Battle Frenzy
121 Chapter 121 – Cousin, Your Relative is Here!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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121 Chapter 121 – Cousin, Your Relative is Here!

Chapter 121 – Cousin, Your Relative is Here!

Other than them, Barran had spent day after day smashing and colliding. With the grunts and shouts he made with every impact, he became known as the Prodigy Society’s bell that rang at fixed intervals. There wasn’t even a need to look at the clock anymore as a rough estimate of the time could be acquired by listening to Barran’s shout of “Two-hundred and one! Three-hundred and nine!”

While he was very assiduous and persevered in his training, the results… were not anything astounding or great. While it is generally recognised that effort is necessary for there to be any results, there are times whereby your efforts would not be reciprocated with the equivalent results. With this in mind, everyone wished Barran all the best.

“Luxurious growth, such luxurious growth!” President Ma expressed his feelings with a sigh bursting with emotions. The current state of the Prodigy Society was pretty good. There were both elites and ordinary members. The fundamental components that made up a proper society was all in place. To expand the previously five-man society to this level in such a short period of time, just a little over a month, made Ma Dong feel, time and again, how truly great he was.

“So you really aren’t going on a date with Milami for the rest of the weekend?” Wang Zhong expressed his confusion at this sudden appearance. No matter how he looked at him, this fellow didn’t seem like the type of person who would willingly come to the society on a weekend.

When he heard Wang Zhong’s question, Ma Dong’s face twitched. It would’ve been good if it hadn’t been raised, but the mere mention of it seemed to set Ma Dong off.

Everyone had a lot of fun yesterday evening! He’d even been able to hold her precious hand and kiss her petite lips. From the looks of it, he would only have to take one more step before he could bed Milami. In the end, however, his request for a date was unexpectedly rejected.

The reason for her rejection was that her younger female cousin was coming to Black Rose to see her.

Fuck! What younger female cousin was more important than a man? If he was in her shoes, he wouldn’t give a shit even if ten older male cousins came to Tianjing City at the same time. The thing of higher priority was to accompany his Mi Mi!

When President Ma expressed his feelings of hurt, Milami’s replied that their love still wasn’t at a deep enough level for her to prioritise him over her blood relatives.

Younger female cousin?

Exactly who is this younger female cousin? Could it be that lithe, big-chested younger female cousin he saw previously when he stole a glance at Milami’s skylink?

He thought about the astonishment he’d felt upon peeking at her skylink. The view that greeted him made him experience a brief rush of blood to his head. Everyone was born with a curious mind and a heart that had a penchant for beauty. Besides, even if the person wasn’t her younger female cousin, just thinking about the good genes that reside in Mi Mi’s family made the anticipation worth it.

Oh god. This was such a good chance to display himself and he was actually missing it.

“Cough cough. You don’t seem to be a guy who likes to gossip, so what’s the use of asking me this? Shoo, shoo. Hurry up and go do your own training. Your president has a very important thing to do today! I won’t accompany you any longer!”

After Ma Dong’s contemplations, he hurriedly said a few sentences to Wang Zhong to chase him away before heading straight for the President’s Office. He locked the door, then began operating the high-magnification binoculars he had installed by the window. There was a reason for installing the binoculars at that particular location. One should be able to see furthest at higher places, and the closer something was, the clearer his sight of it. Hey, aren’t I a genius?

Come, younger female cousin; your brother-in-law is now prepared for your arrival!

Speak of the devil and the devil appears.

Just as President Ma completed his preparations, he spotted an oncoming group of people walking over around the corner of a building.

At the front of the group was Milami, Scarlet, and a girl dressed in red accompanying them. Behind them were a few other fellows dressed in the same red-coloured squadron outfits. It was obvious that they weren’t a squadron from Tianjing Academy. There were also another seven to eight beautiful members of Black Rose by their side. Seeing this arrangement, it showed that the party was from an influential background.

Those who dared to wear their ‘uniforms’ outside their academy generally had to have at least some kind of reputation. Otherwise, it would just be disgraceful to do so.

Eh, isn’t that?

Upon paying closer attention to the girl situated between Milami and Scarlet, Ma Dong felt his mind crashing. He then spotted the enormous group of frenzied students following the party closely. Everyone was holding their skylinks and were furiously taking pictures and there were even a few shrieks and cheers coming from this crowd of students that was composed of both guys and girls. Their cries resounded everywhere and originated from the grandiose and magnificent Black Rose.


President Ma Dong widened his eyes, straining himself so as to see them more clearly.

“Is that D? Or E? … Oh god, they’re blinding my perfect eyes, is it F!?” Ma Dong spoke to himself and thought, This family’s genes are truly magnificent. To think that there behind this tall mountain was an even taller one!

And the girl pressed between Milami and Scarlet was actually… Sharmie!?

Ball Queen Sharmie!

Ma Dong instantly felt ill, like an old computer that strained itself to run a game that demanded high graphics and instantly crashing just a moment later.

Only after a long period of time did he regain his sense of clarity and rubbed his eyes.

That’s right!

Those supple, watery eyes, that small and cute little nose, those tender, delicate cheeks, a pair of pink, petite lips that appeared to suck at anything when parted, and…

… Those gigantic breasts that definitely weren’t compatible with that childish face!


It was actually Sharmie! Those breasts were obviously more spectacular a sight than those seen in the OP!

Blazing Perpetual Motion Machine, Lady Sharmie!

No, wait! Could it be that Milami’s younger female cousin was actually Sharmie!?

Ma Dong felt slightly stunned and dumbfounded. If that were the case, then he was actually the brother-in-law of Ball Queen? The one who was extremely popular within the OP and the Federation?

Ball Queen was actually his younger female cousin!? Dear younger female cousin, good younger female cousin. Ball Queen…

“Brother-in-law, this outfit is too tight. Can you help me zip it up?”

“Brother-in-law, it’s so hot today. Wanna go swimming together?”

“Brother-in-law, this movie is too scary. Sharmie’s scared…”

Those kinds of scenes instantly appeared in his mind… President Ma was helpless to stop them. Blood began to spurt out of his nose.

Those scenes were just too beautiful…

Ma Dong wiped his nose, cleared his gaze, rubbed his head, and adjusted his expression and clothes in front of a mirror. Very good. Handsome with 360° No-Dead-Angle flaws.

In an instant, President Ma rushed out like the wind.

I definitely have to get acknowledged as her brother-in-law by this younger female cousin!

Of course, he had to bring along a few people as an excuse to see them. Grai wasn’t needed since he would just steal the limelight. In this kind of situation, Wang Zhong and Barran were naturally born supporters for this role. Very well. Also, bringing Emily along could help him pull their relationship even closer, thus making his motives less conspicuous!

Such a beautiful strategy!

“Wang Zhong, Barran, Emily, immediately gather! There is an important mission! This is the president’s urgent request!”

It was rare to see Ma Dong being enthusiastic over anything, nevermind shouting about some important mission. This behaviour even managed to grab Emily, who was diligently training.

By now the shrieks and shouts below had already reached a cresendo. The decibels behind the ‘Sharmie~’ shouts had already exceeded the volume possible from the academy’s broadcasting system. This was the power of an ‘Idol’.

Scarlet and Milami had already kept this as low-profile as they could. Once they were discovered, however, it immediately sparked a frenzied chase from the student body.

“It’s so noisy downstairs.” Emily felt slightly unhappy. She’d just entered the right mood for training inside the room and was now being disturbed. Now she had to try and find that mood once more. “Ma Dong Dong, you better have something good lined up. If not… snort.”
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