Battle Frenzy
131 Chapter 131 – The Hope of the Cannon Fodder
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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131 Chapter 131 – The Hope of the Cannon Fodder

Chapter 131 – The Hope of the Cannon Fodder

Wang Zhong’s theories on control were high-end and could only be comprehended and applied by those who had complete mastery over their soul power. For most people, they were at the level in which increasing their soul power output was the only way to improve. To incorporate the element of control into their soul power was a little too advanced for them to achieve.

Sharmie had some comprehension of it, but it wasn’t enough for her to do anything with it. Wang Zhong had simply pointed out a path for her to follow. If Wang Zhong had not informed her of such a path, she would still be pondering on which step to take to advance in her training. Overall, however, her soul power’s special traits made her suited for control. With her current level, simply increasing her output by a few dozen grassos would produce negligible outcomes. Yet, if she could achieve the desired effects as stated by Wang Zhong, then her might could be compared with one in the heroic soul stage.

As she thought about this, Sharmie felt a fiery thrill ran through her. This made her feel exceptionally excited, and her squadmates who were watching her the entire time couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay.

Big sis, what’s going on?

Wang Zhong’s daily life had returned back to its normal, quiet state. This could perhaps be instead called the baseline state, which included that fact that he was back within the compounds of the Prodigy Society. Ma Dong and Grai were now the new influential figures of Tianjing Academy.

Everyone, in some way, embraced change and scoffed at the constant. As the old veteran, Saint Judgement no long had the vibrancy it once had, unlike the Prodigy Society that was brimming with life and activity, thus providing a completely new package. Being new and attractive, along with a hugely infamous president like Ma Dong, the Prodigy Society was well-received by the people. Grai was appointed as the mascot of the Prodigy Society. He was attractive and had a good personality. He was patient with everyone, earning him the deep adoration from both the junior and senior sisters.

Wang Zhong continued his life as per usual. He attended classes, practiced the crosswheels, and watched combat videos. That short interaction with Sharmie made him realize the differences between him and juniors of the clans.

Many of his combat techniques had been obtained through observation and comprehension. There were also a few that had been comprehended from some of Simba’s many games. They were all very diverse and had no set system behind them. On the other hand, the clans had personalized their own completed system targeted for offence and defence. These paths had gone through hundreds of temperings and wasn’t something outsiders could easily get their hands on.

Although all of this fights in the OP last year had all ended up in defeat, these battles had still provided him with quite a bit of experience. Naturally, observing the fights between others was also an exceptionally important part of the process, but nothing could match up to the value of a real hands-on fight.

Emily’s change in personality was somewhat of a surprise. In the past she had been a lively lady who loved to joke around. Yet, during this training period, her diligence has made everyone gain a newfound level of respect for her. Every day she would attend class and train seriously. She was the exact opposite of Ma Dong. Sometimes she would even spar with Wang Zhong and discuss what she had learned with him.

Barran continued his daily routine of completing the tasks Ma Dong assigned him. Due to the meteoric rise of the Prodigy Society, there were now more freshmen joining the Society. As such, the level of competition to enter into the team were steadily rising. After the first round of group training, a couple of them were eliminated. Surprisingly, Barran somehow managed to survive and not get eliminated

At the end of the day after all classes were finished, Wang Zhong’s entire world quieted down. Simba was still within his soul sea, sleeping peacefully.

The fight had to go on.

Although he was unsure as to how much battle energy he had accumulated for the Fate Roulette, Wang Zhong couldn’t simply stop. At the very least, he knew that his fighting was of use to Simba.

The OP training rooms were unusually lively these days. Most of the students in academies that were of similar standards to Tianjing were always more passionate about the OP, having placed most of their hopes in this area.

After waiting for approximately ten minutes, Wang Zhong found a room and entered the OP.

All-Mouthy King once more came online.

After defeating Kostan, All-Mouthy King had became a phenomenon. This was the first time an all-rounded soldier had appeared in the OP system.After defeating Kestan, All Mouthy

Be it close quarter combat or ranged attacks, he had displayed remarkable skill and power while utilising a low level of soul power.

