Battle Frenzy
133 Chapter 133 – Fleshy Battle with the Goddess
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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133 Chapter 133 – Fleshy Battle with the Goddess

Chapter 133 – Fleshy Battle with the Goddess

“Actually, have we not forgotten something. Don’t you remember All-Mouthy King using dual pistols? He has both ranged burst fire and distance control. Laura is an explosive soldier. As long as All-Mouthy King keeps up good control and halts her advances, he definitely have a chance at victory.”

Even with that said, everyone remained silent. Such a thing would only work in theory. The question was this; when faced with a member of the Potter Clan, would suppression even work?

This was Laura they were talking about!

If All-Mouthy King was considered as a multi-talented person who was a trick of all trades and master of none, then Laura was the one who was an expert that could shatter the heavens with a single move.

Even before the start of the match, those who were masters at analysing battles had already proposed their predictions about the outcome of the battle. At the same time, they explained the techniques each possessed.

The basic conclusion was that All-Mouthy King was at a complete disadvantage when faced against Laura. No one could refute claims that he was exceptional in close quarter combat after seeing the strength and attack power he displayed in his previous match with Kostan. However, it is without a doubt that the ‘Bear Rules The World’ technique was a nightmare for those specialised in close quarter combat. The attack was at least over 200 grassos and this was just an estimate. There was no definite measure of its might.

All-Mouthy King also had exceptionally outstanding ranged combat abilities. If he could suppress Laura to the point where she couldn’t get close to him, then he had a chance to win.

On the side of the Copperfield Academy, Anlor had already warned Laura of All-Mouthy King’s gun techniques along with his unique multi-layered oscillation. Once her body turned stiff, she would be in exceptionally high danger.

Only All-Mouthy King warranted such discretion. If it were any other opponent, there wouldn’t be a need to waste so much effort. Once one demonstrated their abilities clearly, it was easy to see who executed it better or whose soul power was stronger.

But when faced with a monster like All-Mouthy King, one couldn’t know which move he would use in the end.

The fight was about to start and the viewership had already hit 25620 people. The number of people watching on the skylink broke past the 50 thousand mark. The fact that so many people were watching a fight that was randomly matched-up was something worth paying attention to.

The battle ground was like the calm before a storm. Battling an opponent like Laura was on a completely different level as compared to a person like Korstan Oleg. Heavy soldiers depended on endurance but lacked the ability to achieve victory in a single strike. Assassins, on the other hand, were classified as people who danced with their blades. While they had exceptionally lethal attack power, they lacked physical defense so attacking their weak and frail bodies was the way to clinch a victory. Only soldiers like Laura who possessed both outstanding defensive abilities and offensive combat techniques that were a headache to deal with.

With everyone’s gaze glued to the battlefield, the selection phase begun. The Explosive Bear Goddess Laura made the first selection. As the successor of the Potter Clan, she was an expert in ancient fist techniques from the dark era. She didn’t need weapons but still chose a small round shield. This was referred to as an arm shield. It was obvious that she feared All-Mouthy King’s fist techniques.

All-Mouthy King’s fans grew excited shortly after. This showed that even the aristocratic Potter Clan that specialised in fist techniques was unable to understand the workings behind Wang Zhong’s Doubled Force. It was still considered to be deeply dreadful and should be avoided at all cost.

Laura was indeed not acting pretentious. She had initially thought that his technique was the Oscillating Fist. However, the fight with Kostan had shown otherwise. It was also hard to defend against. Though she had confidence in her abilities, the way females portrayed their confidence differed from males. While males tended to be pretentious showoffs, females had no need to do this.

Regardless of whether it were the old era, dark era, or right now, women were still naturally better in this aspect.

When they saw Laura choose the shield, Arnold and Anlor gave a sigh of relief. Her decision had ensured that she would maintain her invincible position. Laura was known for being on the offensive whenever she chose the arm shield. Such an act meant that she was prepared to pursue victory.

Laura had only used the small round shield once. It had been during the regional competition. She’d never used it once within the OP. What was important in the OP wasn’t victory or defeat but the battle process. This time it was different. Laura didn’t believe this would be a fast fight. What was more important was that she did not underestimate her opponent.

