Battle Frenzy
124 Chapter 124 – Tour Guide
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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124 Chapter 124 – Tour Guide

Chapter 124 – Tour Guide

His question instantly threw off Mario’s tempo. That was a living legend, one that instantly attracted the interest of countless people. Even Sharmie’s spirit instantly rose as she said, “Speaking of All-Mouthy King, did you all see his latest match in the OP? It was covered up in all of his past fights, but All-Mouthy King’s physique is really good…”

“Cough, cough, cough…” When he saw the astonished expressions of everyone, Mario hurriedly coughed lightly.

It really was true that a person couldn’t maintain their seriousness for too long. Their captain’s appearance recently had been quite steady, yet talk of All-Mouthy King quickly created problems.

Of all the topic associated with All-Mouthy King such as his Doubled Force, Oscillating Fist, and Flaming Lotus Dance, their captain had to pick a topic related to his physique.

“What are you coughing for?” asked Sharmie. Then she caught on to what he was signalling. Still, Sharmie felt quite familiar with this group after mixing with them and didn’t give a damn. With a huge wave she continued, “I like All-Mouthy King! Is there a need to be so secretive about it? That’s a real man! If I find him, I’ll definitely be his girlfriend!”

Mario was completely dumbfounded following her words. Their surroundings instantly turned silent. Now that the thought process of the Ball Queen had emerged, it gave everyone there no chance to muster up a response.

To the side, Wang Zhong had been drinking water at this exact moment and spat out the water in his mouth. He choked and coughed a few times, which made everyone look at him oddly. We were all talking about All-Mouthy King, so why did you have to get so excited?

Wang Zhong hurriedly tried to clear up the situation. “I understand Captain Sharmie’s true personality, yet I think All-Mouthy King isn’t all that great.”

Everyone stared at Wang Zhong after hearing his reply. This included Ma Dong. Did this fellow turn stupid!? That’s All-Mouthy King!

“Cough, cough. I feel my brother over there had a bit too much to drink yesterday and didn’t get a good night’s rest. Everyone, please don’t mind him.” Ma Dong gave an excuse while tugging at Wang Zhong’s shirt.

Everyone had an ‘as expected’ and ‘that’s right’ expression on their faces. While All-Mouthy King’s identity had yet to be revealed, he was already at a level where even the elite division had to place him in a position of high importance.

All of the girls there nodded their heads in succession, and this included Scarlet. “All-Mouthy King is brimming with a kind of male charm. It’s a very powerful and mature feeling, the kind that says he could be relied on.”

Sharmie noticed the ‘passersby’ armor that surrounded Wang Zhong. He actually dares to say all that about her beloved All-Mouthy King. If this were Flame Academy, I would have immediately let the other party know why flowers are… so… red…


Sharmie continued to stare at Wang Zhong with fixed eyes, not blinking for over five seconds. This created a strange kind of atmosphere to build up. Then she quickly fell into a moment of sadness. I thought about it too much. How could that be possible.

Ma Dong didn’t want Wang Zhong to incur any more trouble. An existence like Sharmie wasn’t one they could offend.

“Everyone, for the purpose of—”

Before he could complete his sentence, candid laughter rang from the entrance to the great hall. “Scarlet, why didn’t you inform me that Student Sharmie of Flame City came over? That’s not how a friend should act.”

A tall, handsome figure appeared at the entrance. His loud and clear voice reflected his confidence and status. Within Tianjing Academy, only President Reeves could so naturally fulfill those requirements.

Sharmie and the rest didn’t care much about his interruption. With Reeves was Lu Zhan Tian and the others, and he walked forward to introduce himself. “Fengling City, Reeves Telli.”

Reeves came from Fengling City while Telli was the name of a large clan there. By saying his surname specially for her, he was trying to imply they had the same level of status.

Unfortunately, this behavior from Reeves didn’t elicit the response he expected. Sharmie didn’t even bother to open her mouth, rather, it was Mario who started laughing and snorting as he said, “Since you finished speaking, you can go.”

Sharmie nodded with satisfaction upon hearing his response. Mario’s intuition was still spot on. He knew his captain hated these kinds of pretentious fellows the most. Indeed, the streets were always filled with those types of flies that assumed they were the greatest.

Even though Reeves was a shrewd person, he couldn’t stop his expression from going stiff. On the other hand, Lu Zhan Tian immediately jumped forth like a cannon while shouting, “You brat! What are you saying!? Our president represents Tianjing Academy and came over to give you a bit of face—”

“Cough cough. Lu Zhan Tian, you guys cannot represent Tianjing.” This was still Black Rose territory, yet it seemed they treated Scarlet like thin air.

Sharmie smiled and said, “Fine, fine. Student Reeves, I just came to Tianjing to see my friends so I can’t spare the time.”

Not a bit of face was given to him. Everyone continued to stare at Reeves and the members of Saint Judgement. If one carefully thought about it, with Sharmie’s status why would she bother to give him face?

Reeve’s expression turned gloomy before finally replying, “Very well. Flame Artillery Squadron, much obliged. I am sure we will meet again. Let’s go!”Lu Zhan Tian and the rest shot a vicious glare at the members of the Flame Artillery Squadron. Their eyes stayed especially on Sharmie’s chest. They almost couldn’t help but leap at them. Before coming here they had still been joking about wanting to spend the night drinking a few cups with Sharmie…

Mario didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he said, “How is it that there are such wastrels everywhere? If this were Flame City, one of his limbs would have already been broken.”

That wasn’t just a joke. Tianjing was considered one of the few cities to still be following order and principles. Because of its civility, it lacked an aura of death and slaughter. The atmosphere of other cities weren’t so harmonious. In those areas, so long as no one died it wouldn’t be that big a problem.

Sharmie simply didn’t care for such a small figure. She didn’t pay much attention and her gaze swept past Wang Zhong. Suddenly, in that instant she saw the gaze Wang Zhong sent toward Reeves. There was no killing intent, nor a feeling of dread or helplessness. It was… something indescribable. In that mere instant, Sharmie felt Wang Zhong’s gaze and… overlapped it with another person’s.

She really did have too deep an impression of All-Mouthy King. Especially his eyes. Confronted by such a pretentious and false situation, one’s eyes couldn’t be faked. Inside Wang Zhong’s eyes was something that stood out from the masses.

That single moment led her to another world, one where the noise of her surroundings disappeared. She didn’t care what others said and only focused on staring at Wang Zhong…

This physique seems very similar to All-Mouthy King’s. His physique is comparatively normal, and their heights and degree of fatness is quite close.

“Captain, captain…” Unable to bear it any longer, Mario shook Sharmie. What happened to his captain? Why does she always go into a daze?

Hearing his words, Sharmie gawked before sobering up. She then said, “Sorry, I was just thinking about other matters just now. Milami, since this is the first time I’ve been to Tianjing Academy, and since I have to set off tomorrow, I would like to take a look around today. I would also like to have a tour guide.”
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