Battle Frenzy
132 Chapter 132 – Meeting the Explosive Bear Goddess, Laura
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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132 Chapter 132 – Meeting the Explosive Bear Goddess, Laura

Chapter 132 – Meeting the Explosive Bear Goddess, Laura

Even though Wang Zhong had surmounted any difficulties he had met as he traversed through the path he had chosen, he was still viewed upon as a newbie in the eyes of experts. While his foundations were firmly laid down, he still lacked experience.

Only after obtaining enough consecutive victories would he be able to reach a high level. By then, he would most definitely be matched with an opponent of equal standing.

Yet, to the surprise of everyone, the appearance of this one soldier had rocked the boat.

Copperfield Academy’s Laura!

Explosive Bear Goddess!

Ever since Laura had comprehended and perfectly executed that new combat technique, her popularity had skyrocketed, placing her amongst the higher class individuals within the academies. Regardless of whether it was her creativity or might, both were acknowledged as top tier.

This wasn’t the first time she’d been place in the limelight, seeing that all her previous three fights ended up with Laura attaining easy victories. Up till now, those of the elite division were unexpectedly defenseless against her new combat technique. Each victory was achieved with a single fatal strike, which was a rare sight within the Cast Soul stage.

Everyone was now used to her overbearing technique. Her combat technique was brimming with cold might and was aptly named ‘Bear Rules The World’. This new technique had a very high chance of entering the CHF’s current Top Ten Great Combat Techniques.

Laura could not care less about making it into the Top Ten Great Combat Techniques. Results were what mattered to her as results are a proof of one’s might. Wthout which, no matter how much you talk about it, it would simply be just empty words. Laura wasn’t satisfied at all with her previous few fights. She fought so as to perfect her combat technique, not to receive praises and compliments. All of that was meaningless to her. Furthermore, she felt that this technique of her was not yet perfect and it was only seen as invincible for the time being as no one had thought of a counter as of yet.

The OP was there to root outfind its weakness. She wouldn’t wait for the CHF for people to counter it.

It was then she realised that her opponent was the one and only All-Mouthy King. The only thing she could do was gawk at him.

Anlor and Arnold were overwhelmed with emotions. Their prayers had finally been answered. They’d been waiting for this very day; waiting until the flowers had eventually withered. Laura would definitely avenge them. Additionally, once their captain had beat All-Mouthy King to the ground, she would no longer be so entranced by him.

The entire Copperfield academy cohort held the same sentiments as them. Within Copperfield Academy, Laura was hailed as the absolute goddess. There was no one else who could be as perfect as her in their eyes. With her status as a member of the Potter Clan and the captain of the squadron, she was their sexy and intelligent goddess. She wasn’t just a beauty. If one had any problems or issues within the academy, it would definitely be solved by the one and only Laura.

With Laura’s capabilities, there was no need for her to attend school. However, Laura remained humble and did not view herself as anyone extraordinary, attending the academy like a normal student and had even started to battle within the academy. She was not distant with the members of the academy, which accounted for the high population within the Copperfield academy. Her kindness had gentleness had made everyone view her as a Goddess, creating a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

Every single battle Laura had fought, she received the support of her countless fans. This battle was no exception. In fact, this battle was extra special, for Laura’s opponent this time was the famed elite killer, All-Mouthy King. He was currently the most mysterious soldier within the OP.

There were ten minutes of preparation time before combat began.

This meant that Wang Zhong was finally acknowledged as an elite. Between elites, sudden sneak attacks were simply unnecessary and deemed as an act of cowardice and dishonor. Both parties would be provided with ample preparation time before a fight in order to understand their opponents and adjust their mental state. At the same time, the OP would showcase the best highlights of the two’s past battles.

It is clear that both All-Mouthy King and Laura were skilled in their abilities. This would undoubtedly be a feast for the eyes for the other students.

As the news about this match got out, the number of people entering OP to watch immediately broke the 20 thousand mark. Although they weren’t the strongest, they had become quite famous over the past two months.

The students of Copperfield Academy continued to spread the news. Skylinks rang out unceasingly.

“Brother! Hurry up and come to the OP floor! Our entire class is already here! Why did you not reply to your skylink before?”

“Fuck, what the hell is this ruckus about? I’m in the toilet!”

“Elder sister Laura is now matched against All-Mouthy King!”

“What the fuck… wait for me! Aiya! I forgot to clean my butt…”

The number of matches Laura had participated in was no small number. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn’t receive that large a reception since many wouldn’t care. This time it was different.

