Battle Frenzy
127 Chapter 127 – Intimate Contact With the Goddess
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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127 Chapter 127 – Intimate Contact With the Goddess

Chapter 127 – Intimate Contact With the Goddess

Despite this, Milami said his performance during their special training had been pretty good. While his strength was still some distance away from All-Mouthy King, who would know if he were concealing his strength?

While Sharmie didn’t have much hope of this, she still cooled down enough to stay and idle about.

No one should be able to treat her as air and listen to class, yet this Wang Zhong… really managed to do that. Could it be that her charm had declined?

Sharmie was the representative of a fighter. Inf act, she looked down on those who could only delve in books and memorize information. Yet, for some reason she thought Wang Zhong’s earnest appearance was quite handsome.

Perhaps her subconscious was already treating him as All-Mouthy King.

During the class discussion period, Sharmie finally tried to focus her attention and chat with Wang Zhong. Were there people in his house, which middleschool did he attend, was he an expert in any field, did he have any girlfriends…

This was the first time Wang Zhong felt how annoying a woman could be, especially a beautiful one. Sharmie was also quite extraordinary. Her ability to treat everyone by Wang Zhong as air was powerful. Yet, Wang Zhong didn’t have that ability. This was the class discussion period… why wasn’t anyone discussing?

Small eyes drifted over in their direction. There were even a few shameless people at the front holding up their skylinks and with the face cam on. If they weren’t still in class, who knows how many would’ve rushed over.

“Cough, cough. Captain Sharmie—”

“Just call me Sharmie,” she replied with a slight smile. Such a naturally cute appearance was so alluring that it made it impossible for people to resist her charms.

Being superficial and getting entranced by a person’s appearance was simply an instinct of mankind.

Wang Zhong felt very helpless, but he still decided to change the situation confronting him. “Sharmie, I heard that your standard for ranged combat is very high. Since I’m also a ranged soldier, I would like to ask for your guidance in this matter.”

Those words reignited Sharmie’s interest. “Oh, what weapon do you use?”

Wang Zhong smiled as he replied, “The bow! But since I’m too weak, I still have to rely on a quiver for support.”

Sharmie didn’t immediately respond to his answer. There were time when she became very serious and exceptionally sensitive. This guy has hinted time and again that he’s very weak. This isn’t normal!

Would a man who didn’t hate women belittle himself before a beautiful girl?

It’s said that before the dark era, there had been such an extreme life form known simply as an otaku. Yet, this kind of creature would’ve already transformed into a super expert or become extinct.

Since he took the initiative to ask for help, let it be so.

“The bow is a very good weapon and is the foundation of us ranged soldiers. Furthermore, from what I know once one’s heroic soul is cast, contrary to everything the bow will become much stronger and it will be easier to unleash stronger combat techniques,” said Sharmie.

When she opened her mouth, she launched into a discussion that showed off her views and standards. The bow became a representative of a weak weapon within academies. Many of those who just entered the academies wouldn’t be too keen to use the arrow and quiver. Just cause one were a freshman doesn’t mean they were a newbie.

“The lethality of the rune flame cannon is fiercer. You are the representative for ranged firepower,” said Wang Zhong. He was finally able to change the subject.

Sharmie seemed to see the victory in Wang Zhong’s eyes and asked, “Then which do you think is stronger? The rune flame cannon or the bow?”

Everyone around them was bending their ears to listen in. Who was this?

This was Sharmie! Flame Artillery Queen Sharmie!

She was the strongest expert within Flame Academy! When she arrived at Tianjing Academy, Sharmie had already declared that she could fight a hundred students at a time!

It was a simple question. Without thought, one would definitely think it were the rune cannon. Wasn’t the bow already a tool that would make one lose face? To use the rune cannon was in itself showing that one was an expert. It revealed one’s soul sea to have ample depth and vastness. It also represented one’s talent and status!

Wang Zhong fell silent for a few seconds before answering, “In fact, I still feel the bow is stronger.”

This was a question of occupation. Wang Zhong replied truthfully since he didn’t want to be fickle minded.

Everyone was stumped and at a loss for words. Could this bastard not lose face for Tianjing? They all were impatient and eager to speak out and give the answer a try, yet Sharmie didn’t even look at them.

Sharmie smiled and said, “I feel the same way. My condition, however, makes it unsuitable for me to use a bow.”

The instant they all heard this, everyone blanked out and nothing could be heard within the classroom. A few of the boys had been standing, about to give their ‘correct’ answer yet were stunned stiff.

Wang Zhong nodded and added, “It would be best if the heroic soul archer had a frost attributed special ability.”

“Lightning attribute would also be pretty good. There’s a fellow in the northern region that’s causing a lot of headaches for many people. If it were a lightning attribute archer, how would you deal with him?” Sharmie asked suddenly.

“Oh? What are the parameters of his abilities?” This was the first Wang Zhong had heard of this, which was surprising. People with such special abilities generally wouldn’t be ranged soldiers.

“His soul power eruption seems a bit weaker than mine. Flame attributed special abilities have a natural advantage in that aspect. However, his cumulative paralysis ability is exceptional astonishing. He probably needs ten arrows for that, but he can also use a single shot critical strike that can damage his surroundings. It’s a powerful shot and takes a second to reload for each attack.”

“How’s his personal acceleration ability?”

“Acceleration?” Sharmie gawked before replying, “I don’t think he has that ability.”

Wang Zhong smiled and continued, “That’s good. In fact, paralysis and critical shot are considered entry-level techniques for the lightning attribute special ability. If he manages to achieve lightning acceleration, that will cause an even bigger headache. For ranged attacks, the added effects from special abilities do have a significant influence. If one were to cross arms with such a person, it should be a person with an elemental attribute that leans toward defensive soul power. Such a thing could also be achieved through practice so in fact the issue really isn’t that big once a person gets used to it.

“For his critical strike, it should have come from the accumulation of lightning energy within a space. His bow should effectively change a natural transformation into a quantifiable transformation that makes it easier to target with.”

Sharmie was instantly shocked. On the train here, she, Mario, and the rest had been discussing ways to deal with that guy. Yet, from what she was hearing, Wang Zhong seemed to think of it as nothing impressive.

“Then if I were to meet with such an opponent, should I start with suppression or aim for a counter?” Sharmie asked subconsciously.

Wang Zhong smiled and said, “If you were to exchange notes, it would be better to aim for a counterattack. Experiencing it will be difficult. The essence of you flame is very pure and mellow, different from others. Special abilities like yours are generally powerful and possess a repulsing effect. Therefore, your interference and defensive capabilities are definitely your strong point. You shouldn’t have any big problems.”

Sharmie’s expression turned calm and the amused expression had long since disappeared. Her pupils were rippling as she felt indescribable shock within her heart. She had never told anyone about the intrinsic nature of her flames. Even Mario had no idea about this. The intrinsic nature of flames, that description… it was the same description an elder of her clan had used. There was definitely no one in the academies who could know of this.

When he saw this exceptionally emotional Sharmie, Wang Zhong wished he could slap himself in the face. This smelly mouth actually spoke so cockily. In the beginning she may have had a bit of suspicious. This was basically finding himself a pole to stick himself to death with.

Fortunately, the class discussion period had come to an end and the class resumed. Strangely, Sharmie didn’t continue to harass Wang Zhong. Yet, this just made him unable to settle down his heart during the lesson. I should go and obediently train with my crosswheels today.

After class, Sharmie grabbed Wang Zhong’s hand and rushed off. Not a single person there moved as they stared fixedly at her hand. Goddess’ intimate touch… why did he get to have it…
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    《Battle Frenzy》