Battle Frenzy
134 Chapter 134 – The Merry City’s Battle
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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134 Chapter 134 – The Merry City’s Battle

Chapter 134 – The Merry City’s Battle

Laura instantly shot toward him. The Potter Clan’s close combat capabilities were not something to be taken light off and vastly superior to the combat techniques that were commonly taught in the academies.

Bang… Bang, bang, bang, bang…

With her overwhelming soul power Laura launched an all-out attack in an attempt to suppress All-Mouthy King completely. Her fists were wrapped in soul power and was directed at him with such a force it rumbled like a vast waterfall.

All-Mouthy King deflected over thirty punches in quick succession. However, he could not keep up with the speed and revealed an opening. Laura took advantage of this opportunity, kicking All-Mouthy King with such force that it knocked him over ten meters back.

One’s physique is never a true indicator of one’s strength.

Laura’s eyes sparkled with a glow. She felt that something was amiss. All-Mouthy King’s soul power was very weak; this wasn’t an exaggeration. His soul power was akin to a newbie’s. What was strange, however, was that his soul power seemed continuous and unceasing.

To put it simply, the average person would produce soul power in waves. It was similar to breathing in which soul power would flow in and out as opposed to surging forth in a continuous stream. Yet, All-Mouthy King was able to continuously produce a soul power output of slightly above 50 grassos ceaselessly. There were no ebb and flow in his soul power. This allowed him to maintain a stable defense against strong soul power attacks that struck him. Coupled with his tyrannically strong body, it would be impossible to completely suppress him unless someone had an overbearing defense-breaking combat technique.

This was immensely interesting for Laura as this was only experienced when she was against experts who were forcefully restraining their soul power. But when she came into close contact with him, and clashed fists with him, the feeling she got from his heartbeat, breathing, and aura told her that he was the same age as her.

A Heavenly Soul expert below 20 years of age?

This was definitely impossible. Rather, it must be that the person before her was a strange person with a unique talent. There was even a high possibility that he was some hidden expert of a great clan.

Laura wanted to see how long he could continue to hide before her. As long as she could force out all of his unique moves, she would be able to see traces of the clan he belonged to. She hadn’t seen any such traces in the past since his opponents weren’t strong enough. Up against her, however, he wouldn’t be able to hide anything!

This impulse of her’s made her fighting spirit soar to the skies. She once again started her onslaught of attacks. A soldier’s violent dash! Sudden shift to the side! Her body skid across the ground and made a gorgeous half-circle charge to the rear—Potter Direct Arc Advance!

Wang Zhong turned and sent an elbow at her but Laura was like a nimble, agile leopard. She lowered her body and sent a fist out.

In an instant, Wang Zhong realised something was amiss. His right hand hurriedly moved to block…


All-Mouthy King was instantly sent flying by Laura’s fist and landed at the edge of the arena.

The viewing gallery turned silent for a few seconds before erupting in cheers loud enough to shatter the world. All of them chanted out Laura’s name.

Laura didn’t just solely rely on her soul beast, as evident by her formidable individual fighting prowess. It was just that all of the attention was placed on her soul bear.

In fact, Laura wasn’t suited for ranged combat. If one were to analyze her, they would that she was quite similar to All-Mouthy King. She could fully take on the role of a soldier or an assassin. She had even carried around a big shield, substituting for a heavy soldier. While it wasn’t her forte, her abundant soul power allowed her to use it for defence. Furthermore, Laura’s body was also unusually formidable. Her soul beast’s attributes had influenced her body to a great degree.

With All-Mouthy King constantly suppressed by her soul power, he simply wasn’t able to display any of his own.

As for All-Mouthy King’s Doubled Force, Laura knew how to use Oscillating Fist to counter it.

Potter Family’s Oscillating Fist.

This was reason for such a force behind her previous punch.

Wang Zhong was indeed shocked. The only thing he could do to mitigate the force of the blow was to create some distance. Right now, he shouldn’t underestimate his opponent because she was a girl. Laura was the strongest opponent he’d ever met. Furthermore, her style was quite well-matched against his own.

“Don’t show mercy just because I’m a girl. If you keep doing so, you’ll end up in a sorry state.” Laura spoke with a faint smile. She felt a little pride for being able to drive the famous All-Mouthy King to such a state.

