Battle Frenzy
130 Chapter 130 – In Fact, It’s Luck
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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130 Chapter 130 – In Fact, It’s Luck

Chapter 130 – In Fact, It’s Luck

Wang Zhong had once come into contact with Emily’s flame energy. Her energy was completely different from that of Sharmie’s. In fact, each person’s fire ability were incorporated their own unique traits. Emily’s flames possessed acceleration and penetration effects, making her ability much more suited for an occupation like an assassin.

For Sharmie, her flames were forceful and explosive. This made her more suitable for dishing out firepower. Not only that, her abundant soul power also gave Wang Zhong a couple of ideas.

“Sharmie, I wrote a thesis on control-type combat techniques. One form of control is based on theoretical application and is most suited for heavy soldiers. This type of control, once utilized, would slow the reaction times of their opponents by one second. The other kind is achieved through using the special attributes behind one’s soul power, and the effects are much more obvious.”

“Control?” Sharmie asked, gawking slightly. “Are you saying my flames are able to slow down my opponent?”

Sharmie was an expert and was exceptionally clear about what this entails. Even with her tyrannical and overbearing flame’s power, she was still unable to defeat her opponents in a single strike. Frankly speaking, there were many with the same level of combat prowess as her. While she may have attacks that were overwhelmingly string, various measures have been thought up to counter them. A few of those methods involved being nimble or agile enough to avoid the attack or simply having an impenetrable defense akin to that of a heavy soldier to block said attacks.

However, if she could find a way to slow her opponent, even if she faced an opponent with monstrous strength, she would be able to attack it till it exploded.

“Correct. Not only can you slow them down, you can even achieve an even greater outcome. Based on what I can feel, from within your flame soul power resides a powerful explosive force. This is due to the fact that your soul power is able to cause a large amount of vibrations. Heavy soldiers rely on high-frequency slams to achieve similar explosive results. In actual fact, special ability users can also achieve this, just that the method one uses to achieve such a thing would rely on one’s inner attributes and soul power emissions. You fit all these criterias, so you can really try and test it out.”

Wang Zhong explained this with a few gestures. He assumed the analysis to be correct. Regardless of one’s strength or special ability, the underlying basis behind it remains the same. So long as one used the correct method, one could achieve the desired result.

Sharmie pondered about using this method. With regards to control theory, it was naturally a mainstream idea within the elite division. This was a very important direction of development for one during the heroic soul stage as there are limitations in strength when both in a squad and alone. This was the perfect example of how there were always people who were weaker than you, but also those who were stronger than you.

She had assumed that with her case, she could only maximise her output as much as she could. Yet, when she saw Laura’s creativity in utilizing the instantaneous surge of dimension energy when her soul bear appeared in order to create a big killing move, Sharmie felt envy in her heart. Her close-quarter techniques couldn’t come close to such a move.

It was only by those words uttered by Wang Zhong did an entirely new world open for her. She not only understood what Wang Zhong spoke of, but also comprehended it. However… she didn’t know what to do to achieve that result.

“I can sense those few factors as part of my flame’s intrinsic nature. Those factors are a part of my family’s inherited strengths. Yet, how can I reach that result you just mentioned? My main goal is to kill and wound after all. If I forsake attack for control, the Flame Artillery Squadron won’t be able to go far.” Sharmie expressed her own doubts.

Wang Zhong smiled upon hearing this. “There has never been a conflict between technique and killing power, just an issue of difficulty in melding the two together. When you launch a heavy artillery strike, you would definitely need to store up soul power before shooting it out, right? Due to the accumulation of soul power and the strong foundation that is your soul sea, the duration is usually very brief. Furthermore, there is no burden from doing this, correct?”

Sharmie nodded her head like an obedient child.

The two didn’t pay any attention to their surroundings and failed to notice the large crowd of people outside whispering to one other.

“Big sis can actually be this obedient?! No way!”

“Unbelievable. I thought that by now, that Wang guy would have definitely been admitted into a hospital by this point.” Mario sighed with regret. They wanted to accompany Sharmie, not just to ensure her safety but also the safety of others around her.