Most of the time, the audience would not have such a great understanding of their idols but for Laura, it was different. Both Laura and Sharmie were considered to be famed goddesses inside the OP and had already broke down the boundaries between academies. Even if she wasn’t considered the strongest or most beautiful of the two, she was indeed much closer to the people. When they saw Laura using the round shield, everyone understood that she was being serious.

In terms of popularity, Sharmie had an overwhelming lead on her. This was the natural advantage of a beauty.

Everyone’s gaze then converged on All-Mouthy King’s side. Before anyone could say a thing the scene played out once more… random weapon selection.

It was at this point of time that Arnold and everyone began to calm down. Choosing random weapon selection meant that it all boils down to luck. If it doesn’t select the appropriate long-ranged weapon, Laura’s chances of success would be high.

So long as she beat All-Mouthy King, Laura would be able to gain a foothold over those rivals within the same grade as her. Regardless of what she wanted personally or what the Potter Clan thought, this was the most important point.

Human society never depended on the single ideal. It would never cut off and fragment.

Laura didn’t care much about this. She wished to properly enjoy the fight and see if this man truly deserved her admiration.

Random weapon?

Doesn’t matter.

When the weapon was finalized…

Quite a few in the audience cheered. They had in fact been worried that All-Mouthy King would randomize and get dual guns or something related to heavy soldiers. After all, this fellow’s performance had simply been heaven-defying. Yet, that wouldn’t be now!

The heavens could not longer bear to see it!

All-Mouthy King had randomized into no weapons.

The randomized battlefield was the arena.

There was a high chance of getting these this particular combination and such a thing was considered normal. However, having it at this point of time was extremely unfavourable for All-Mouthy King.

There was no shelter for him to hide under and facing Laura head on was simply akin to asking for death. Within the elite division there wasn’t anyone who dared to fight Laura in a place like the arena. If one got cornered, then they would have no choice but to accept their defeat before her big bear and just count themselves as unlucky.

Dimensional Lifeforms were indeed stronger than humans. This point was already considered common knowledge.

Within the OP forums, various great academies had already formed extraordinarily clear distinctions. One either stood on All-Mouthy King’s side or were firm supporters of Laura.

To engage in close combat with Laura, who would dare say they had a chance at victory within the many heroic soul academies of the Federation?

With regards to mankind’s current armament development, weapons had already become an integral part of the system. A person like All-Mouthy King shouldn’t exist in such a place.

However, there were still a group of people who firmly supported All-Mouthy King. For many of them, their ranking within the divisions wasn’t that high, with the vast majority placed in the cannon fodder division. The remaining few were stationed in the rune or logistics departments of the various great academies. They firmly believed that All-Mouthy King would win. Perhaps this was a kind of hope.

The fight commenced and both sides entered the battlefield.

Every time he entered the battlefield, Wang Zhong felt as happy as a newborn. Similarly, Laura never felt so much anticipation for a match before this one.

The ‘Bear Rules The World’ technique possessed an indescribable kind of deterrence. All those who had crossed fists with her had to be prepared for her skill at any moment, lowering their concentration and reducing their overall abilities by around 30%. This gave her a large advantage. The only other option was to win her in terms of soul power and among the many Federation academy students, there wasn’t anyone who could do so.

Right now, the greatest weakness All-Mouthy King showed was his soul power. In each of his battles, he had never used his soul power to suppress his opponents in order to achieve victory. His soul power was set at the lowest possible standard for a fight.

But could he afford to keep holding back this time?

The usually sexy and teasing Laura became extremely focused during a fight. That earnest expression she showed captivated many an audience.

Laura was dressed in a red combat outfit that revealed her astonishing physique. On her back was the symbol of the Potter clan: a red circle bordering a fist.

She gripped both hands together in anticipation.


Her soul power was completely released. This was her way of declaring war. Laura’s soul power was now over 100 grassos. Her average attack was even at around 150 grassos. , With soul power condensing around her fist, she separated her hands and gestured for him to start.

Laura really wanted to know how All-Mouthy King would defend against her attack!
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    《Battle Frenzy》