Battle Frenzy
110 Chapter 110 – A Brutal Attack
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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110 Chapter 110 – A Brutal Attack

Chapter 110 – A Brutal Attack

With an explosion, All-Mouthy King’s figure disappeared. In the next moment, Kostan viciously sent a fist out.


Although All-Mouthy King was fast, Kostan’s eyesight, response time, and judgement skills were all top-notch. Rushing straight at him, was he just looking for death?

All-Mouthy King was two sizes smaller than Kostan, yet he was actually able to block his heavy strike with a single hand. This made Kostan truly gawk for an instant. In that instant, All-Mouthy King lunged forward and smashed directly against Kostan’s abdomen. The heavy blow was so obvious that audience could feel the violent contraction of his abdomen.

All-Mouthy King’s attack had just begun, however, and after that one successful strike, he threw a leg out like a cannonball.

Sky-charging Cannon!


An ultra-heavy uppercut to the chin made Kostan’s head shoot back as he faced the sky. It was only because of his overbearing body that he was able to keep his center of gravity under control. Yet, because of the uppercut his thought process was delayed by a beat. By the time his gaze managed to lock back onto All-Mouthy King, a roundhouse kick was already heading his way. Kostan subconsciously extended a hand to block it, but he was a tad bit too slow…


Kostan’s gigantic body swayed and staggered for the first time as he was sent flying backward eight to nine meters before he finally managed to stabilize himself. As he kept himself from falling over, blood flowed from his head and dripped from his ears.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, All-Mouthy King slowly withdrew his legs and had no intention of chasing after Kostan. A sliver of excitement had appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The entire viewing gallery turned silent for a second before a flurry of whispers rang out. Did we just see a ghost?

How strong was his body? Wasn’t he an assassin? Wasn’t it a ranged soldier?

Kostan wiped the blood on his face. This little injury… didn’t even hurt. Kostan smiled and said, “Looks like I underestimated you. It’s time to get a little serious!”

Bang… bang…

Two consecutive sounds erupted as they dashed towards each other at the same time. Kostan utilized a heavy soldier’s dash while All-Mouthy King… did the exact same move. This…


When they met in the middle, the two men instantly threw a rain of punches and attacks on each other. Both parties acted as if they had some sort of grudge with each other as they failed to mount any sort of defence. None of their attacks went below the belt and they completely fought with punches!

Like a chorus of thunder, those heavy punches rumbled out one after another. Kostan’s fist, which looked as though it could pulverize All-Mouthy King to a bloody pulp, was actually blocked time and time again. This little skiff which seemed to rock precariously within the vast ocean was actually a towering mountain!

Wang Zhong released as much of the power in his body as he liked and was truly carefree about it. His entire being hurt, but it all felt extremely satisfying. That unworldly pain and suffering he’d felt when young gave him an understanding of pain incomparable to others. To him, pain was just a sign of one being alive, of truly living.

Both of their fists were covered with blood. Pain was also something Kostan didn’t dwell on. The two parties came to a tacit agreement. In this moment, Kostan felt his opponent wasn’t an assassin, but an absolute soldier!

In this era, body shape and physique wasn’t an absolute standard that determined occupation. An overbearingly strong body didn’t equate to being a soldier.

Within two minutes, both parties had launched over a hundred punches each. Blood splattered freely around them. Kostan, even with his longer limbs and superior strength, couldn’t muster the slightest advantage.

Watching this brutal and ruthless level of assault, the viewing gallery audience were already shocked to their core. Such a small stature… what ghost is this?

Could it be that the two wanted to hit each other like that until one of them died?

This doubtful question obviously didn’t exist. Regardless of whether it were Wang Zhong or Kostan, the two were trying to find a gap in the other party’s defence. The initiative wasn’t on Wang Zhong’s side, but on Kostan as he had the absolute superior physique.

Suddenly, a heavy punch rumbled out and a tremor rocked both bodies as the ground cracked and split. Wang Zhong had been on alert, but after Kostan’s attack he followed up with a heavy soldier’s instantaneous consecutive combo. It was vitally important to take the initiative in combat..

Taking advantage of this split second where All-Mouthy King froze, Kostan swung his arms in an attempt to clap All-Mouthy King’s head. The distance was a bit far, but what Kostan used was his palms. If those gigantic palms landed on All-Mouthy King’s head, then even if his head didn’t explode it would definitely crush his brain into a pulp.

It was like smacking a watermelon.

In this moment, there was no time for Wang Zhong to interrupt the attack. From beginning to end Kostan had mastered the rhythm and initiative of the fight. After all, the gap between their physiques couldn’t be changed.

Everyone waited with baited breaths. At this stage, with such a close distance, it was already desperate.


In a split moment, Kostan’s palms slapped against each other.

Was it broken?

Everyone watching the scene before them had eyes as round as circles…

Kostan’s palms were just a few centimeters from Wang Zhong’s brain. Just the wind pressure alone had carved out two slits on his cheeks. Yet, Kostan’s palms were pierced by Wang Zhong. He had crossed his hands and pierced them with his fingers.

Next, Wang Zhong suddenly tugged downward with his hands. With his fingers acting as the hooks connected to Kostan’s palms, Kostan wasn’t able to stop his body from being dragged down. Wang Zhong’s entire body then shot straight up and, with a flip, he leapt over Kostan’s head. The move caused Kostan’s arms to suddenly twist behind his body…

This was also a chance for Kostan, his eyes sparkling with the colour of blood. Although his hands were under a near unbearable amount of pain, this was still a competition of pure strength…

Kostan soon knew he had made a mistake. Before Wang Zhong landed on the ground, he sent a kick toward Kostan’s lower back.


Kostan received this high pressure strike and…


… an ear-piercing sound rang out.

Kostan’s right hand was dislocated from the tug, and his left hand seemed to be broken. Both arms looked ghastly as they hung down from his body at shocking angles.

All-Mouthy King then jumped back and didn’t take advantage of his success to chase after victory.

The entire viewing gallery had already turned silent. It was midnight, yet the number of people had unknowingly surpassed fifteen thousand. The number watching through the skylink was already close to thirty thousand.

Wasn’t this Kostan Oleg?

Did this super heavy soldier, this ultra expert of the northern region, actually get beaten so disastrously in a competition of strength?

On the other side, All-Mouthy King’s supporters sighed with regret. Big bro, why didn’t you chase after your victory? This was such a nice opportunity to finish him off.

Kostan slowly turned around and faced All-Mouthy King. His eyes didn’t show any sign of pain, but instead glowed with a light akin to a wild beast in excitement.

“I never imagined I would have to actually use this ability I prepared for the CHF. Yet, as my opponent, you are indeed worthy of it.” Kostan seemed slightly emotional. To say this mean Juan’s loss hadn’t been undeserved. He himself was a freak, and the person before him was the same.

Kostan’s muscles suddenly shivered. It was as if an innumerable number of worms were suddenly squirming within, giving him a grotesque appearance. His twisted, dislocated arms bent back to their original positions in an instant. Although his left hand had been broken, his right wasn’t.

With a crack, his right arm popped back into place. Blood vessels started to appear across the surface of his entire body like squirming earthworms. Once they stopped moving, they looked like a network of wires made of steel pressed against his skin.

The current Kostan was like a ballooned up version of himself. A murderous aura started streaming from him. It was as if he weren’t human anymore, but a mutated beast.
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    《Battle Frenzy》