Battle Frenzy
108 Chapter 108 – Forbidden Soul Space
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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108 Chapter 108 – Forbidden Soul Space

Chapter 108 – Forbidden Soul Space

Those youths who had been feeling excited and fired up all died down immediately. It wasn’t just them, even Laura and Sharmie felt despair.

This kind of luck was dead set on defying the heavens.

Forbidden Soul Space!

“The fuck, it must be playing with me…”

“Forbidden Soul Space?!”

“Out of a few hundred battlefields, the Forbidden Soul Space was the one being chosen?”

“Fuck me! I’ve just betted on All Mouthy King! I’m done. I’ll have to drink cold water to make myself full this month!”

“Such a profound scheme…”

There were many random battlefields in the OP and they all had various differences and even exceptional climates. There were maps with exceptional terrains, giving the participants inside a chance to adapt to different combat environments. Yet, even among these numerous maps, the Forbidden Soul Space was the most special of them all.

The influence of dimensional energy created a few forbidden regions for mankind. Not only were there powerful mutated beasts inside, but it would often appear in regions that prohibited the use of soul power. This was lethal for current humans. No matter how strong, once soul power was prohibited one would just end up as mutated beast chow.

Not to mention using soul power to attack, one couldn’t even muster up instinctive defenses there. It was a place permeated with some peculiar laws that mankind couldn’t understand. The only thing they knew was that all use of soul power was invalid!

This was enough to make all ranged soldiers, assassins, and any occupation relying on skills, techniques, and soul power feel despair when fighting in such an environment. The only ones with some level of combat capability left were the heavy and all-rounded soldiers. After all, they put a higher emphasis on physical training than the other occupations and fully relied on their tough and resilient bodies to pull off their skills and techniques.

The OP system was really having too much fun. First it gave All-Mouthy King a high explosive flame cannon specialized at countering heavy soldiers, then it randomized a Forbidden Soul Space.

So what if you had a high explosive flame cannon that specializes countering heavy soldiers? Without soul power, are you going to use ghosts as cannonballs? Give him hope, then give him despair. Was the OP system in fact the true father of Kostan?

In the past there had been people who suspected All-Mouthy King of being the son of the OP system. Yet from the looks of it, he fell short of Kostan.

“Let’s go, let’s go. I no longer want to watch this any longer. This is too disgusting. Even if Mouthy loses, I won’t accept it!”

‘This is too unfair! What kind of fight is this? This is simple humiliation! I’m not watching this. Fucking shit! I’ll go back and find my girlfriend. I fucking abandoned a warm bed just to see this!?”

“What a piece of shit. It’s he who had to show off and insist on randomizing! If you don’t have the strength, don’t do it!”

“Yes, finally support has come from the higher ups! I’ve long awaited this day! Haha. Even I have doubts as to whether Cannon-Mouthy King could even operate such a high explosive cannon! Yea! Hahaha.”

“The true love is between Kostan and the system!”

“There’s no need to be afraid! Brother King still has the Instantaneous Oscillating Fist!”

“This is the Forbidden Soul Space! Oscillating Fist your face, what Oscillating Fist!?”

Even Laura who was watching on her skylink didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or whether to make complaints. This was truly a one-sided battle. The true value of this fight had been greatly reduced.

However, what that person said was still correct. All-Mouthy King still had his Oscillating Fist. As a member of the Potter clan, the representatives of the pinnacle of bare-handed combat, it was obvious that her understanding of the Instantaneous Oscillating Fist was above that of others.

Oscillating Fist was a technique that required a perfect fusion between physical strength and soul power. A person who mastered this technique definitely wouldn’t have a weak physical body. Yet, without soul power 80% of the Oscillating Fist’s power couldn’t be displayed. If it were any ordinary heavy soldier, then Laura felt All-Mouthy King still had some chance of achieving victory. His opponent, however, was the one nicknamed the Human Tank.

As both parties entered the arena the atmosphere grew somewhat strange. Kostan didn’t want to waste such an opportunity to compare notes with All-Mouthy king. Although victory was important, once one reached his current level, it couldn’t compare with a proper exchange of notes with another person of high standards.

“Do you want to switch maps?” Kostan asked. He didn’t take immediate action upon entering. This was just a training platform for him. What he thirsted for more was to cross hands with an opponent who was at his best condition.

A chance!

Gods above, the gods above have opened their eyes once more! Foolish Kostan started to show off and gave All-Mouthy King, who had failed in his own showing off, a chance to achieve victory!

But contrary to everyone’s thoughts, All-Mouthy King just shook his head and threw away the weapon he held.

As they watched this scene play out before their eyes, that group of passionate little fellows that were just about to become elated quickly felt their hearts break once more.

This time, it made everyone feel too powerless to continue their ridicule. If you couldn’t break something with a hammer, how could a club have it any easier?

In contrast to the audience’s reactions, Kostan’s eyes lit up. He could feel the self-confidence radiating from All-Mouthy King. This fellow wasn’t acting like a broken shell of himself.

This seemed more and more interesting!

“There aren’t many who can use the Instantaneous Oscillating Fist within our generation,” Kostan said as he removed his helmet. “It looks as though you are very confident over your own soul power.”

Ding Dang.

A loud crash was heard as the steel helmet was casually tossed to the ground by him. A huge pit appeared and the ground cracked where the helmet was embedded.

From the viewing gallery came a string of spitting sounds. How heavy was this thing?

“A person like you cannot be some obscure and unknown nobody. You should be very confident in the toughness of your body.”


That thick and heavy breastplate also made a hole as it fell to the ground. Kostan slowly took off his heavy armor which covered him from head to toe and revealed a physique that exploded with exquisite yet terrifyingly numerous muscles.

If this had been a true fight then Kostan wouldn’t have minded crushing his opponent directly. Yet, for the purpose of a fight to absorb the essence of combat in order to increase his experience, he couldn’t wear such armour. If he did, it would have resulted in his opponent making no progress even if they were to hit him for an entire day.

This fellow was 2.3 meters tall. The size of his bicep was almost as wide as All-Mouthy King’s head! Even his forearms were as large as All-Mouthy King’s legs!”

Not only did he look big, his muscles gave people an incomparably hard and solid feeling. It was if he were made by sticking glossy stones together. Every action he made affected the rest of his body as though he were a single piece, as though he were the most sophisticated kinetic energy machine. He was more like some beast that arrived from the great antiquity. His gigantic body contained an unimaginable amount of vitality and strength.

Numerous densely packed scars covered the surface of his body and no less than a dozen were obviously made from knives, bullets, and claw marks. They caused everyone’s skin to crawl when they were revealed, especially that horizontal claw mark that nearly stretched across the width of his chest. From the looks of it, that injury had been from a few years ago which made it all the more shocking.

Those living in the cities with a vile environment like Stogel City were far more intrepid that those living inside inland cities. Not only did they need to fight against a nasty environment, they also had to face attacks from many more mutated beasts than those living further inland. The scars on his body looked frightening, but to those from Stogel it displayed a soldier’s glory!

“We shouldn’t let some randomizing system give us an unfair way of deciding victory, especially for such an interesting comparison of ‘notes’ between you and I,” Kostan spoke with both hands in front of his chest. This was the standard salute of northern soldiers. With a trace of provocation on his face he said, “Come!”
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    《Battle Frenzy》