The kids at Copperfield City were overwhelmed with emotion. This was the true disposition of an expert. Someone like All-Mouthy King should get beaten down.

All of those aspects that made All-Mouthy King an expert were completely countered by Laura. Perhaps she wouldn’t even need to use ‘Bear Rules The World’ to finish him off.

“Weren’t all the fights before with All-Mouthy King very brilliant and lively? It was just because his opponents were too weak. When met with a true expert, he would just get beaten proper.”

“I think it’s just that Laura is comparable in strength and have the means to counter him, thus making him unable to display his strength.”

“Indeed, the close combat skills and techniques of the Potter Clan are quite well-rounded. It skewed like those belonging to the assassin clans and is quite suited for arena combat.”

The skills and combat techniques of assassins were generally not suited for head-on confrontations. As such, fights in the OP was something the soldier families stood out in. And out of them all, the Potter Clan was one of the most outstanding clans.

Laura possessed ample close combat experience. While she had been a little rough around the edges in her first year, the amount of experience she had accumulated over the year had transformed her in her second year. Her confidence, strength, and opportunistic nature within a fight rapidly increased. Day by day, she improved at an alarming rate.

This was the period of time when the large majority of juniors belonging to the various clan underwent transformations. All of the theories and strength that had been instilled in them since young would rapidly awaken and evolve during this phase of life, pushing them way ahead of everyone else.

Every single fight now would become the foundation for their future battles.

Laura knew All-Mouthy King would be an important cornerstone for her. But would he be worth her time? The only way to confirm this was through this fight.

Far away, on a train heading towards the northern region, Sharmie, Mario, and the other squad members were quiet. They naturally hadn’t assumed All-Mouthy King would lose like this. Yet, what was most shocking were Laura’s improvements. In the past, she hadn’t been this strong. However, because everyone’s attention had been placed on her soul bear, her improvements to her individual combat prowess went unnoticed.

One didn’t need to fear a clan’s talents but, rather, fear that even with such a background they would have to work a hundred times harder than others.

Arnold and Anlor looked each other in the eye and secretly laughed. All of their hard work had been for this. They thought their hellish days of being pitted against the bear were over. While being beaten by Captain was tiring, she being able to accomplish this feat were wholly due to their contributions.

All for the sake of getting rid of All-Mouthy King!

Wang Zhong stood up and rotated his right hand, which had almost been broken. Oscillating Fist was a high-speed continuous soul power bombardment fist technique. It was slightly similar to Doubled Force. One placed emphasis on soul power techniques while the other on physical body techniques. Both, however, possessed very strong killing ability.

With her superiority in soul power, Wang Zhong grew excited. Up until no, this had been the first time he met with an opponent that paid such detail when exerting strength.



Seemingly at the same time, the two dashed toward each other and arrived at the middle. Fists flew out and countered each of their attacks. In physical nimbleness and strength, Laura held the overall superiority. While there wasn’t such a huge gap in power, it was still lethal. Coupled with her overwhelming soul power,Laura had free reign of the fight.

All-rounded superiority.

That was a wrong conception. Laura felt shock that the onlookers didn’t know of. Her suddenly use of Oscillating Fist had been the perfect sneak attack. She’d thought it would be a huge blow to her opponent but it didn’t seem to do anything to him. It was inconceivable.

Using her all-rounded suppression, Laura suddenly sent out another Oscillating Fist. The technique’s execution was very strict. It was a very powerful combat technique and,was very hard to defend against, especially when one was weaponless.


All-Mouthy King was sent three steps back. A wave of cheers swept through the audience but All-Mouthy King simply stretched his body before launching another round of attacks.


Laura evaded his attack and increased their distance. She was stunned. Did he actually have a way to block Oscillating Fist!?

How was this possible?

Wang Zhong gave a faint smile. “Were you going to rely on superimposed soul power combat techniques to defeat me?”

The joyous atmosphere that had filled the viewing gallery instantly turned into silence. Other than a limited number of people, everyone else had thought that Laura would win this fight hands down.However, reality showed otherwise.
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    《Battle Frenzy》