Battle Frenzy
111 Chapter 111 – Carefree and Unrestrained
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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111 Chapter 111 – Carefree and Unrestrained

Chapter 111 – Carefree and Unrestrained

Muscle controlling special ability!

The Forbidden Soul Space restricted soul power, but it wasn’t able to fully stop the flow of soul power. In most situations, one’s soul power would be lost, and the function of their special ability wouldn’t be that great. This obviously didn’t restrict Kostan’s special ability. Not only that, but his other than his broken hand the rest of his bodily wounds had already disappeared.

Wang Zhong started his attack.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

Five consecutive punches landed on Kostan’s body. The resulting sounds were akin to blows against an exoskeleton. None of the force from his punches were able to penetrate through.


With a mere wave of his hand, a cut appeared on Wang Zhong’s chest even though he’d dodged it in an instant. For Kostan, exerting this kind of force was nothing, but Wang Zhong couldn’t withstand this casual attack.

The reversal of the combat situation was too fast for everyone. All-Mouthy King had been about to win, yet was now suddenly beaten back. Could this Kostan even be considered human? He was simply a monster.

Laura’s heart sank. From the looks of it, the rumours had been true; The Oleg clan’s Kostan had increased his physical strength to a degree which could guard against attacks. Yet from the looks of it, this was a completely different kind of strength altogether. He was just like a monster.

Without soul power… even if one had soul power, one might not be able to break through that defence. In fact, Kostan’s current defence was no different than that of a mutated beast.

A stifled atmosphere engulfed the entire viewing gallery as everyone felt intimidated by Kostan’s formidability. All-Mouthy King was indeed very strong, but an everlasting legend was nothing but a beautiful dream that couldn’t exist in reality. All-Mouthy King had no special ability. Even if he held the nickname of a mysterious expert, there was no hope for him in a place like this where soul power was prohibited.

Even the usually lively and constantly ridiculing OP discussion forums were extremely quiet. In fact, regardless of whether they liked or disliked him, he was still a form of sustenance to them. All-Mouthy King was truly capable, but there wasn’t any such thing as being truly ‘all-rounded’ in this world.

Kostan gazed at All-Mouthy King. The system generated mask didn’t reveal his expression, so he wasn’t able to admire the look of despair in his opponent. It was a pity he didn’t have much time. He couldn’t maintain this state for more than a minute. In addition, he would have to recuperate as this action consumed a great deal of latent energy. It was time to end this.


A loud roar rang out as Kostan disappeared from his original location. The increase in strength gave him an explosive might, and the quality of his attack speed was already at the same level as a flash movement. Kostan was like an ancient, mythological beast as he enveloped All-Mouthy King in his attack, two fists smashing down directly.

Wang Zhong, of course, didn’t stay still. He met the attack with a punch of his own.

A sliver of a cold smile appeared at the corners of Kostan’s mouth. It was the smile of an expert. Nevermind one punch, even a hundred punches—


Kostan’s body turned stiff as his heart stopped for a beat.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

After landing his first punch dead on, All-Mouthy King’s following blows were like springs as they furiously smashed against Kostan’s abdomen. Kostan’s massive body shook violently, and his right fist already lost all of his strength.

Kostan clenched his teeth stubbornly as he gathered all of his energy into his chest. This… was this Oscillating Fist!?

This wasn’t possible! Oscillating Fist required soul power!

Bang, bang!

Kostan soon felt he wasn’t as strong as he’d thought. He had already lost feeling in his abdominal muscles. The strength from those blows didn’t affect the skin of his abdomen, but directly penetrated through his outermost defences. It felt like the penetrative force that came from Oscillating Fist. Yet, there was one thing he couldn’t understand—how could All-Mouthy King unleash all of these Oscillating Fists without soul power?

A blood-thirsty glint shone from Kostan’s eyes. As the number one successor to the Oleg clan, he’d been sent to the outskirts of the northern region. It was a desolate world there, one that was brimming with various dangers. He lived in this world, keeping himself from dying to the point where he went so far as to use his teeth to kill his enemies. Victory and defeat wouldn’t be determined until the last breath!

Kostan gave up on defence and thrust the index and middle fingers of his right hand at All-Mouthy King. Attacking an opponent’s weak point would definitely make him go on the defensive.

BANG! Whoosh…

The next moment, everything calmed as Kostan’s hand weakened and stopped in mid-air.

The entire world turned silent.

All-Mouthy King’s fist had penetrated Kostan’s body.

Kostan Oleg, named as one of the three great heavy soldiers of the northern region.

Deathly silence filled the viewing gallery. This scene before their eyes deeply shocked the hearts of all watching.

“This… isn’t Osci… llating Fist.” Kostan’s body had begun to turn indistinct. This was the sign of one who was about to leave the Fifth Dimension.

Wang Zhong withdrew his right hand. “Doubled Force.”

This was the respect he gave his opponent. It had been a very hard match and was immensely fun.

Victory to All-Mouthy King!

Wang Zhong felt exceptionally satisfied after such a battle. As he was worked to the point where his entire body was covered with sweat, the alcohol in his system had already dissipated. His emotions were at their highest, and while there had been a trace of being ‘headstrong’ in the latter half of the match, one did have to release every once in a while It seemed he should drink less of this thing called wine…

Wang Zhong had left right after the fight, but the number of people in the OP viewing gallery had actually continued to increase slowly. There was a possibility of it breaking through twenty thousand viewers. Everyone had been stupefied by All-Mouthy King’s last punch. His fist had actually managed to pierce through Kostan, the Oleg clan’s glory… and this was under the restriction of being unable to utilize his soul power.

Laura was shocked to the core. She didn’t try to underestimate All-Mouthy King, yet in the end she had still underestimated him: completely unyielding as he entered into combat with a superbly built soldier. Even though she’d been born into an ancient clan, one that had survived the dark era with their fist methods, she was still unable to believe and fully understand what she’d just witnessed. There was actually such a terrifying kind of strength in this world, and it wasn’t Oscillating Fist…

The sounds of whispers could be heard across the entire viewing gallery and it just kept growing. This was a match free of any flair and extravagance. The match had been free of skill and technique, just a purely head-to-head fight with just their physical bodies on the line. It brimmed with a soldier’s manliness, violence, and aesthetics. Yet, the one that had been blown away was actually Kostan Oleg. If this were mentioned coming from any academy within the entire Federation, then no one would have believed it.

Using assassin techniques to finish off an assassin. Using ranged soldier techniques to kill a ranged soldier. Using heavy soldier techniques to blow away a heavy soldier. Could it be that All-Mouthy King really meant being an Almighty King?

Those in the viewing gallery wanted a sense of rationalism to appear. This wasn’t possible, was what they told themselves. There was no such thing as an all-rounded soldier. The captain who leads and commands the squadron may seem all-rounded, but in fact, this was just to maintain harmony within the squadron. They were mainly in charge of overseeing the entire squadron’s situation. There was, in fact, no one who was truly an all-around combatant.

Despite this, All-Mouthy King defied this logic.

Doubled Force?

While it sounded simple, this two-folded power, what kind of Doubled Force could pierce through the body of a heavy soldier in a situation where soul power was forbidden!?
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    《Battle Frenzy》