The past victories he had were all against a few of the top-notch individuals that the Freedom Federation had to offer. If he had been a newbie and was seen as cannon fodder, his victories would be seen as flukes and his defeated opponents would hold contempt in their hearts towards him. However, his victory over Kostan had toss these allusions to the wind.

Even a few of the families that were reputed for their physical strength and bodily defenses were unsure what kind of power Doubled Force held. Yet, All-Mouthy King had used it to defeat the heavy soldier Kostan.

From now on, All-Mouthy King would no longer receive the same treatment as before. The opponents he would meet would greet him as an expert that was on the same level as them. No longer would they belittle him for having such a ‘weak’ soul power. Once they met him in battle, they would fight him with all their strength.

All-Mouthy King’s existence had shaken the glory of the entire elite division. It made it seem as though the elite division was nothing extraordinary. They may be seated high above everyone but the arrival of All-Mouthy King had shown that even the mighty can fall to the weak.

All of this originated from the strength classification system created by the Freedom Federation. The elite division was high and remote, unapproachable to the common man. There wasn’t even a need to doubt their skills. On the other hand, 90% of the people in the OP were cannon fodders. With this constant suppression, every single cannon fodder division soldier thus possessed a dream, one in which there comes a day when someone would oppose against the elite division and made them look up to them.

Naturally, this was just a fantasy that would never be.

Yet, what if it were to really happen?

Walking a path filled with doubt, suspicion and disbelief, All-Mouthy King had fought despite what the world had said and battled crazily to this point. Neither his personality nor his attitude changed, even with his victories. To him, everything was just a fight.

However, to many who were the top of their fields, this was seen as a challenge for them. Whether All-Mouthy King was a smurf of an expert or a cannon fodder who had immense comprehensive abilities was not important. What was in fact important was that he had shaken the dignity of the elite division.

It had seemed as though the elite division were unapproachable, but it wasn’t something worth being arrogant and aloof for. They were also capable of being beaten, beaten by a cannon fodder named All-Mouthy King.

All-Mouthy King, how did he regard these people?

All-Mouthy King coming online was a sign.

Just as Wang Zhong appeared online, he heard an uproar happening outside.

“He’s here! I didn’t wait so long in vain!”

“Us too! We’ve waited so long for him. If not, we would have already gone out with girls already.”

“Damn it, I’m going to graduate this year and am already considering switching occupations and handling logistics, giving up my hopes and dreams I had. The least I could do is watch All-Mouthy King walk down that path and make all my dreams come true!”

There were many people around. When heroic soul academy students belonging to the cannon fodder division graduated, nothing would change. They were perhaps a little better off when compared to ordinary people, but were far from being the center of the world.

For such people, the end of their four years in the heroic soul academy was the end of a beautiful life. The entire Freedom Federation, when compared to the rest of this world of humans, was a place where equality and freedom could be experienced. Once a person leaves this place, they would have to experience the cruel, unforgiving outside world.

Therefore, this kind of hope had transformed into something exceptionally important to them. There definitely wasn’t any issue with them continuing to live, but there were times when humans needed something to believe in.

All-Mouthy King had unknowingly become an object that placated this large group of cannon fodders.

This also happened in Tianjing Academy and was also the reason why a large number of cannon fodders and hopeless seniors began to watch him. In the past, they had embraced this kind of dream, a dream where they would become influential. It was impossible for them now.

When he heard the shouts and cheers of All-Mouthy King outside, Wang Zhong felt somewhat peculiar. Yet, he couldn’t help but start to smile.In fact, seeds of happiness began sprouting in his heart.

Perhaps, for the sake of those people who continued to support him without knowing who he was, he could earnestly continue to fight on.

Who was the next opponent?

Unknowingly, a few had already discovered that those aloof and rarely seen experts from the elite division had started appearing one after another.
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    《Battle Frenzy》