Battle Frenzy
126 Chapter 126 – The Return of the Ball Queen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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126 Chapter 126 – The Return of the Ball Queen

Chapter 126 – The Return of the Ball Queen

Within the Prodigy Society Student Ma Dong was still lamenting over having missed the opportunity to get closer with the Ball Queen. On the other hand, Wang Zhong had just arrived at the classroom.

Wang Zhong could be considered an unconditional model of a good student. He would often waste away his time in the library and he paid close attention in class. Yet, he found that the more he learned, the more he felt that what he knew was smaller than the whole.

In class, Wang Zhong paid great attention to three components. The first item were the various combat techniques and skills. They were the basics and fundamentals of a heroic soul academy.
The second component was the history and details of techniques fused from the old and new era. He held a great yearning for the previous world. Compared to now, it seemed like heaven.

Lastly, there was information and knowledge of the dimensions. This was also an area in which the Freedom Federation paid great attention to. It was natural instinct for mankind to look forward and let the past stay in the past. The world of the higher dimension was the final goal for humans.

Mankind had no way of investigating black holes. A man-made black hole was simply the key to opening Pandora’s Box and didn’t give them any means of investigating it. Currently, knowledge and information about the dimensions came entirely from dimensional lifeforms and simple guesses.

Wang Zhong had always felt that humanity’s scientists were worthy of respect. They really dared to think up anything. Such bravery didn’t give birth to random guesses or assumptions, but a kind of innovation and air of exploration that went past one’s intelligence.

An early morning’s worth of time was enough for Wang Zhong to read and finish off a thesis paper about the many assumptions of the dimensions. It was a voluminous text of a couple thousand words. Wang Zhong read it word by word with great seriousness. Of course, such a thesis paper didn’t contain any sort of investigation, but the thought process of those writing such papers provided Wang Zhong with quite a number of ideas.

This aspect of the Federation was especially commendable. While it had inherited the resources of the old era, it had also kept the social order of the past. With this, regular humans were kept on as citizens of the cities and kept their human rights.

Normal humans didn’t only provide the Federation with a sufficient population base, but also allowed the new human population to regularly grow by a sizable number each year. Some of these regular humans were also intellectuals and turned out to become scientists and related personnel. These weren’t new humans, but ordinary humans who, through their intellect, acquired a rather good position.

The one who had written this “Hypothesis about the conspiracy behind the invasion of the dimension” thesis paper was a normal human. It had come from a member of a research institute within Stuart City. He had gathered information from the four continents and found that the dimensional cracks of the other three continents were obviously larger than the ones found in the Federation. Furthermore, according to a few indefinite statistics, these dimension cracks were gradually increasing in number. Yet, due to the lower population within the three continents-, such a thing didn’t attract much attention.

‘If intelligent life did exist within the hyperdimension, then according to life’s natural instinct to expand, we should not keep being so optimistic about their current problems. Does the dimension world have some need for our world?’

‘What exactly do they need?’

This was a very big question. Wang Zhong read it with great interest and very much approved of the author’s point of view. We, humans, cared greatly of the resources needed for survival. In the past ti had been fossil fuels. Not it was the collection of radiation energy emitted from the dimensions. What would the hyperdimension need?

Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong felt that Earth definitely possessed something they needed. What the author mentioned was the livable territories of Earth. Wang Zhong didn’t agree with this point. Mankind currently live in a fourth dimension world. The world of the other side must be of at least the sixth dimension and above, so the idea of ‘space’ would be different. It was just like how an ant would care about tree leaves and treat them as the most precious thing. Such a thing bore no importance for humans, however.

What was the essence of this?

Wang Zhong loved to ponder and brainstorm about such matters. Being immersed in his own thoughts allowed him to focus and turn calm. At the same time, it gave him the feeling of being alive.

“Do you understand all of this?” A voice rang beside his head, waking Wang Zhong from his thoughts. “What are all these formulas and runes about? Does Tianjing Academy teach all of this?”

