Battle Frenzy
120 Chapter 120 – Life and Death Coffin
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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120 Chapter 120 – Life and Death Coffin

Chapter 120 – Life and Death Coffin

“It isn’t tiring.” The bald youth was organisingthe water and dried food that the proprietor had brough tfor him. Raising his head, he continued, “It’s best that you don’t touch it.”

Molton sense that something was off as he withdrew his hand. The youth was obviously facing away from him, and yet, it seemed that he had eyes growing out the back of his head. “Were those the same words you used to scare those fellows off? Can the living really not touch it?”

“Those words weren’t said to simply scare him.” The baldy had already packed away his food and water. Taking out a few mutated beast teeth as payment and placing them on the counter, he turned and nodded towards Molton. “I will be heading off. Thanks once again for helping me out just now.”

Whoosh… after meeting such a ruthless and cruel fellow, Molton felt intoxicated. He had no intention of stealing the coffin from the youth and had only felt curiosity towards the brat. Another other person who had found out that he was from the Federation would immediately try to curry favour from him, and interestingly enough, this brat had done nothing of that sort. Instead, all he showed was indifference. However, the more he acted this way, the more interested Molton got.

“There’s no need for thanks!” Molton was also quite the free and easy person and simply gave him a big wave. “I’m Molton Potter. May I know your name?”

“Mu Zi.”

Just as those words were said, the bald youth was already some distance away. Though his steep weren’t fast and his strides appeared normal, within a blink of an eye, all that was left of him was the view of his back.

When he saw this, Molton was slightly dumbfounded. He rubbed his eyes. Was that ‘shortening the land into an inch’?

What the hell was this shit!?

As he thought this, the clanking of armor resounded from one end of the road.

Babulu, the scarface, had brought with him a huge squadron of guards and stormed back angrily. “That’s him!”

His face worn a fiendish expression as he pointed at Molton. Upon seeing Molton’s skin tone, Babulu faltered and was rendered speechless. The cloak had previously covered Molton’s face, making it hard to discern his skin tone.

Yellow skin?

What he saw next made him even more shocked. A symbol of a small cluster of flames could be seen on this man’s chest. This was a Freedom Federation sign, the insignia of the Potter Clan!

This fellow was an aristocratic clan member of the Freedom Federation and had come here for training!

Babulu’s face immediately turned pale.

The captain of the guards that had followed Babulu felt a headache coming on. In the desolate, uninhabited desert, a VIP of the Freedom Federation could be killed without anyone knowing. But this was Varzina Oasis, a public place with tons of people. Furthermore, for someone to actually dare to manhandle a person of the Freedom Federation in broad daylight! This would guarantee that person the title of the most wanted criminal in the entire Empire. It was a crime that led to the annihilation of one’s entire family!

A person like Molton absolutely wasn’t someone he could provoke.

Molton indicated for them to leave with a few waves of his hand, an expression of helplessness on his face. After chatting with the youth, he’d forgotten to re-equip his cloak. When he saw their expressions, he knew his identity had been exposed. Looks like I can’t continue the fight after all…

The guard captain turned his head viciously around. Just as he was about to teach Babula a lesson of causing such trouble, something unimaginable occurred.

A blood-curling shriek suddenly came from the ever-sturdy and robust Babulu as his entire body began to twitch violently, with his eyes wide open and bulging outwards. Anyone watching could see a faint blue glow instantly penetrated through his body. All moisture was immediately drawn out of his body. In a short span of ten seconds, this vigorous, lively, healthy man had turned into a standing dried-up corpse.

“Death God! Death God!”

Stunned and terrified, everyone scattered and fled in all directions. Quite a few began to prostrate themselves before the dried corpse in a dreaded and terrifying manner.

Only Molton kept his guard up. He watched as the sliver of blue light emanated from the dried corpse and, like a wisp of smoke, headed in the direction of the departed baldy before disappearing without a trace.

Babulu had only touched the coffin for an instant…

With lingering fear, Molton looked down at his hand. Dread and fear swam in his eyes. This was the world of the Golden Pyramid, a place casted between life and death…

A week’s worth of enriching curriculum came to an end far too quickly, and the delightful weekend was about to start. Wang Zhong had planned to immerse himself in training. The gains he’d attained from his fight with Kostan was considerable. When he was young, the thing that had tormented him the most was his weak and frail body. Now, the might of his body made him feel powerful.

Kostan had already been considered a BUG, yet he’d still been beaten by the heaven-defying Wang Zhong. The Fate Stone had stifled his potential and placed heavy restrictions on soul power. Even so, it had produced some benefits. Wang Zhong’s body had been steadily grown stronger with the nourishment from the mysterious Fate Stone. While this had been initially minute transformations, after such a long period of time, it had accumulated and evolved into a proper form of strength. At the same time, it enhanced the sensitivity of his five senses and elevated both his reaction and response speed to extraordinary levels.

It was like when he was able to execute the Flaming Dance Lotus during that battle after seeing Emily use it once. This kind of learning ability wasn’t something anyone could achieve.

Naturally, Wang Zhong placed a great deal of importance on the thought and ideas gained from fights. The strength of a genius wasn’t their outstanding level of intelligence, but their ability to understand, utilise and apply what they have learned to their fullest potential.

The fellow he had met yesterday had been Wang Zhong’s strongest opponent since stepping into the OP system. He was much stronger than the previous Brooks!

The restrictions imposed on him by the Forbidden Soul Space hadn’t really been that large. In comparison, Kostan had been the one to suffer from it. It was obvious to Wang Zhong that there was still a lot of room for Kostan’s muscle special ability to rise above what he’d simply displayed during the battle. Only when it was combined with soul power would that special ability be able to perfectly display its potential. After all, other than Wang Zhong, everyone else focused mainly on training their soul power.

It was satisfying to win and the fight had been very enjoyable. After calming himself down, Wang Zhong began to fully ponder about his pitiful soul power. When he engaged in high-level combat inside the CHF, how long would he be able to endure?

There will definitely be many hidden talents appearing to participate in the CHF. If he wanted to excel and go far, then he would have to raise all aspects of his abilities. At the same time, he would need to gather a few hidden trump cards. To him, the crosswheels seemed like a pretty good choice of weapon. This was especially after he had listened to the reasonings and explanations given by Professor Moore. He felt his comprehension and ideals with regards to using the crosswheels broadening with each explanation and understanding.

When he reached the training room with Ma Dong, all those that should be present were there. There was also a large group of female students shrieking and shouting from time to time on the third floor. Without looking, they already knew it should be Grai training inside the gravity room.

The second floor was more peaceful and quiet. Emily had already gotten used to locking the doors during her assassin training. Ever since she observed the match between Brooks and All-Mouthy King, the stimulation this little lass received hadn’t been small. For the past two days she had locked herself up inside the pitch-black room. Other than the light clinking of daggers that rang from the ‘cell’, no one had seen her.

Regardless of whether or not one was a new human, a girl should still place beauty before training. Yet, Emily seemed exceptionally determined to walk the path of an assassin. The imperceptible influence of a clan’s conviction had been drilled deep into her bones. All of this was done to make the clan’s strength grow stronger as time passed. This also contributed to the absolute might of the ruling class within the Freedom Federation.
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