yet, he gradually grew numb to it, and his heart grew stronger until it reached a point where he could achieve calmness during combat. In fact, all of this had been a part of the process.

Listening to the hissing and howls coming from outside, Wang Zhong thought back to his previous year’s condition. After entering the OP, the alcohol that stimulated his body made him feel slightly feverish. It gave him a feeling of wanting to be bolder.

There were fewer people around now as experts tended to gather at seven to eight in the morning. The majority of people up at this time were freshmen or those who were slowly experiencing man’s first steps in life.

Wang Zhong wasn’t impatient. If an opponent appeared, he would fight, but if not then he would go back and sleep. The ability to be carefree at any time had been developed. Lacking such a mentality, he would have gone ‘game over’ long before.

Pa pa pa pa pa…

A pair of lovers were engaging in intimate exercises under the glow of two bewitching moons.

Di di di di…

They were constantly turning and tossing quite violently, and just as they were about to hit the peak, an urgent ringing sounded from a skylink.

The man was immediately stunned and gawked for a split second before immediately putting on his pants. “My love, please wait for me in bed. I’ll be back in a moment!”

He ignored the glare being sent out by his girlfriend’s eyes, a gaze that desired to kill him a hundred times over.

“Fuck, I was just about to ‘finish’ before I heard the notification beep saying Brother King is coming online! I rushed over before I could even put on my pants properly! Do you think I’ll get chopped to death by my girlfriend tomorrow?”

“Brother, you’re still considered well off! I was only halfway to creating a new life when this happened. I was the one who was immediately flipped off by my girlfriend who said she wanted to watch All-Mouthy King first. She scared me to the point where I might now be sexually impotent!”

“Are you two good guys here just to show off? So what if you have girlfriends? Brothers, shoot them to death!”

The viewing gallery, as well as the discussion forums, were in complete disarray and turmoil. No one would have imagined they would be awakened by All-Mouthy King’s online arrival at this time. For the sake of being able to watch his match, the methods they all used to notify themselves were quite shocking.

In Copperfield City, the anger boiling inside Laura had grown very large as she climbed out of her comfortable bed in the middle of the night. Anyone doing so would at least show a bit of fury.

After training till midnight, she had just taken a bath and applied her beautifying facial mask and was about to catch a bit of rest. Instead, her skylink wouldn’t stop ringing, which made her unable to ignore it. After letting it ring a few more times, her obsessive compulsive disorder could no longer bear it. Who the hell could it be?

Laura kept her temper under control and opened up her skylink. An image of Arnold popped up.

“Capt—” Arnold’s image appeared with an expression brimming with excitement when his face suddenly changed. “GHOST!”
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