A slender, white finger began to point at a formula about the transformation and conservation of dimension energy. The dense and numerous runes and formulas made Sharmie’s head spin slightly. Such scientific stuff couldn’t be found in Flame Academy. This era emphasized the rule of ‘whose fist was bigger’. There was no point wasting time on this kind of stuff.

Only now did Wang Zhong realize who it was that was leaning against him… Sharmie… didn’t she already leave!?

When he took a look at his surroundings, he found that the classroom had already become full of people. Everyone was staring at him with fiery, burning gazes… gazes that brimmed with killing intent.

“Why are you here?” Wang Zhong asked helplessly.

Sharmie didn’t take any insult from his words and just asked, “Do you understand all of this?”

Wang Zhong nodded his head and replied, “A little.”

Sharmie started to judge him once more. “You sure do maintain a low profile. Are all Tianjing people like that, or is it just you?”

She was like a curious baby right now, but all of this just caused a headache for Wang Zhong. He really didn’t want to attract attention.

“Sharmie, it really is Sharmie!”

“She looks so much better than on video! That body truly is one-of-a-kind!”

“A good body, first-class strength; a true super elite. Flame Academy’s ranking increased all because of her existence.”

“Wang Zhong actually knows her. After entering the Prodigy Society, this fellow’s luck sure has gotten good.”

“I also heard about how the Prodigy Society is a place of good fortune.”

“Captain Sharmie, if you want a tour of the academy I can ask Ma Dong to find someone for you.”

Sharmie smiled and replied, “Do you hate me?”

Wang Zhong wiped his nose. She was far too direct; he simply wasn’t used to this kind of character. “Naturally not. You will, however, draw hate toward me. I think at least half the males here want to get rid of me.”

“Oh really. Perhaps they won’t be able to get rid of you. Since I’ve yet to experience classes of other academies, I’ll attend your class today,” Sharmie replied with renewed interest.

Once class started, however, Wang Zhong began to pay attention to it. Professor Li Yun Ke’s class focused on the habits and combat traits of mutated lifeforms. From their appearance at birth to their mature state, he gave a thorough explanation. There was an exceptionally complete system of this within the current Federation.

Most of the students in class treated this as though they were listening to a story. The Federation’s mode of combat now focused on all-rounded armies. The era of one-on-one fighting was long gone. Yet, if this information was placed inside the empires, the current situation would’ve been completely reversed.

There were naturally those who listened earnestly, and Wang Zhong was one of them. Today’s class was an introduction to spider-type mutated lifeforms. Bug-types themselves were simple existences, and the end result of dimension energy contamination was just as simple. They were either mutate or die off. The simple addition of energy allowed them to mutate into lethal killing creatures.

Even if one were to say there was still a chance to tame mutated beast, that was only if they had emotions and thoughts. Bugs were complete disasters. They lacked fear and only possessed the ability to slaughter.

Within the Pyramid Continent, ants had become its disaster. For the Freedom Federation, it was mainly spiders that took on that role. There were various kinds of mutated spiders, and Teacher Li Yun Ke’s main objective today was to talk about wolf spiders and black widows. They were the archetypical models for spiders.

Adolescence to maturity, tastes and likes. Naturally, what was most important were the special traits and movements that spiders were capable of. This date had been constantly developed through countless fights. Only the Federation could acquire such a complete analysis and calculation of such information with its vast number of sources. If this were to be sent to the past, then it would’ve been worth lives.

Sharmie was bored to death by this class. Who cared about this and that spider. It would all be done and over with just squishing them to death.

She decided to leave. Sharmie was halfway out the class before a question suddenly intruded into her mind. That Mario fellow had said All-Mouthy King’s results in the past year had been so horrible it was unbearable to watch. Only in this year did he suddenly erupt and stand in the limelight. This led to numerous disputes rising up.

Wang Zhong’s results in the past year were just as bad as All-Mouthy King’s. As a student of the commander department, he actually had to do a makeup exam. If he were in Flame City, he might’ve already been expelled.
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