Battle Frenzy
106 Chapter 106 – Limit Challenge
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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106 Chapter 106 – Limit Challenge

Chapter 106 – Limit Challenge

Turning on one’s skylink only to see an inhumanly white face while it was night and the lights were off, could really scare a person.

Laura obviously didn’t care about her mask. Her voice stayed extraordinarily calm while her gaze turned swift and fierce. “Arnold, are you maybe thinking about my little teddy bear in the middle of night? Do you need me to send it over to play with you?”

When he heard Laura’s voice, Arnold patted his heart. He’d thought he was dying. “Captain, you can’t blame me. Seeing you in that mask in the middle of the night was just…”

“Less of your nonsense,” she replied while trying to control her state of mind. She didn’t want to get angry since getting angry would lead to wrinkles growing. This mask had been difficult to purchase, and it’s said to have been refined from the oils of sea fish species. “I hope you have something important to tell me. If not, I’ll definitely make you understand why flowers are so red…”

Arnold almost went impotent when he heard this. This really wasn’t a joke so he hurriedly said, “All-Mouthy King came online.”

Laura’s eyes instantly brightened up and with a bang she cut off the transmission with Arnold. This guy finally reappeared. She’d thought she would have to wait another month until the next time.

Laura’s arrival was already quite late since there were many with quicker reactions than her. The OP’s viewing gallery was already packed and lively.

The arguments aimed at All-Mouthy King hadn’t lessened after his match with Brooks. Instead, the topic grew even more turbulent and surging. Those supporting the idea that he was just a second account for an expert and those against this idea were on entirely different sides. The explanations given by both parties were also amply supported and in direct conflict with the other. As of now, there has also been the appearance of a third clique, one that said that All-Mouthy King wasn’t a person at all, but a mere projection from the hyperdimension into the Fifth Dimension!

It had already been proven that the Fifth Dimension was a connection between the hyperdimension and Earth’s current dimension. It could be termed a channel and there were quite a few great and courageous theories that said strange lifeforms like All-Mouthy King were odd human-shaped hyperdimensional beasts.

This could be explained from a technical point of view. The shapes of hyperdimensional beasts, while not exactly the same as Earth’s creatures, still held some degree of similarity. Furthermore, mankind could directly connect to the Fifth Dimension and take advantage of it, so why not those lifeforms from the hyperdimension?

Everything was possible, just the evidence still hadn’t been found.

During this period of time, the various great academies had been trying to find a shadow of All-Mouthy King. Such an expert like this wouldn’t be able to stay hidden inside the academy. In the end, no one found anything. Because of this, many thought of pretending to be him in order to garner some fame, yet this required them to use their own lives to assume his identity.

When All-Mouthy King unveils his identity, the number of challenges he would have to face every day would quickly break down his door. The most crucial point was that it would be too easy to be exposed as a fraud.

“You all are so free that your balls will hurt! Who cares who he is, so long as he gives us wonderful and brilliant fights and lets us see things that couldn’t be learned otherwise. Satisfying this craving will be enough!”

“It had previously been Brooks. I don’t know who’ll be up next. They can’t be any worse than Ying Ren.

“The time to test Brother King’s strength has come! I don’t believe he will still choose random weapons today!”

“Brother King also used random weapons against Ying Ren.”

“In the end he suffered a lot from it. If it hadn’t been for Brother King getting the inspiration to change the rune sword into two broken blades in place of daggers, he would have long since been broken and defeated. He can’t have such good luck every time.”

“I feel like the previous match was already the pinnacle of thrilling. The opponents he will face in the future will only grow stronger and stronger. If he still continues to be so stubborn, his true defeat won’t be too far away.”

“Pinnacle your head! This is the descent of the king, come to teach all you newbs that it’s just an insignificant elite division. He’ll blind your titanium dog eyes1.”

These kinds of fans were directly ignored. Regardless of whether they were doing other matters or whether they were sleepy or not, once they entered the viewing gallery they quickly became high and excitable.

The majority of those still online at midnight had already entered the viewing gallery while simultaneously summoning their friends. As the sounds of people coming online continued to grow, this midnight turned into something of a social gathering.

The number of people inside had already skyrocketed to around eight thousand. Within this group were no lack of experts from the elite division. One could say there was no such thing as absolute dominance in the elite division. Everyone had their own killing moves and it all depended on their performance and state during critical moments as well as the characteristics of restraints between occupations. Yet, this All-Mouthy King had completely disregarded this rule. It was because of this that he attracted the interest of the elite division.

Furthermore, many of those who had reached the elite division were extraordinarily cautious and prudent about matchmaking. They had never met a person who was this headstrong and willful.

Unknowingly, All-Mouthy King already possessed the persona of being extremely strong, of being a person whose secrets had yet to be revealed.

Everyone thought they would have to wait for a while, but in fact, some of the elite division warriors had already entered matchmaking. One of the privileges given to the elite division was the ability to deny and accept matches inside matchmaking, this choice having no impact on their records.

Laura and Sharmie were one of those entering matchmaking. They wanted to personally fight against this man. If they got up close, they might be able to truly feel this man.

An opponent has appeared, Kostan Oleg.

“The Human Tank, Kostan Oleg!”

The entire viewing gallery seethed with excitement as this was truly interesting for them. This had a semblance of vengeance!

Following the meteoric rise of All-Mouthy King, all of his previous combat footage had been flipped through by everyone. They all knew that before All-Mouthy King had become popular, he had finished off a heavy soldier of the Oleg clan, a new star of the hero division, Juan Oleg. Kostan, as it turns out, was Juan’s older brother. This was his flesh and blood big bro!

Kostan Oleg was the vice-captain of the Stogel Heroic Soul Academy’s squadron and one of the strongest heavy soldiers within the Federation’s new generation. Last year he had been included in the northern region’s full celebrity lineup. He was a peak heavy soldier of the elite division.

Brooks, who shook the world just yesterday, had once challenged this Stogel Heavy Tank and left with two defeats. This validated the theory that assassins were at a disadvantage when facing against a heavy soldier. Especially when those heavy soldiers had perfect mastery over their skills and techniques as their judgemental capabilities allowed them to beat on assassins inside confined spaces.

When he saw his opponent, even Kostan felt a bit surprised. Yet, he quickly started to smile. He hadn’t purposefully waited for such a person. Instead, he had been very excited when training his body and chose to conveniently come here and queue up to see if he could have a fight with someone. In the end, however, his decision had led to a very interesting result.

Kostan had watched the video where his little brother Juan lost to this fellow. Instantaneous Oscillating Fist showed that his opponent was able to use his soul power with precision. Yet, to be honest this wasn’t enough to attract his attention. As a person who trained his defence to its limits, he thirsted for an opponent with greater lethality. A person who limited his own soul power really wasn’t able to attract his killing intent.

But the match between this fellow and Brooks yesterday had been completely different. Kostan had watched the entire battle without skipping through any of the frames. Regardless of attack, speed, or fighting spirit, there was no doubt that he was a peak assassin.

Who could have imagined he would actually be able to meet him so randomly?

1. A Chinese WoW expression. Meant to make fun of/ridicule the visual impact of something
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