Battle Frenzy
109 Chapter 109 – Men Must Have Good Bodies!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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109 Chapter 109 – Men Must Have Good Bodies!

Chapter 109 – Men Must Have Good Bodies!

No one assumed Kostan was showing off when he removed his armour. It wasn’t like when Brother King tossed aside his weapon. The bravery and self-confidence of the Oleg clan held a famed reputation inside the Federation. This was true strength, a model and example of character unlike All-Mouthy King’s deliberate acting.

“This is the difference. Look at that aura coming from this Oleg clan member. I really want to see what shape All-Mouthy King ends up as after getting beat by him.”

Quite a few people in the viewing gallery started to get fired up again as they found a new reason to watch. On the other side, All-Mouthy King’s supporters weren’t able to relax.

A biting cold wind blew past, its touch akin to cold knives brushing against their bodies.

As a leaf fluttered past Kostan’s gaze, a brilliant light flashed across his eyes.

Although Kostan’s defence suffered a drop due to him removing the armor, his speed had instead risen by more than just two-old. He exploded out toward All-Mouthy King with that bear-like body.

Kostan’s figure disappeared for an instant before appearing in front of All-Mouthy King. This speed!?

Was this still the Forbidden Soul Space? He was like a quick and nimble beast!

All-Mouthy King seemed stunned by Kostan’s speed. As everyone watched, he was hit squarely in the chest by Kostan’s surging strength.


All-Mouthy King was completely smashed and sent flying seven to eight meters. Fuck, was this the end?

Who could have though that even without the support of soul power, that Kostan wouldn’t be that heavily impacted by it.

This was a fist of despair.

Kostan smiled faintly, then said, “Stand up.”

His fist hadn’t hit his opponent squarely as some of Kostan’s strength was negated. Also, the physical quality of someone able to utilize Oscillating Fist wouldn’t be poor.

Wang Zhong stood and brushed away the dust on his body. He didn’t know whether it was the stimulation from the alcohol earlier or his current opponent, but he felt extremely excited. So excited he decided to just eat his opponent’s fist.

In the next second, Kostan launched another attack.


Two fists viciously slammed into each other. It created an immense rebound force that sent Wang Zhong reeling backward no less than 17-18 meters. With a stomp he actually managed to withstand that force rather than fall over.

A hard to express light of excitement flashed past Kostan’s eyes. This fellow can actually compete against me in punches? He had assumed his opponent would use his speed to fight him.

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, All-Mouthy King’s spun. With his back to Kostan, his leg whipped and smashed out.


He blocked it with his right arm and noticed that his opponent’s leg strength was astonishingly high. Kostan’s arm felt slightly numb after blocking the attack.

In the next instant All-Mouthy King launched a frenzied barrage of attack.


Punch against punch. Kick against kick!

It was obvious that the two were experts in close quarters combat. Their actions were quick and vicious while also accurate. Without the use of soul power, there were no earth-shattering sounds created by their fight, yet it still seemed even more dangerous and fierce. Everyone’s focus, however, was on Kostan’s body. Was this fucker really a heavy soldier?

He was actually able to fight with All-Mouthy King, someone who had the skills of an assassin, without being disadvantaged. There wasn’t that large a gap in their speed and nimbleness. This all-around combat comprehension of skills and techniques simply… made all of the other heavy soldiers want to smash their heads and die.

No one thought that All-Mouthy King could really resist Kostan’s strength. It was obvious that Kostan was just playing with him. This was the model example of an ‘eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. It was revenge against All-Mouthy King’s showmanship. This time, however, he met his match. For a heavy soldier able to display the skills and techniques of an assassin, crushing All-Mouthy King was only a matter of time..

Laura’s gaze turned fiery as she knew Kostan really was restraining his true might. She had a great understanding and knowledge of Kostan. Every member of that clan were lunatics, and this Kostan was a prime example of the group. What he experienced was outside what the Freedom Federation considered normal. Only through such experience would he become a heavy soldier that was both pliable and tough. The self-confidence he exuded was the result of those scars riddling his body.

This match would serve as a very good reference point for her.

Although All-Mouthy King fought furiously, the entire flow of the battle was in Kostan’s hands. Like controlling a puppet, it was obvious that Kostan was probing All-Mouthy King’s limits.

Ah, the vile interest of experts.

Suddenly, in the middle of the fight, a sliver of a grin appeared on the corners of Kostan’s mouth. He made a feint during his oppression, then launched his body forward like a ferocious beast. His shoulder was smashed into All-Mouthy King. As their bodies fused into one, an earth-shaking sound rang out.


All-Mouthy King rocketed off like a cannonball and violently crashed into a mound not far from their melee. Crushed rock and dirt flew everywhere as All-Mouthy King was instantly buried beneath the rubble.

Kostan stood and shook his head slightly. It seemed he thought too much of the match. This guy seemed to truly believe he could compete against him. This naivety was slightly cute.

Heavy soldiers weren’t disdainful of the fancy skills and techniques assassins deployed. Their focus on defence was to increase the strength of the squadron. How could it be stupid to assume they didn’t have any offensive techniques? Ordinary heavy soldiers might follow that ideal, but those with a bit of strength had an instantaneous explosive power that was much more terrifying than their defence.

Watching the present situation, everyone had goosebumps running along their bodies. With that level of impact, even if soul power was used any weaker soldier would have already lost consciousness.


At this time, crushed rock exploded outward as All-Mouthy King walked out from the rubble. He swept the broken stone and soil from his body and found that his shirt had been ripped to shreds. It had obviously been torn from the heavy impact. He casually tore the shirt off and stretched his neck as though he’d just done a pretty good warm-up.

Almost everyone had assumed All-Mouthy King wouldn’t be able to crawl away from that impact. Yet from the looks of it, there didn’t seem to be any… observable injuries… at least, if the shirt wasn’t considered a part of it.

If Kostan’s bulging muscles gave people a feeling of being carved from pieces of glistening hard rocks, then All-Mouthy King’s physique gave off a different kind of impact. None of his muscles were exaggerated, and instead he looked weak and frail with a shirt on. It was a look that was exceptionally suited for assassins and ranged soldiers.

Instead, the contours and lines of his body were exceptionally graceful and elegant. They didn’t protrude, nor did they make him look that strong or rugged. Yet, it was a physique that still gave the impression of an unlimited amount of strength contained within. This contrast made everyone feel strange.

Laura and Sharmie both concentrated on his body and suddenly felt his physique was alluring and attractive.

Men loved to admire the bodies of women. This was an undeniable fact and was basic instinct. This was the same for women as well. There was only a small minority that preferred men with an exaggerated amount of muscles. Girls loved men who had unimaginable strength, not unimaginable muscles.

In this aspect at least, All-Mouthy King gained a portion of the female audience’s support. Naturally, he also provoked those who had already opposed him from the start.

What was pleasure? It was meeting the right person at the right time at the right location!

If it hadn’t been for the Forbidden Soul Space, the combat style used by the two of them would have been different. Yet, it was precisely this kind of fight that made the current Wang Zhong feel the most pleasure.

Holding his neck, he cracked his head from side to side. Feeling an ample amount of interest, he spoke a few more words than he would have usually done. “My warm-up’s done. It’s time to get serious.”

Kostan felt happy. His acting lines had actually gotten stolen! This fellow really was a boss!
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    《Battle Frenzy》