Battle Frenzy
123 Chapter 123
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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123 Chapter 123

Chapter 123

President Ma walked over and acted as though he was on friendly terms with everyone on site. He displayed his most handsome side of him as he stood before Milami. “Aiya. Mi Mi, I can understand if you didn’t show up today, but since your younger cousin is coming over how could I not extend a hand of friendship as one of the hosts? It would have been discourteous!”

Mi Mi…

Sharmie suspiciously glanced at her elder cousin.

Right now, Milami was blushing slightly, making it appear as though she was indeed in a relationship with Ma Dong. The truth of the matter was that she was just a bit embarrassed as she had not intended for a meetup between her cousin and Ma Dong. Since she hadn’t let Ma Dong come, she felt more than a little guilty.

This was one of the weaknesses of someone who had yet to be in a relationship. Such a weakness was easily exploited by Ma Dong. With this, he could not only confirm their relationship, but also fulfill his dream of getting closer the Ball Queen in order to observe her more intently. This was killing two birds with one stone…

“This is the president of the Prodigy Society, Ma Dong. He is also my boy… friend.” Milami was still too kindhearted and honest. Under these circumstances, she felt that she shouldn’t deny their relationship lest she embarrass Ma Dong.

When they heard her words, Emily and the other Tianjing students rolled their eyes. Sigh, Milami was really too honest and good. She shouldn’t care about this fellow with skin as thick as a city wall…

“Captain Sharmie, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a very long time. Let me formally introduce myself. I am the Assassin’s Ma Dong, the Prodigy Society’s President, as well as Mi Mi’s boyfriend!” Ma Dong said with a smile as he extended his hand. The smile on his face seemed extremely radiant, but his nervousness was evident in his trembling hands. Oh god, my dream is right before my very eyes!

In contrast, the gazes of the Flame Artillery Squadron members exuded indifference. This brat is looking for death… However, the thought of the other party’s status held their hand. After all, their captain would be the one to settle all accounts at an opportune moment.

While outside, it was still best for them to remain well-behaved. A girl’s heart was akin to the clouds during autumn. Even after experiencing hundreds and thousands of blazing attacks, these members were still unable to fully understand how their captain thought and felt.

Sharmie didn’t extend her own hand and instead continued to scrutinise Ma Dong. At the beginning, when she’d expressed her desire for her elder cousin to join her at Flame City, she was met with a flatout refusal. This made Sharmie feel as though there were something suspicious going on. Upon arriving here, she was able to ascertain the reason for her refusal after having a few words with her older cousin.

Apparently, there was a male student named Ma Dong who was chasing after her. Whenever the topic of Ma Dong came up, her elder cousin would always deny the presence of a relationship between them but her blush that always came up whenever she talked about him revealed the truth. As such, Sharmie noted in her heart that she would take a look at this student named Ma Dong and judge if he was suitable for her pure elder cousin. If Ma Dong hadn’t arrived today,she would’ve found an excuse to pay him a visit at the Prodigy Society.

Yes, he said he was from the Assassin Clan so he could be considered a good match for Milami, but… this fellow seemed a bit too perverted. She felt that she needed to observe a bit more to better understand him.

Compared to her elder sister, Sharmie was much more sensitive in these aspects.

Seeing that Sharmie had no inclination to shaking his hand, Ma Dong promptly moved it to rub his nose. Ball Queen… isn’t a person easy to deal with. Her gaze seems to indicate that she’d seen through his intentions.

Sharmie smiled and said, “So you’re Ma Dong, right? You’re my elder cousin’s first boyfriend so I’ll be paying special attention to you.”

When the members of her squadron heard her say those words, they immediately felt relieved. This Ma Dong truly didn’t understand their captain. Once locked within her sights, one had to be exceptionally careful. If Ma Dong dared to let Milami down, then their captain wouldn’t hesitate to turn him into roast meat.

Ma Dong felt a shiver run through his body at her words. As a member of the Assassin Clan, he felt the threat behind her gaze acutely. It seemed this Ball Queen wasn’t as naive as she appeared inside the OP.