Sharmie was famous for firing off when faced with a single statement she disagreed with. Tianjing Academy didn’t have anyone with any kind of good combat prowess. If any incident escalated into a matter where people were killed, it would not be good for their squadron.

Ma Dong shook his head. Why had he not realised that Wang Zhong was such a huge flirt? En. He must have learnt all his skills by himself.. One learns according to how one was brought up. This fellow should have accessed his own capabilities and acted accordingly in order to not get exposed.

At this point of time, those two inside the training grounds were already holding hands…

The crowd’s eyeballs were almost popped out of their sockets. THAT FAST!?

Ma Dong was also stunned. This fellow was too fierce! He actually managed to hold his sister-in-law’s hand.

The two of them inside did not pay much attention to this point. Wang Zhong was not simply holding Sharmie’s hands out of affection. They held hands so that Wang Zhong could feel the high frequency output of her soul power.

“Actually, the way to go about this is to produce multiple short bursts of soul power in a short span of time. This would make it appear as a constant stream of power when it is in fact composed of numerous shorter bursts. When the opponent tries to defend against this, this unexpected change in output will create lapses in their judgement, making the technique difficult to deal with. For ordinary soldiers, this will make quick work of them.

Sharmie was shocked speechless. This was simply too fantastic. While it would be difficult to master such a technique, she was sure that with her soul power, she would be able to train and achieve this skill. If she managed to learn it, then it would turn those heavy soldiers, which had once been a headache for her, into easy pickings.

This was a combat technique that suited her perfectly.

“So do you think it’s possible? Since I don’t have any special ability, everything I’ve said is purely based on theory. Perhaps there is something I have not thought of, so it would advisable for you to fully comprehend this notion. Additionally, do inform me about the results of your training, if you are alright with that. After all, I am very interested in all this.”

Deep within his heart, Wang Zhong was someone who envied those with special abilities. This kind of talent allowed people to accomplish tasks with half the effort.

“Just based on what you said, we’re already friends! In fact, I may actually bother you with my never-ending questions. Don’t you come complaining that I’m too troublesome then!”

Seeing Sharmie’s earnest appearance, Wang Zhong couldn’t help but laugh. “Then that will be my good fortune.”

Sharmie and her squadron happily ended their vacation at Tianjing. For Sharmie, she had gained numerous insights and even managed to gain such an intriguing new friend.

On the train, Sharmie and the rest were brought into a first-class cabin. The members of the entire squadron felt very comfortable as they each had their own private space within the cabin itself. They could even lie down as each of these compartments were exceptionally spacious and wide. It goes without saying that in this modern period, the armored railway was incredibly expensive. It transported both passengers and cargo and was deemed as the primary source of transportation between cities. Only a squadron like the Flame Artillery Squadron could afford to be so extravagant.

Sharmie had taken up the front-most space which had the best view. After leaving Tianjing, Sharmie was behaving in a manner that was completely different from before. When she had first arrived, she had been the one casuing the most chaos and would torment her squadmates from time to time. Yet, after leaving Tianjing she had unexpectedly quieted down. This wasn’t something everyone could adapt to.

Mario even suspected that Sharmie received some kind of emotional blow. “Boss, did you take a fancy to that useless pretty boy?”

“Take a fancy?” Sharmie repeated, gawking. “Go stand to the side. It seems that I’ve spared the rod and spoiled the child. Don’t underestimate Tianjing Academy so much.”

“Boss, we will definitely not look down on them. Just, there’s simply no way to continue looking down on them. I’ve seen their training situation and a few of their classes. It was simply too horrible to watch. I can’t understand how Tianjing Academy was able to stay afloat these past few years.”

“They’ve pretty much transformed into a logistics city.”

“Their geographical location is good and the battles they’ve experienced are too few. The restricted area nearby are just a B-ranked one. Their place is such a safe place that a decline in combat prowess would be expected.”

As everyone discussed this, they obviously felt that Tianjing was considered finished. Sharmie was the only one to shake her head and say, “This may be so but it isn’t a representation of everything. This city still has its foundations.”
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    《Battle Frenzy》