Battle Frenzy
112 Chapter 112 – Secret Weapon
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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112 Chapter 112 – Secret Weapon

Chapter 112 – Secret Weapon

Once humans lost their advantage of soul power, they became the weaklings at the bottom of Earth’s food chain. Despite this, All-Mouthy King managed to defy this rule.

“Are you guys still saying that All-Mouthy King is some hyperdimensional beast that had entered our dimension?”

“I just think that it’s too inconceivable and unfathomable. How can there be such a strong person?”

“Silly humans. As if Brother King is someone you guys can take a guess at.”

Those inside the OP discussion forum were already flipping out. Quite a large number of All-Mouthy King’s fans didn’t give a damn and started to praise him to no end. They didn’t care about rationality or the truth and were instead willing to believe what they had just witnessed. They were still going crazy over this, but this was how group mentality worked. This was simply part of life.

They were indeed quite irrational, but the vast majority of those that were rational were currently stuck in a deep mire of confusion. If such a person like All-Mouthy King existed and was hiding in some academy, how frightening would that be?

Some of the more rational individuals started to suspect that this was some sort of campaign set up by an academy or clan in preparation for the CHF Great Competition. They got a super genius coupled with the backing of a strong clan to foster his development, so it made sense that all this was done to shock everyone in a single move.

All-Mouthy King, a name filled with a sense of ridicule and provocation. Could it be that he wished to tell all of the powerful ones of the younger generation that they were just inferior before his might?

Analyses of All-Mouthy King started to erupt from place to place as the crowd’s ability to comprehend was very formidable. It got to the point that there were even some ideas that were so deep that Wang Zhong would not have ever thought about them even in his dreams.

“You are all newbies. The reason why Brother King hadn’t come online for a month was because you all are too weak! Look, there isn’t even a single person who can provide a battle decent enough to give Brother King a proper warmup! Next time, Brother King will fight ten!1”

“The prestige of the higher ups! Why I do I feel that these super geniuses who had proclaim themselves to be the kings of the northern region to be nothing but newbies before the might of Brother King!”

“Does Brother King accept disciples!?”

“Is anyone of the opinion that Brother King is some mysterious soldier nurtured by the Five Great Clans?”

Within the entire Freedom Federation, only the Five Great Clans possessed the ability to produce such a marvel.

As he replayed the entire fight video, Kostan Oleg didn’t say a single word. He had actually been pierced through. This was something deemed inconceivable if one had solely relied upon the strength of one’s physical body. However, he had learnt from experience that this was possible having personally experienced that terrifying level of power and technique contained within that one fist..

Without the support of soul power, the strength of a human’s physical body was limited unless one was able to successfully master a technique with ample strength. It was common practice, however, for academies to instead focus on the pursuit of soul power training. Yet, those who came from a clan would know that the various Great Clans held training methods that focused on placing one’s physical body in extremely high regard.

After a long period of time and repeated research, the clans had discovered that soul power could be classified as a weapon. If one wanted the weapon to grow stronger, a more powerful physical body was necessary to match up to it so that their soul power could be utilised more efficiently. If one was able to exhibit a high level of power with just one’s physical body, incorporating a strong body with soul power would result in their level of lethality to skyrocket.

It was obvious that All-Mouthy King had achieved this. Yet, what made Kostan truly puzzled was which occupation did All-Mouthy King truly major in? In the beginning, he’d assumed All-Mouthy King to be an assassin as his fight with Brooks had indeed been extremely brilliant.

And yet… this battle made Kostan feel the topic of his occupation to become truly indecipherable. A person that could train and exhibit such a powerful fist definitely wasn’t an assassin as assassins were known for their subterfuge skills, not for their physical prowess. Fusing multiple styles together had been seen as impossible as a single person’s energy and capabilities were always limited. Could it be that he’d truly started training ever since he was in his mother’s womb?

Perhaps he really was related to the Five Great Clans. Or, perhaps, he was not a member of the Federation?

As he thought about this, Kostan laughed bitterly. There were truly more capable people in the world. It looks like his originally beautiful dream for the CHF would have to be completely re-evaluated.

Ma Dong spent the entire class using his books to cover his face as he slept on the table with a grin on his face. One could only imagine what sort of beautiful dream he was having.

This was Professor Moore’s class. As the head of the rune department, Moore was famous for being strict, and Ma Dong Dong’s grades were worrying.

Wang Zhong tried to elbow him awake a few times but to no avail. He was helpless to do anything more.

Today’s main lesson focused on the development of rune weapons and how they came to be. It was a bit similar to history lessons, which meant the moral of most of the students wasn’t very high.

For youths, the most interesting component of the lessons was when Professor Moore gave analyses and explanations on the various new types of rune weapons. During the course of history, many different weapons had already been eliminated and scraped. So what was the point of knowing and understanding them? There wouldn’t be a use for them in the future.

In contrast to them, Wang Zhong loved these kinds of stories a lot. There was a very large difference between modern rune weapons and those of the past. Weapons from that era had souls. Understanding a weapons’ origins didn’t only require one to understand their history, but also the intent and original purpose behind their creation. Only then could one truly understand every intricate detail of the weapon’s construction.

“Of the three great inventions of the Freedom Federation, it was undoubtedly that rune power that has had the greatest influence in the history of mankind’s wars and survival. The invention of rune power had shaped military warfare in the past as well as the creation of later military weaponry. Rune power could be said to be the greatest reason for mankind’s survival.

“Before its use, mankind was unable to break through the boundary of hot and cold weapon systems, regardless of how mankind tried to bring forth the potential held within weapon designs and combat tactics. It wasn’t until the widespread flourish of rune weapons that we were able to conform to the rules of this new era. This allowed us, humans, to finally initiate the evolution of the combat methods and styles that have stayed with us through the millenniums, giving rise to what we have today.”

After giving that long explanation, Moore paused for a bit. He naturally understood the restlessness the students felt after such a long speech, but there wasn’t anything he could do to change this.

“Rune weaponry and its development process was a very bumpy and extremely arduous journey. During this dark era, communication didn’t exist within the Freedom Federation. In this most critical, desperate era, each of the hundred cities of the Federation all fought their own battles. Even if new weapons were developed, it was difficult to spread them around…”

Not only was Moore the head of the rune department, he was also one of the most famous rune grandmasters in the entire Federation. He held an exceptionally vast amount of knowledge in the field of rune weapons. If one were to listen to his lessons with enough determination, one would walk away with knowledge from various diverse and neglected branches.

Rune weapons were indeed considered the most important and greatest invention of the Freedom Federation.

When the dark era arrived, the hundred cities of the Federation had yet to construct their transportation railways. The various great capital cities didn’t even have high and enormous defence walls. Beneath the onslaught of mutated beasts that rampaged during the days and nights, the hot weapons they had stocked up on and were heavily relied upon were completely used up within a decade even though they were said to last an entire century!

1. An Ip Man reference… kinda.
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