Battle Frenzy
107 Chapter 107 – Luck has Arrived!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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107 Chapter 107 – Luck has Arrived!

Chapter 107 – Luck has Arrived!

Chuckling, he cracked his fists which caused popping sounds to ring from his large finger bones.

He didn’t have any intention of informing Juan to watch the match. This was his fight. As for helping his brother take revenge? That was a complete joke. As a member of the Oleg clan, unless they were on a battlefield against a foreign invader, one must rely on themselves to stand up every time they fell!

A sissy who needed his brother to take care of him simply wasn’t worthy of the Oleg name!

“Come!” Kostan said with ample fighting spirit.

Although his own combat accomplishments weren’t as gorgeous as Brooks’, Kostan possessed a combat record that neared a thousand matches. He simply didn’t care about his victory rate and only cared about achieving greater strength. There were some experts who would discard their original ID after their abilities mature and use a secondary ID in order to keep their combat record perfect. Naturally, there wasn’t anything wrong with this, but Kostan didn’t seem to care about engineering any sort of image. To him, image was of no use.

All-Mouthy King’s main occupation had been the main topic of debate since the beginning. From that empty-handed Oscillating Fist to his accurate long-ranged intercepting point, he made it very hard for others to judge whether he was a close combat or long-ranged fighter.

Yet, after his appearance with the two broken blades last match, professionals assumed his occupation to have at least an 80% chance of being confirmed an assassin. Other than an assassin, there simply wasn’t any other occupation that could use two short blades to such a level. Considering how he used daggers against Emilia of the Assassin clan only gave greater credence to this theory.

However, with this theory surfaced a problem. If All-Mouthy King was an assassin, his opponent was the man who was able to maintain an abnormal 129 victory streak against assassins, the Human Tank Kostan!

Laura’s expression was solemn and grave. She knew how formidable Kostan was and had a much better understanding of his talents than those net trolls posting on the discussion forums.

He was a super soldier that could even cause her to feel deep dread. The academies elite students represented the true pinnacle of strength and were all first class regardless of whether it was in strength, experience, or aura. They represented a group who was already impossible to suppress, and everything one did had to depend on how much the setting allowed them to exhibit their skills. Whoever lands the killing move first will be the one to achieve victory.

And frankly, this was under the consideration that there was no real restraint between their occupations. An assassin here… wouldn’t stand a chance.

She didn’t believe All-Mouthy King was an assassin, yet she could confirm that anyone who faced Kostan in such a peak state would feel a great headache regardless of their occupation.

This was a test that was of an even higher grade than facing Brooks. Could it be that this fellow would continue to choose random weapons? All-Mouthy King’s specialties seemed to be quite broad. If he could counter Kostan through weapons, then he might have a chance at victory.

Unknown to most, the number of people inside the viewing gallery easily broke past the ten thousand mark. There were many more people on the OP discussion forums watching the watch through their skylink. What the majority of viewers wanted to know was whether or not All-Mouthy King would choose a random weapon again. This was a very easy way to flip people off.

But it was obvious that Wang Zhong didn’t care about this. Kostan was just one of those people he didn’t care about other than a select few ‘well-known’ figures. Giving a casual nod in acknowledgment, both sides quickly entered weapon selection mode.

It was very straightforward for Kostan as he picked the heavy soldier armor and helmet as well as a shield. Other than All-Mouthy King, there was no one else in the elite division who would choose different weapons. Weapons were things that determined how one’s combat setup was like and whether it was possible to fight in the given environment. No one would sacrifice their area of expertise on a throw of the dice.

After a few seconds, the eyes of a large number of people turned round as All-Mouthy King started his weapon selection.

It’s random weapons, random weapons appeared once more!

This kind of behavior wasn’t something the group could endure. It was because such a person shouldn’t exist. This was behavior that courted death, yet it was unbelievable why he hadn’t died yet!

“Fuck, I’m truly born from a dog! I only considered the strength comparison between both parties and forgot to think about their IQ!”

“Hang and beat him to a rhythm!”

“This is too unfair! Can I return my ticket to stop the bet?” There had been quite a number who participated in some gambling. Some had bet on All-Mouthy King since, considering his strength, he really did have a fighting chance if he fought properly.

In an instant there was a large number of people who wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves as they had all bet on this fellow, All-Mouthy King. This was called being lively. In fact, as students, they had only spent a few scraps of cash and bought it for fun. No one would actually bet on All-Mouthy King in the hopes of getting rich. Passion, however, was still a necessity.

The smile on Arnold Teuton’s face quickly turned devious as he sent a message to Laura with haste. “Captain, looking at such a lively situation, why don’t we buy some to test our luck?”

“We’ll talk about that after you’ve paid off your debt!”

Debt… when he thought about this, Arnold felt as though his entire body had gone numb. He could partially feel small bear claws gently caressing and stroking his delicate body…

Honestly, Laura felt a little worried. When facing this kind of heavy soldier, a ranged weapon would definitely be the best choice as it was mutually oppressive!

In the end, a fiery red, high-end, impressive looking, top grade, high explosive flame cannon appeared in All-Mouthy King’s hands.

This was the special rune flame cannon Sharmie held. It was a ranged firearm that was able to output high soul power. It could also be naturally supplemented with one’s special ability. This kind of super high soul power explosive weapon was simply like using a sickle against a rabbit. It was very easy to use and didn’t allow heavy soldiers any space to demonstrate their skills and techniques.

Sharmie’s face, which had been calm and collected, now revealed a smile. Everything had its weaknesses. What she loved most was to fight against heavy soldiers. Those slow, cumbersome fellows were just living targets for her. The more outstanding one’s defense, the greater the satisfaction she got.

As long as one had enough soul power, one could definitely beat their opponent until their mom couldn’t recognize them anymore!

Of course, that was assuming one had ample soul power.

Everyone watching the live broadcast instantly quieted down. Then a large mass of spitting sounds could be heard. In the next moment, all of those supporters felt as though they were on Cloud 9 and had tears streaming down their cheeks. Finally, there was some justice for All-Mouthy King. He had finally randomly got a weapon that could actually suppress his opponent.

“Brother King is formidable! Everything he did in routine!!”

“How displeased is the system with Kostan?”

“Brother King is simply bursting with luck! He must have helped at least a hundred grannies cross the road!”

As for the question of soul power, everyone wasn’t too concerned about that. A person who had such combat prowess wouldn’t have just 50 grassos of soul power.

With the battlefield confirmed, both parties entered.

Wang Zhong felt as though he had instantly traveled to an extremely special world.

It was a slightly dusky world with a biting chill and cold winds that came from all directions. Beneath his feet was cracked frost.

The sky was filled with thick layers of black clouds and one could see massive black vortexes in the distance. The wind carried with it white snow that passed through the heavens and earth.
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    《Battle Frenzy》