Battle Frenzy
125 Chapter 125 – Forced to the Wall
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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125 Chapter 125 – Forced to the Wall

Chapter 125 – Forced to the Wall

Milami smiled and said, “That’s simple enough. I’ll take you for a tour around.”

Ma Dong’s heart felt itchy. In fact, I, this president, am also capable of doing so. How great would it be if I could have both of you?

Sharmie waved a hand and said, “We’re too familiar with each other. I want to find a new friend and see Tianjing from your perspective.” She paused after saying this and everyone instantly felt shocked. Wasn’t this a scene where one could conduct a tour for Sharmie?

Scarlet was about to open her mouth and offer Sharmie a tour as she was closest to Sharmie in status, but Sharmie was already pointing at Wang Zhong. “This student, do you have time?”

Wang Zhong instantly blanked. “Ah, in a while… I still have classes—Hey!”

Ma Dong had sent a leg kicking toward Wang Zhong. This fellow was just like a pig. Ma Dong patted Wang Zhong’s shoulder and said, “Naturally this isn’t an issue. Wang Zhong is the Prodigy Society’s vice-president. As a locally born Tianjing citizen, there isn’t anyone more familiar than him!”

Wang Zhong was speechless. He really did want to go to class.

Sharmie smiled and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble Student Wang Zhong then. Mario, you and the others can do whatever you want. There’s no need to follow me.”

Mario and the other members were dazed as they replied, “Captain, that isn’t good. We have a duty to protect you.”

Sharmie’s smile instantly disappeared, and her appearance changed as she asked, “Are you saying I’m inferior to you guys?”

They naturally didn’t have such ideas. Captain’s change in mood really is mysterious and unfathomable.

“Ha ha. Captain Sharmie, Wang Zhong and I grew up in the same pair of pants. We both have our strong points, so not take both of us as tour guides?” Ma Dong had ulterior motives as he said this. Whenever this fellow saw a girl, he seemed to forget about everything. While Milami had a physique similar to Sharmie’s, it was still a bit inferior.

“No need. It is enough for you to accompany Milami. Student Wang Zhong, thank you for your troubles.”

Sharmie was a really impetuous person. When she said she would go, she really would go. This made everyone feel shocked. Why?

Out of everyone here, she had to pick Wang Zhong. Didn’t this look as though Sharmie had little interest in touring Tianjing?

Ma Dong dragged Barran to the side and asked, “Do you think I’m handsome?”

“Handsome! President is the most handsome!” Barran replied with extreme honesty.

“I also feel the same way. When I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, I felt I got even more handsome by a few points. Yet, why didn’t she choose me?” Ma Dong just couldn’t accept this point.

Even Emily felt somewhat unhappy. “Hmph. I’m going back to train!”

The lass was most hateful of those who were much bigger than her in a certain aspect. Sharmie was simply a heaven-defying nemesis to her. This left Emily without any interest in talking to her. When she peered down at her own small flower buds, she decided to train twice as hard today. It’s said that exceptionally good training could help in ‘their’ development.

“Student Wang Zhong, sorry for taking up your class time. I know it’s a bit difficult, but I did this on purpose.” After leaving Black Rose’s doors, Sharmie suddenly spoke to Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong smiled and said, “Captain Sharmie, are always so direct with your words?”

“Yes. I have always led a life of being simple and straightforward. Aren’t you going to ask me why?” replied Sharmie. She had already started her judgement of Wang Zhong. Flame City people were very passionate, so there wasn’t a need for timidness or gutlessness in them.

Wang Zhong smiled and shrugged his shoulder. “I am waiting for you to tell me.” Wang Zhong didn’t care about Sharmie much. While inside the OP it had been fine, her physique really was a bit extreme, and it was even more shocking to the eyes in reality. Wang Zhong was still a youthful young man after all. If he didn’t have impulses, then he wouldn’t be a man. While his ideal type was someone like Carolyn, this didn’t hinder his appreciation of Sharmie’s beauty.

“You look very similar to someone I like,” Sharmie said as she continued to observe him.

Without a change in his expression, Wang Zhong replied, “Eh? What a great honour. Now, if Captain Sharmie wishes to understand any aspect of Tianjing, I will bring you there.”

Suddenly, Sharmie moved her body to the side and faced Wang Zhong head on. Wang Zhong subconsciously retreated from her sudden actions, and in an instant his back hit a wall.

Sharmie’s chest was less than a millimeter from Wang Zhong’s chest. That provocative physique, outstanding face, and a light fragrance special to girls… if it were Ma Dong, then he might’ve already turned into a beast and lunged at her.

In contrast, Wang Zhong extended a hand to stop Sharmie’s strike from landing before shoving her away.

Sharmie flipped back and gave a carefree smile. “Good skill, Student Wang Zhong. I feel as if you two are getting more and more similar.”

Wang Zhong wiped his nose and said, “Student Sharmie, this joke isn’t funny.”

“You’re not gonna admit it?”

“What do you want me to admit?” Wang Zhong asked with raised hands.

“You’re not All-Mouthy King?” Sharmie felt Wang Zhong possessed a few slight possibilities in all aspects. What was most important was her intuition.

“What do you think?” countered Wang Zhong.” I think it’s best for you to understand my background before creating any misunderstandings.”

Sharmie stared blankly at Wang Zhong before dialing Milami’s skylink. “Elder cousin, give me the file on Wang Zhong. What ‘ah’, there’s no other meaning to it. I just want to know who he is.”

Milami didn’t think much on this. Her younger cousin always had such a straightforward character. The next moment, the information was sent over to Sharmie.

When she took a look at Wang Zhong’s achievements, an unconcealed look of disappointment appeared on her face. One of her hopes was to contact All-Mouthy King. Everyone had experienced youth before, and when one started to take a liking to someone else, it became a thirst to understand more about them and get closer to them. This was especially true for a girl still in puberty.

The person before her was just too weak. With just a bit of careful thought, how could a person with All-Mouthy King’s strength appear in such a small place like Tianjing. She was just too obsessed and entranced over his appearance and was grabbing at rice straw while thinking it life-saving medicine.

Wang Zhong shook his head helplessly. “I understand Captain Sharmie’s appreciation for All-Mouthy King. In fact, I feel there are some feelings that shouldn’t be revealed. Leaving them in our memories will be for the better.”

Sharmie shook her head, unwilling to continue listening. “Wang Zhong, I suddenly feel I lack the mood to continue this. Thank you; you should head on to your class.”

As he watched Sharmie’s dejected back, Wang Zhong didn’t feel much emotion. The current him couldn’t handle the consequences behind All-Mouthy King’s reveal. He could act freely within the OP system and absorb more combat experience while also testing and verifying combat techniques. This was a kind of feeling he loved.

With All-Mouthy King’s mysteriousness bringing him such fame, however, it would only give Wang Zhong unnecessary trouble in the real world. This wasn’t something he wished for. Maybe one day he would reveal his identity, or he’ll just leave it hidden forever. Yet, such a time to contemplate that wasn’t now.
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