Battle Frenzy
128 Chapter 128 – Family Inheritance
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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128 Chapter 128 – Family Inheritance

Chapter 128 – Family Inheritance

This feeling was really mysterious and ambiguous.

“Let me scan your skylink code!” Sharmie said in an unquestionable tone. It was obvious that she meant for him to listen obediently. If he didn’t give it, others would.

Wang Zhong could only open his skylink. So long as he didn’t admit it till the end, even Sharmie wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

“Student Wang Zhong, I think we can become friends!” Sharmie exclaimed in an extremely happy manner.

“Flame City seems far from Tianjing.”

“Distance isn’t problem. Furthermore, there are some things that aren’t definite. One day we may even be schoolmates,” replied Sharmie.

Wang Zhong didn’t feel the same way since he wouldn’t go to Flame City. But it seemed this was said with meanings within meanings. Though, Wang Zhong knew this wasn’t the time to delve too deeply into such a discussion.

“This afternoon’s meal is my treat.” Sharmie was a very straightforward person. In fact, she didn’t feel like there was any connection between Wang Zhong and All-Mouthy King. Wang Zhong gave off a feeling of vitality and dreams. In other words, he was a youth who fought and struggled for his dreams and ideals. For All-Mouthy King, he exuded the atmosphere of a deep and mature person.

Wang Zhong didn’t possess a single cent of relation with maturity. In fact, Sharmie’s thoughts on this was all just to fulfil a few small fantasies she had. She never imagined Wang Zhong to be that interesting. Him not sticking to every woman he sees, along with that exceptional combat understanding, made him a good person to befriend!

This was the genuine Sharmie.

She simply didn’t care for how people interpreted her actions, or how they gossiped about it. It was like how she was too lazy to care how they looked at her. If she did care about it, what would her life change into?

Wang Zhong could see in Sharmie’s eyes that she was just trying to recognize him as a friend. It seemed he thought too much into this.

“Let me treat you. If I get the opportunity to go to Flame City, I won’t be polite!”

Sharmie was a bold and uninhibited girl. This was also characteristics of Flame City. If you liked someone, then say you liked them. If you hated them, then say you hate them.

After their first conversation, the two chatted for a long time and Wang Zhong felt a whole new level of respect for her. Frankly speaking, his initial impression of SharmieSharmie’s initial look was that of an elite division expert from an aristocratic clan. He’d assumed she paid more attention to fighting than anything related to theories. After interacting with her, however, he found that her experiences were exceptionally broad and vast.

Elite clans possess exceptionally an excellent and refined family education. This included lessons and combat techniques that cannot be found within the academies. Of course, this meant the clans were very selective of which junior entered the acadamies. In fact, this was a good way to allow Sharmie and the others to efficiently improve without being under a serious environment.

For the majority of people, energy and interest both had their limits.

While Sharmie was a ranged soldier, she possessed a reasonable level of understanding for close combat, the coordination between various occupations, and even of mutated beasts and dimension creatures. She was a very passionate and cordial person. If she felt a person was worth being friends with, she would become exceptionally calm and not the least bit artificial.

Truthfully, Sharmie was even more amazed and shocked than she let on. She’d read through Wang Zhong’s profile and he was the typical example of a normal citizen. His parents were both normal humans qualified to become citizens due to their involvement with technology. While his opinions were truly original ideas, it was easy to note he had deficient access to confidential grade information. Yet, even then his understanding and keen sight for openly available information was very astonishing.

A few of his odd thoughts and clever ideas gave Shamie quite a number of surprises. Yet, it was regretful that Wang Zhong’s soul power growth rate was too low. It hadn’t even reached a hundred yet. This was a deal breaker that would make anyone feel helpless. Such a matter was common, however, and a regular phenomena.

Within the various great academies of the Freedom Federation, those with the fastest growing soul power were seemingly all from clan juniors. The reason behind this lay in their bloodline. If one’s bloodline was good, then one’s inheritance would be good. The various great clans all had successors who were noted as the most outstanding of new humans during the dark era. Marriages between clans were also chosen with optimization at its core. With this method, it guaranteed that their later generations would inherit the best powers.

Closer to the current era, the human population had increased substantially and the clans have grown larger. Naturally, it was impossible for one to perfectly guarantee the optimal purity being inherited, but the foundation of an outstanding inheritance had still been preserved. One still needed strong talent to guarantee the proper use of one’s inheritance, however. An example would be Sharmie. She had the special ability of fire creation, which wasn’t much. The most critical point was her unceasingly growing soul power. In addition, the rate it grew was also very fast. When she casts her heroic soul, this rate would only increase to an even greater degree. By then her inherited power would have been truly unleashed.

Even someone like Milami, with her collateral ancestry and diluted bloodline, benefited from an inheritance of good soul power growth rate. Ma Dong was another example, though his willingness to improve was the issue there.

Most citizens wished to become experts and would invest astonishing levels of hard work. They might manage to trigger a mutation, but those were exceptions. The Freedom Federation relied on an order based upon inheritance. As for the power differentiation in place within the Federation, it was mainly held up by the strong experts nurtured by the various great clans.

Right now, the entire government was seemingly filled with members of the various great clans, or by those associated with the great clans.

Sharmie was very clear of these matters. She didn’t need to ponder them too much, and intelligent people wouldn’t waste time on such unintelligent questions. When she saw Wang Zhong, however, she felt pity for him. He was clear-headed, sensible, and possessed a logical mindset.

In fact, up till now Sharmie felt Wang Zhong couldn’t possibly be All-Mouthy King. His ‘student’ aura was just too strong. Still, he was an interesting person to befriend. Letting go of such thoughts, Sharmie freely spoke whatever she wanted and even teased and made fun of Wang Zhong from time to time.

All of this was still a bit difficult for Wang Zhong. When they talked about serious matters, Sharmie was a pretty good person to interact with. But once it turned to gossip, her tastes were a bit too heavy for him.

After eating their meal, Wang Zhong was dragged away by Sharmie. She said she wanted to guide him in some real combat. The two arrived at the Prodigy Society’s training grounds since there were too many people at Black Rose. When Ma Dong found this out, he immediately cancelled all other use of the grounds.

Sharmie had already changed into a training outfit, which was quite the astonishing view for a person like Wang Zhong. The pitiful President Ma Dong could only cry unshed tears behind closed doors. He had wanted to accompany them but was chased away.

“Mi Mi, does your younger cousin want a boyfriend and took a fancy to my brother?” Ma Dong slowly asked over his skylink.

Milami smiled and replied, “Not possible. Sharmie has had this kind of carefree personality since she was little. If you must know, she’s also the direct successor of our clan.”

Ma Dong gawked, his fiery heart instantly cooling. All jokes aside, regardless of whether it were Scarlet or Sharmie, both of them could help change Wang Zhong’s life. In reality, however, there existed a very large problem. The other half of a clan’s direct heir must have an equal status to the clan’s bloodline. Only with this could the clan’s bloodline be guaranteed. The inheritance of a clan was greater than the heavens. All other matters had to give way.

“This brother of mine is an honest, sincere person. It’s best if you can repeat this reminder to Sharmie,” Ma Dong said earnestly.
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