It was already this late but the entire Copperfield Academy was abuzz with excitement over the match.

“Ah? You’re saying my little Laura has queued up against that All-Mouthy King?” The one receiving this call over the skylink was the dean of Copperfield Academy, Darwin Potter.

The academy dean was an important personnel of the Copperfield City, and it goes without saying that such a prestigious and essential role would be filled by a member of the Potter Clan.

Darwin Potter wouldn’t have cared so much if it were any other opponent. But if it was the All-Mouthy King, he wished to see the match for himself. Recently, there were talks of this person between the higher authorities of numerous academies. It could be said that the motive behind these talks was to find out more about this person from the others. With their sharp and keen eyesight, they could tell from the videos that All-Mouthy King was young from his fighting style and behaviour. It is highly likely that he was a student. If one were to continue analyzing the times when he worked, rested, and appeared online, one could sift out a pattern. By combining all these factors at play, it would be possible to identify him with certainty.

However, the most crucial information they seek was whose academy did this person belong to.

Thousands of students were waiting inside the public square before the OP area. They couldn’t enter the OP since the number of slots available was limited. This didn’t hinder their appreciation of the big battle, however, and they wanted to showcase their support to their heart’s content.

Everyone’s efficiency and response was very quick. It was clear that they had once participated in quite a number of these ‘sneak attacks’. In fact, whenever Laura entered the OP for a fight, there would always be many people waiting nearby, ready to spread the news at all times.

While it took a while longer for people from the other academies to respond to this, the battle had garnered far too much attention. This reaction was one that the teachers could not wrap their heads around. There were so many other matches that had far greater standards than this. Yet, such enthusiasm from the students baffled the teachers and was seen as abnormal.

“Teacher, how could you not know that this is All-Mouthy King!”

“Almighty King? Who is that shameless? Isn’t he afraid of getting beaten to death?”

“… cough, cough. Teacher, this… I’m not going to say anything more— FUCK! Who are you!? Don’t steal my place!”

Laura was still extremely cautious and even a little emotional. She was finally queued up against him. Recently, she had been getting premonitions of this happening but she never imagined that those premonitions would actually come true.

She felt that by battling him personally would she be able to gain a deeper understanding of the All-Mouthy King. At the thought of being able to get up close and personal with the person of her dreams, she started to blush.

“Captain! Boss! You have to stay calm!” Anlor couldn’t bear it any longer and shouted, “There’s a lot at stake in this fight! You can’t just throw the game!”

“You have to take revenge for us! Fiercely oppress him and let Big Auburn mercilessly slap him!”, Arnold added while nodding vigorously

If it were any other time, Laura would have definitely taught these two good-for-nothings a lesson. She couldn’t do it now since she really did have to calm down. This would be an extremely hard fight. Her opponent’s combat techniques and ability to quickly adapt to the flow of the battle was very powerful.

The best highlights of the two’s previous battles were being broadcasted. Wang Zhong was able to see Laura’s techniques in combat, especially that ‘Bear Rules The World’ move. While it was indeed a bit exaggerated, it was still able to destroy heavy soldiers in an instant. Such a combat technique would be a tad tricky to handle.

This wasn’t something that could be blocked with a skill or technique. If one met it head on, the fight would basically be over. The energy released during a dimension crack coupled with the instantaneous power of the soul beast that was released when it appeared would be lethal to anyone who faced it directly. Even a graze could cause serious injuries.

The move was also quite difficult to anticipate beforehand. One couldn’t know when Laura would play this hand.

Laura had already used this move three times. The first time had been a sudden sneak attack but the next two opponents were exceptionally careful about it. Even then, they were unable to avoid it and bore the brunt of the attack. Furthermore, when one became preoccupied with the notion of defending against this move, their ability to showcase their full might would be hindered. With such a restriction, one would be destroyed when facing a member of the Potter Clan.

This was indeed a bit of a dilemma. Currently, the only hope available was to mindlessly suppress her using ranged firepower.

On the armored train, the members of Flame City were all attentively awaiting the fight. The stakes of this fight were extraordinary, regardless of whether Laura or All-Mouthy King won.

“Does Big Sis have a chance at victory?”

“Laura has indeed been a bit invincible lately. Yet, there must be a way to break her technique.”

“That’s hard to accept. Don’t talk about anything else, just the ‘Bear Rules The World’ skill is would be hard to deal with. After that soul bear is summoned, it can continue to fight for at least two minutes. That’s a minute longer than before! This would be a difficult match.”

“The most critical point is that not even heavy soldiers can block it!”
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    《Battle Frenzy》