“The first, and definitely the last!” Ma Dong replied joyously. He turned and gave Milami a hidden wink. It was best to try and maintain his proper attitude and righteous face.

Smiling, Scarlet began introducing the other members of the Prodigy Society to the Flame Artillery Squadron. The members, however, didn’t seem to care much about this. There wasn’t any worth in paying attention to a weak squadron of a weak city. Still, it was important to give Milami some face.

Once everyone took their seats, the main focus of everyone’s discussions quickly turned toward the CHF. Scarlet wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to acquire more information and get updated on the latest ongoings in the CHF. After all, everyone here was from the Flame City, one of the top ten teams. One who is ranked one of the top few would obviously be placed on an entirely different level from the other teams. The news and information they held in their hands would also be more detailed.

“This year’s CHF will be much harder.” Sharmie had no need to hold back any information from them. After all, this had been one of the reasons why she’d come here. She didn’t want her elder cousin to perform too badly. “Various great clans are intending to hold no bars and will sent out a couple their experts, especially the Five Great Clans. It seems that they have all engaged in a private bet to see who will win the upcoming CHF.”

“This competition will be the harshest one in the last couple of decades. Other than the traditional powerhouses, there will also be several small cities participating that cannot be underestimated. Many of these cities have obtained quite a bit of benefits from their collaborations with the empires, especially those cities that adopted immigration policies.”

“You mean those foreign soldiers that have become citizens?” asked Scarlet, surprised. “Are they also joining the competition?”

“It isn’t impossible. After gaining the Federation’s approval, they could be considered as a part of the Federation. Being allowed to enter the Federation means that their strength should be well above the average. This is particularly true for 1 v. 1 fights. As such, the black horses in this year’s competition will be extremely tyrannical.”

“Don’t those barbarians rely on instincts to fight? How can they compare with our tactics and strategies?” A member of Black Rose had asked this, a hint of curiosity evident in her voice.

Sharmie smiled upon hearing those words. However, she was too lazy to reply and Mario was instead the one to reply. His madam captain was sometimes a bit too hard-willed.

Within the Flame Artillery Squadron, Mario was seen as the nanny of the group. He was able to work both in the main hall and the kitchen. Sharmie was smart, but as a junior of an aristocratic clan she was a bit lazy and sly. Mario was the one who took control over everything and provided everyone with an explanation.

“Speaking of which, to what level of standard is Laura of Copperfield Academy?” Ma Dong couldn’t hold back his curiosity any longer. Having heard the rumors, he had crafted this test to see how Sharmie would grade Laura.

Sharmie, deciding to give a little face to her future brother-in-law. “Copperfield Academy is one of the traditional powerhouses. In the previous great competition, they had entered the top eight. Of course, this was during the Molton Potter era. Currently, Laura is stronger than him. With her Potter Clan wrestling techniques, as well as her soul beast, she is better in every aspect. Perhaps they will have the strength to contend for the Top 8 rankings once more.”

Everyone gawked upon hearing her reply. They knew of the ‘grudges and grievances’ between the two and never imagined that Sharmie would hold Laura to such high regards. It seemed rumors couldn’t be relied upon.

Wang Zhong, on the other hand, felt this was very normal. If she didn’t think highly of Laura, she would not have engaged in a fight with her.

Mario did not dare express his thoughts on his captain’s interactions with the Beast Lady during the conversation. It was frightening to dwell too deeply into the matter, so he hurriedly changed the topic. “Other than those traditional powerhouses, there are also quite a few strong academies sprouting up. For example, there is Brooks’ Bierlia Musical Soul Academy. Their performance in the last regional competition had been exceptionally breathtaking, and the use of Hurricane Eight Blade Stream in the OP fight was quite astonishing. Academies possessing such level of talent should be paid more attention in the competition at the end of the year.”

Mario was exceptionally entertaining as he spoke, and he loved the feeling of having so many beauties holding on to his every word. After introducing these few talents, even Scarlet and Milami were absorbed with what he had said. All of this made Ma Dong feel extremely displeased.

“Don’t you find that these people mentioned by Vice-captain Mario had all been defeated by All-Mouthy King?” Ma Dong questioned the others with curiosity.
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    《Battle Frenzy》